First Peak Clothing for Kids Review

While there is no shortage of adorable baby and toddler clothing available, it can be challenging to find well made clothes that are as functional as they are cute. First Peak clothing for kids is both! They are thoughtfully designed with active little ones in mind to hold up through “everyday mess and mayhem,” (according to their website). Plus, they’re also adorable! 

First Peak clothes make great staples for your little one’s wardrobe. These versatile pieces are perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re headed to the park, going for a hike, or traveling. Made with innovative fabrics that are super soft, help to prevent stains & odors, and dry quickly, these clothes are a mama’s dream. And because they’re so comfy, kids love them too.

First Peak clothing for kids. Girl wearing First Peak Stretch Overalls picking fruit in the garden with a boy wearing a First Peak All-Season Sweatshirt

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This is the second time our team has tested out First Peak, here are some more thoughts on First Peak Clothing!

First Peak Clothing for Kids

Clothing Designed for Adventurous Babies & Toddlers

First Peak clothing for kids is made with high-quality fabrics that make a big difference in performance. They are both comfortable and durable making them the perfect choice for all sorts of adventures with your little ones

Sustainable Business Practices

Supporting companies that prioritize sustainable business practices makes so much sense as adventurous mamas! If we want the wild spaces we love to continue to thrive for our kids to enjoy, we can “vote” with our dollars and buy from companies that value mother nature.

First Peak is an eco-conscious company whose passion for preserving the environment is reflected in the way they operate. Their California-made, small-batch production process helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. 

Their clothing is made from sustainable fabrics and is designed to last so that it can be worn by one child and then handed down to be worn again. Most companies will throw away excess stock or products with minor cosmetic imperfections, but First Peak offers them at a discounted price, helping to reduce unnecessary waste. 

When shipping their products, they use compostable mailers, and wrap clothes in recyclable tissue and twine. These practices are an effort to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. 

Mom Owned

As mamas, we love supporting a small, mom owned business! Because First Peak clothes are made by an outdoorsy parent, they are designed with active kids in mind. And this makes a huge difference in how their clothes handle all types of adventures!

Boy holding a flower wearing First Peak Seawool Flannel shirt
The Seawool Flannel

The Seawool Flannel

Specs and Features

  • Made with eco-friendly seawool that is naturally bacteria & odor resistant 
  • Available colors: Blue or red plaid
  • Available in sizes 6-9 months to 4T

What We Love 

There’s lots to love about The Seawool Flannel! It’s super soft and comfy and is a little heavier than most of the other flannel shirts we have. This is a great mid-weight layer to toss in your backpack when you’re going to be out and about to keep your little one warm if temps drop. 

Seawool, the material this shirt is made from, helps to stop the bacteria that cause funky smells, keeping the fabric fresher longer. This is a definite bonus when you have a child that’s prone to spilling food on their clothing. And it means less effort has to go into laundering, as there’s no extra scrubbing or soaking necessary to try to remove bad odors.

What We Aren’t So Crazy About

My daughter (age 6) says there should be more color options. Personally, I wish this flannel came in adult sizes. I want one! 

Boy wearing a First Peak All-Season sweatshirt
The All-Season Sweatshirt

The All-Season Sweatshirt  

Specs and Features

  • Made with modal & organic cotton 
  • Fabric is enhanced with gold to help resist stains & odors 
  • Colors: ocean (blue), kelp (green), orchid (pink) 
  • Sizes 6-9 months to 4T

What We Love

The All-Season Sweatshirt is a great staple for your active baby or toddler’s wardrobe. It’s so soft and comfy that they’ll want to wear it every day! 

This is not a super heavy sweatshirt, but the weight is perfect for cool temps, or as a cozy layer under a jacket when the weather is colder. It can easily be tossed in a backpack or diaper bag to have on hand in case your baby gets chilly. 

This sweatshirt is nice and stretchy and has a large head hole, making it easy to get on and off a squirming little one. Less stressful outfit changes are a definite plus! 

In addition to being functional, it’s also really cute! The colors are vibrant, yet earthy and there’s a sweet little mountain logo embroidered on it. 

We love that it doesn’t stink after multiple days of wear between washings. It’s also pretty easy to wipe minor food spills off it and I appreciate that it doesn’t get super soggy when my teething toddler drools on it.

What We Aren’t So Crazy About

This is another First Peak clothing item I wish came in my size! It’s so soft and cozy! 

Girl wearing First Peak Adventure T-shirt outdoors
The Original Adventure T-Shirt

The Original Adventure T-Shirt

Specs and Features

  • Made with cotton, poly, and bacteria & odor resistant purthread 
  • Snap closures on the neck 
  • UPF rated fabric blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Colors: marine (blue), sage (light green), clay (burnt orange), sunflower (yellow) 
  • Sizes 3 months to 4T

What We Love 

The Adventure T-shirt is lightweight, slightly stretchy, soft, and overall just super comfy. It’s a great basic layer and comes in an array of appealing colors. The snap closure on the neck makes it really easy to take off and on, reducing stress during outfit changes. 

I also appreciate that it’s a bit longer than most kid’s tees. It’s perfect for little ones with long torsos, like my daughter, keeping her belly covered while she’s playing. And it stays tucked into The First Peak Stretch Overalls nicely.

This would be a perfect basic tee to take along while camping or traveling, as it doesn’t stink after multiple days of wear between washings. The lightweight fabric also dries quickly, which can certainly come in handy when adventurous kids are involved!

The stain resistant fabric is a definite plus. My daughter got blood on her tee and we used a wet cloth to rub it right off — good as new! I’m quite used to my kids’ clothing being stained so I wasn’t too worried about it, but was pleasantly surprised that it was so easy to wipe the blood right off and keep the tee stain free.

