Carrying Kids with the TwinGo

While this review has been live on our site for a while, I wanted to be sure that you all saw it. I have been loving our TwinGo to use with my girls (aged 7 weeks and 2 years) as I manage a busy life! Check out the review for a full outline of the carrier and the accessories (which I highly recommend). I also swallowed my pride and posted a couple of videos filmed at 7 weeks post-baby. You’re welcome.

Quick run-down as to why I love this carrier so much:

  • It allows me to carry both of my smaller kids when I need to NOT have a stroller and they just can’t walk. This happens often.
  • The carriers can be used together for two kids OR as a single carrier. TwinGo even has Mei Tai straps  that you can add on to make it more versatile. Tons of different options for wearing
    • Kid in front, kid in back
    • Single carry on front
    • Single carry on back
    • Single carry with Mei Tai Straps
  • The large pockets hold the accessories for quick access as I change up my use of it (single, double, front, back, etc.)
  • It’s made well, has great hoods, and is super comfortable.
  • It saves my sanity …what could I not LOVE about that?!?

Carrying Kids with the TwinGo

Wearing as a single carrier with the Mei Tai straps:

Carrying Kids with the TwinGo

Read our full review here. 

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