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Deuter Pico

It’s a beautiful thing when your toddler starts getting excited about carrying some of their own “gear” around. When that time comes, you want to have a pack that meets their needs and keeps the momentum going.

The Deuter Pico is just what the doctor ordered for tiny adventurers. Lightweight, brightly colored, and comfortable, it is an excellent option for everything from introductory hikes to toting around daycare supplies.

My 2.5-year-old daughter is rarely willing to leave the house without her “owl back-ack”. Over the past few months, the Deuter Pico has become a beloved companion on every walk, bike ride, hike, or trip to the grocery store.

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Tech Specs

  • Volume: 5 Liters
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Dimensions: 11″H x 7.5″W x 4.7″D
  • Hydration Compatible: No
  • Exterior Pockets: 2 + main compartment
  • Hipbelt: No
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Ages: 2-4

Key Features

  • Constructed from high performance materials with a PFC-free coating to resist water and dirt
  • Stretch mesh water bottle pockets easily hold water bottles or other small items that need to be easily accessible
  • Bright colors and kid-friendly designs with reflective accents increase visibility in both daytime and nighttime light
  • Adjustable sternum strap

Best Uses for the Deuter Pico

Walks and Hikes

When it comes to the 2-4 year old age range, we typically aren’t expecting a whole lot of mileage out of our kids on their own two feet.

That being said, we are hoping to expose them to the concept of hiking and transition them from always riding in the kid carrier to exploring more on their own.

The Pico is a perfect intro pack. The weight, fit, and adjustable sternum strap make it easy for even small-framed kiddos to feel like they can hold their own on the trail.

Our daughter gets to carry a backpack just like her big brother, which makes her infinitely more excited about hiking on her own rather than being carried. A win for everyone!


One of the things I’ve loved most about the Deuter Pico is that my daughter always wants to wear it! We do a lot of biking in our family, and at 2.5 she is able to ride a balance bike independently.

Since I’m mostly walking alongside her at this point, it’s super helpful that she can carry her own water bottle on neighborhood rides.

We are also in the process of transitioning her to a 14″ pedal bike. As she gets comfortable with keeping her feet on the pedals and handling the slightly bigger bike, she needs help staying steady.

The handle at the top of the Pico has absolutely saved my lower back during this stage of bike training! I can hook a finger through the loop and jog alongside her, helping her correct when necessary.

This has been a great way to help her gain confidence without having to bend over and hang on to the back of her seat.

Appearance and Functionality

The look of this pack gets a huge thumbs up from the toddler! Deuter has knocked it out of the park with their bright, fun designs that also have a lot of reflective accents for added safety.

The fabric of the pack is really durable, and also wipes clean easily with a damp cloth when it inevitably gets covered in dirt, mud, or general toddler grime.

What Does it Hold?

For our walks and bikes around the block, I let the 2-year-old call the shots on what goes in the pack. She is quite pleased with the amount of stuffies and Matchbox cars that the Pico can hold.

If you really want to be more practical, the Pico can also easily hold the supplies needed for a day hike, trip to the park, or afternoon bike ride.

The zippers on the pack are really easy for a toddler to use. I love that she can get the whole bag packed on her own and be proud of herself for her efforts!

The Bottom Line

What we Love

The Deuter Pico is a solidly built, simple, practical introductory pack with excellent toddler appeal.

The easy-to-buckle sternum strap and well-padded shoulder straps keep the pack secure and comfortable on little shoulders.

At $30, the pricepoint is super reasonable – especially for such high quality, durable materials.

What we aren’t so crazy about

It’s hard to think of anything I would change about this pack. The addition of a smaller stash pocket inside the main compartment might be helpful for separating snacks or other small items, but that feels like a minor detail.

Side-by-Side: Deuter Schmusebar vs. Deuter Pico

The Pico and the Schmusebar are the two smallest backpacks in Deuter’s lineup, and both packs are excellent choices for your littlest adventurers. If you’re wondering how they compare, here are the main differences:

  • Capacity – Pico: 5L // Schmusebar: 8L
  • Main Compartment Closures – Pico: Zipper // Schmusebar: Cinch and Buckle
  • Side pockets – Pico: Stretch mesh // Schmusebar: 600D Polyester with drainage hole

You can read our full review of the Deuter Schmusebar here.

Where to buy

The Pico is available for purchase directly from Deuter USA, from or other online retailers.

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