As an added bonus, its fabric blocks 99% of UVA & UVB rays to help protect your little one’s sensitive skin on sunny days. It’s available in a long-sleeve version too, which would definitely offer more coverage.

What We Aren’t So Crazy About

I wish they made bigger sizes in this super comfy & functional tee for older kids too! 

Girl wearing First Peak Stretch Overalls outside
The Stretch Overall

The Stretch Overall

Specs and Features

  • Adjustable strap length 
  • Made with modal, cotton, and a bit of spandex
  • Fabric is enhanced with gold to make it bacteria, odor, & stain resistant 
  • Colors: Jade (green) & navy
  • Sizes 6-9 months to 4T

What We Love 

While baby/toddler overalls are totally adorable, they aren’t always the most practical clothing item for young kids. Not so with these Stretch Overalls! They don’t have complicated snaps or clips and are easy enough for slightly older kids to get on and off themselves. 

They’re also made with soft, stretchy fabric that is really comfortable. And they are so cute! My daughter loves the sweet little front pocket for stashing treasures. She has the navy color and they pair perfectly with a variety of t-shirts and tank tops (though she prefers to wear them with her First Peak Adventure t-shirt).

Another thing we love about them is the adjustable straps, which are perfect for growing kids. They fit a little big, so kids can wear them longer. My petite 6 year old still fits into the size 4T. Admittedly, they do fit more like capris than pants due to her long legs, but they still are plenty roomy enough. 

What We Aren’t So Crazy About

I wish these overalls came in bigger sizes for older kids! These are my daughter’s favorite, so is going to be very sad when she finally outgrows them. 

On Our Wishlist

We haven’t tried these First Peak clothes yet, but are looking forward to adding them to our kids’ wardrobes. 

First Peak stretch jogger in 3 colors
The Stretch Jogger

The Stretch Jogger

Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of sweatpants? First Peak’s version is made with modal and cotton, and just a little bit of spandex. The fabric is enhanced with gold (like some of their other clothing we love so much) to help repel odor causing bacteria and stains. 

They also feature drawstrings, perfect for littles with skinny waists. Sizes 2T-4T have deep pockets for stashing treasures and keeping hands warm, if needed. 

These sweatpants will pair perfectly with our All-Season Sweatshirt, making an adorable, yet functional sweatsuit that’s great for indoor play, travel, and all sorts of other adventures.

As with First Peak’s other clothes, these sweatpants come in a pleasing array of vibrant, yet natural tones, including navy, kelp (green), and plum (purple). 

First Peak Earthweave Adventure Bodysuit
The EarthWeave Adventure Bodysuit

The EarthWeave Adventure Bodysuit

With baby number three on the way, I’m daydreaming of stocking up on several of these  bodysuits for our newest addition. One in each color, perhaps?

In baby’s first year especially, I find bodysuits are a must-have clothing item. And since these First Peak ones are so thoughtfully designed, they’re an even better option. 

First Peak’s fabrics are nice and soft, so they’re perfect for keeping baby comfortable. Like the adventure t-shirt, these bodysuits have snap closures at the collarbone to help make changes quick and easy. 

They’re made with purthread, which is naturally bacteria, odor, and stain resistant. I’m loving the idea of dressing my baby in this well-designed fabric that won’t stink or get too soggy after it gets spilled or spit up on! 

These bodysuits are UPF rated as providing excellent sun protection. Their extended sleeves with thumb holes offer lots of coverage for baby’s delicate skin.

First Peak Clothing for Kids

If you’re looking for cute and comfy clothing for active little ones, First Peak clothing for kids is a great option for you. Their clothing is well-made and thoughtfully designed with adventurous families in mind. 

Adventurewear for Babies & Toddlers

First Peak uses unique fabrics that are naturally bacteria, odor, & stain resistant so clothes stay fresher for longer. And when you do need to wash, the care instructions are simple. Just wash in cold water and dry on low. We don’t have a dryer, so I line dry everything and it all dries pretty quickly. 

My kids are rough on their clothes, but First Peak’s high quality fabrics hold up well despite the abuse. With another baby on the way, I’m especially glad that these clothes will last long enough to be worn a second and third time. Kid’s clothes that are durable enough to be handed down get extra points in my book! 

Clothes for Babies With All Body Types

First Peak clothes are designed to run a little big, so your kids can get extra wear out of them. My petite 6 year old daughter still comfortably wears their size 4T clothes. She’s always worn a size or two down (at age 6 she wears mostly 5T). 

My son, on the other hand, has always worn a size up (at 12 months old, he was wearing 18 month clothes in most brands). But, he will still get plenty of wear out of his 12-18 month clothes, as they still fit him nicely and have a bit of room for him to grow. I love that First Peak clothes fit both my kids well, even though they have such different body types.

All that being said, I’d still recommend buying the size that corresponds to your child’s age. Though the clothes are a bit roomy, they still seem to fit really well even when they’re a bit big.

Clothing for Adventures Both Big & Small

If you aren’t sure which First Peak clothes are best suited for your baby or toddler, you can find a short quiz on their website that offers personalized recommendations just for you. Though, honestly, you probably can’t go wrong with any of the clothing options on their website. 

Adventures with little ones in tow go so much smoother when they’re properly dressed for the occasion. Whether you’re jetting to another continent or playing in the backyard, First Peak clothes are a great option for outfitting your active baby or toddler.

To read more about the Tales of a Mountain Mama team’s experience with First Peak clothing for kids check out this review.

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First Peak Clothing for Kids Review

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