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Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead *Empower Kids with Biking*

Our friends  Jannine & Scott Fitzgerald, the creators of the children’s book, B Is For Bicycles, have something important that they want to share with you and the rest of the world!

After owning a bicycle shop in the Teton’s for 14 years, Jannine and Scott continuously saw the positive impact bicycles were having on their customers.  A light turned on, and the creation of their first illustrated children’s book, B is for Bicycles became a reality in 2015.  After publishing this first book, and receiving feedback from parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, about how excited they were to share the book with the kids in their life, they realized they were onto something.

Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead *Empower Kids with Biking*

However, when they looked for other bicycle oriented children’s media (books, podcasts, videos) online, there weren’t any options to choose from. So, they decided to create Buddy Pegs, a media company created to connect kids (and the adults who love them) to the building blocks of lifelong happiness through the power of the bicycle.


Scott and Jannine want to communicate how passionate they are about helping adults raise successful, happy kids. They feel that bikes empower kids with the tools of self confidence, resilience, independence, and determination … for life.

In an attempt to continue spreading their message, On Tuesday, June 20th, Buddy Pegs is taking a huge leap forward with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their second book,  Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead.

This hardcover, beautifully illustrated children’s book will tell the story of how the main animal characters from their first book B Is For Bicycles go on to open the bike shop Buddy Pegs… in the town of Spokesville…of course.

Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead *Empower Kids with Biking*

The book will focus on the values of self confidence, resilience, and freedom that bike riding delivers; as well as the message of how important local bike shops are to communities!  

Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead *Empower Kids with Biking*

Buddy Pegs, Taking the Lead *Empower Kids with Biking*

You can sign up for now for campaign alerts and VIP info at  


Here are a couple of ways you can help them spread the word:


  1. CONTRIBUTE ON DAY ONE! There will be limited VIP bonuses ready for the first backers to their campaign when they go live on June 20th (TODAY!!!)!  
  2. SHARE on social media! Go ahead and follow them on Twitter @bisforbicycles , Instagram @buddypegs or Facebook BisforBicycles, and you can simply retweet, comment on, or share one of their recent posts with your community.


Buddy Peg’s goal is to spread the message of empowering kids through the power of the bicycle to inspire them to get outside, be independent, fall down and get back up; and most of all, build meaningful shared family adventures through cycling, where lifelong memories are made.

Check them out a


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