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Avid4 Adventure Summer Adventure Camp for Kids

Summer is long, kids finally have the time to play and explore, and sometimes they NEED to do it a bit outside the family. Don’t get me wrong – I am all for family time outdoors. However, I also know that my kids sometimes need a break from me, and there are skills and knowledge that others can certainly teach them better than I can.

I recently was introduced to Avid4 Adventure and wanted to help get their program out to you as like-minded parents and families.

Summer Adventure Camp for Kids

This post is a bit different, because usually we are 100% committed to recommending products/experiences we have done ourselves and can speak on personally. I am making an exception here for a number of reasons:

  1. I believe in the mission of Avid4 camps.
  2. I DO know people that have done the camps (and I trust their opinion completely)
  3. While it’s too far for this summer and the ages of my kids, I DO plan on sending them in the future

Based in both Colorado and California, Avid 4 Adventure offers both day and overnight camps for kids looking for something a little more unconventional than a typical summer camp. Their goal is to get kids unplugged from screens and in love with the outdoors. Kids are exposed to a number of opportunities (biking, climbing, boating, etc.) so they can find what truly fuels their passion. The idea is to help build life-long active people…and that starts from a very young age. Just like we talk about ALL the time here, it’s important to keep kids outside as much as possible. Benefits include reduced stress, increased confidence, prolonged attention spans and happier kids overall. Happy kids = happy family.

Summer Adventure Camp for Kids

While these camps are not JUST for kids with working parents, they certainly beat having kids at home trying to fill the days on their own.

Camps are available for kids in kindergarten through the teenage years. While the multi-sport camps are most appealing to me for young kids, they also have camps for specific skills (kayaking, SUPing, rock climbing, etc.) for kids in second grade on up.

Summer Adventure Camp for Kids

Some quick snippets about Avid4:

  • Avid4 Adventure offers summer adventure camps in the Bay Area (Palo Alto, Saratoga, Oakland, Mill Valley) and Colorado (Boulder, Castle Rock, Stapleton, Wash Park, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lafayette) We also offer Colorado Mountain Camp, a sleep away camp in beautiful Bailey, Colorado. CMC kids also enjoy Whitewater Rafting, Ropes Courses, Backpacking expeditions and more.
  • For more than 10 years, Avid4 Adventure has been engaging children in active, outdoor lifestyles by offering multi-sport, adventure camps. Camps are fun and empowering with activities that include Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and more (all in one week)
  • A huge part of Avid4 Adventure’s mission is continuing the adventure of being active in the outdoors beyond camp. We want kids and their families to be active and outdoors for life!

Summer Adventure Camp for Kids

Register your Kiddo!

To be honest, I am super bummed my kids can’t do it this summer. I am even more bummed that I can’t rewind time just a bit and be a teenager or young(er) adult working at camp. I wouldn’t trade my husband and kids for anything, but it sure looks like a great place to spend the summer.

Camps are filling up so we recommend registering ASAP. You can find all the info on their site. Feel free to comment here with questions too. This post will be monitored by me and the folks over at Avid4 Adventure so we can get those questions answered promptly.

If you DO get to go (your kids, I mean), I would LOVE to hear feedback and see photos. And we’ll see you there next year too!


Thanks to Avid4 Adventure for the photos in this post. This post is sponsored, but all opinions here are our own.

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