Mexico City with Kids

My family at a fountain in the historic center of Mexico City.

If you are thinking about a visit to Mexico with your outdoorsy family, Mexico City with kids may not come to mind right away. How could one of the biggest cities in the world have anything to offer for adventurous, outdoor-loving families? While an outdoorsy family may shoot for discovering the natural beauty and adventure … Read more

Hiking and Camping in South Korea

ascending dirt hiking trail with large boulders in foreground looking down over the city of Seoul

South Korea is a small country, but it is packed full of amazingly beautiful places. From mountains to rivers to beaches, it is a paradise for nature lovers. There are so many awesome destinations for hiking and camping in South Korea. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, we earn from qualifying … Read more

Outdoor Gear Bags and Bins and Rux Gear Tote Review

Outdoor adventures often require some type of gear that you need to take with. Add in a few kids and its amazing how quickly your vehicle is packed to the gills with everything you need for one short outing. Wether you are headed to the ski hill, mountain bike trails, beach, nordic chalet, or just … Read more

Capitol Reef with Kids

View of Capitol Reef

Located in south-central Utah, Capitol Reef National Park is the stunning, least visited member of Utah’s Mighty Five national parks. A bit off the beaten path, Capitol Reef has an otherworldly desert landscape and feels quite remote and quiet for a national park. Because it’s out of the way, it’s a place to settle into … Read more

Lake Superior Adventures with Young Kids

Two kids throwing rocks into calm water of Lake Superior.

I first spent time on Lake Superior in my early 20s when I went on a fishing trip with friends in the Apostle Islands. A little over a year after that I moved to Minnesota and was able to continue to explore the shores of the lake and learn to love the many adventures it … Read more

Waterfalls in Western NC With Kids

A few adults and kids play by a waterfall

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Western North Carolina, a world of wonder awaits families seeking outdoor adventures. With its lush forests, winding trails, and an abundance of cascading waterfalls, this region of the country provides the perfect playground for kids to connect with nature. Even though I’m relatively new to the area, I’ve spent … Read more