New Stickers!!! Want one?

New Stickers!!! Want one?

Yes, we would LOVE to have you help us spread the word about Tales of a Mountain Mama!

New Stickers!!! Want one?


We simply ask the following:

  • Send us a self addressed, stamped envelope to the address below
  • Please include a $1 donation to cover the sticker(s)
  • Let us know how many you would like (happy to send up to 5 at a time)
  • Once you get your stickers: Stick them, share them, trade them, and, above all else, get outside!

You can send your sticker requests here:

Amelia Mayer
PO Box 497

Moose, WY 83012

Thanks so much for understanding – these simple steps will save me hours (literally) of time and save us from going sticker-broke.

And if you really can’t afford that $1 and the envelope – I’m still happy to send you stickers.  The important thing is they sail far and wide and inspire others to get outside. Just send me a quick message and I’ll hook you up.


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9 thoughts on “New Stickers!!! Want one?”

  1. HI….Just found your site and was reading about the specialized ariel bike. Do you have more stickers?
    I’m from BC, Canada so just wondering. I would love a few.


    Mary Anne

  2. Great stickers! I’ll be sending for five this week. My daughter goes to an environmental college. She trades stickers with other students and outdoors outfitters like kids trade baseball cards.

  3. Hi there!! I was wondering if you ship the stickers to Canada. I live in Ontario Canada. And if you do, If i still follow the same process as listed above? Thanks – Melissa

  4. Still have stickers? Hope so! Going camping for first time this season with our 4 to, 1 yo and 4mo next month… Ooo! Can’t wait! And can’t wait for a sticker…!

  5. i would love to have your stickers for our van and i have family that would like one also. very concious of our need to let everyone know we have to teach our kids to love our Earth. iwill send for my stickers when i have the money. Thanks for your page.

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