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    In the market for a stroller? We know it’s not an easy decision.  See our full line of reviews here. We update them as necessary!

    The Urban Glide is also available in a Double!

    Thule continues to expand it’s “Active With Kids” line with the addition this year of two jogging strollers:

    – The Glide has a fixed wheel and a larger wheel size for smoother rolling.  $349.95

    – The Urban Glide as the option for the wheel to swivel.  $399.95


    Because it compares better with the other strollers in our #strollon line-up, this review will be focussed on the Urban Glide.


    Thule Urban Glide Review


    The stroller is built with the serious runner in mind.  It is obvious that Thule did extensive research to put together a stroller that can do it all for everyone.  Weighing in at only 23 pounds, it is the not only one of the lightest on the market, but also substantial enough to handle more than just an “urban trail”.  The rear suspension partnered with larger rear tires and impressive ergonomics translates into a stroller isn’t a handful (literally) to push.


    While the max weight limit on the Urban Glide is 75 pounds, our 45 pound 5 year old definitely filled it out.  He could still comfortably ride in it, but anyone much taller than him would have a hard time keeping comfortable for many miles.  From the “pusher” point of view, though, it’s still easy to push with a heavier load.


    Thule Urban Glide Review

    Thule Urban Glide Review


    The Urban Glide (and the Glide) come with a rear back pocket (for flatter items), small mesh pockets inside the stroller for small items for the child and a weather-proof covered storage compartment underneath (with a small zipped pocket on the outside.)  It’s plenty of space to handle the essentials, though we like it even better with the Thule console ($39.95) added on.  The console fits any single Thule strollers (and Chariots) and adds a cup holder and a small zippered pocket (keys, cell phone, etc.)  We’d love to see an added zippered pocket on the stroller itself that is quick access as you run (so high up on the back of the stroller).


    The child straps are very easy to adjust between riders of different sizes (I can switch them in less than 30 seconds) and just fit well to keep the child from moving around (which is an issue especially when they are young.)  The back adjusts nearly flat for napping and is one of the easiest adjustments we have seen for one-handed up and down.


    The front wheel can be locked either front or rear-facing or in a “free swivel” position.  There is an easy tracking adjustment on the wheel that really works so you aren’t fighting with a stroller that is just a little off and won’t steer straight.


    Thule Urban Glide Review


    What we love:

    – It’s surprisingly light and streamlined.  It can easily be lifted by one hand (with the baby in the other!)  While it’s not THAT much lighter (just a pound or two) from other strollers we have seen, it is just less bulky so is easier to handle.

    – The suspension is very good which not only keeps the child comfortable, but also makes it easier to push.

    – The straps are easy to adjust to different children (in less than 30 seconds)

    – It can be folded with just one hand smoothly and easily

    – Adjustable, ergonomic handlebar. Easy to adjust and lock into place. Max height: 45.5″ (according to my measurements)

    – The canopy: It is big enough that the child is completely covered, and we love the mesh pull out that provides extra coverage but still allows the child to see. We also love that it can “follow the sun” since it isn’t attached to the back of the stroller which guarantees sun protection.

    -Padded seat and harness—true comfort even on bumpy and rough terrain

    -The seat reclines very easily to a nearly flat position (great for napping) with the use of just one hand. It’s smooth and quick.

    -Huge, covered storage basket underneath the stroller.  You can unzip it to allow for bulkier items, or keep it closed for rainy weather.

    – Peek window to allow you to see your child


    Thule Urban Glide Review



    What we think needs improved:

    – The brake is a bit clunky.  We worried about breaking it due to the force required to engage and disengage it.  It hasn’t happened yet, but is a concern.

    – The size of the handlebar wrist strap. It felt too short, especially since most runners switch hands as they run. You have to push the strap over and back in order to switch hands, given how short the strap was and the shape of the handlebar.

    – The rubber strap that keeps the stroller locked closed when it is folded up is problematic.  We had it break on us twice (after a quick fix) and foresee it happening again.

    – If the seat in the stroller were just a little bit deeper, it would accommodate larger kids much better.  As is, most 5+ year olds will find it feels small.  Not that many 5 year olds are still being pushed in strollers, but when you need a run, you gotta do what you gotta do!



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    Thule Urban Glide Review

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    The Bottom Line

    The Thule Urban Glide seems to pull together the best features of the top jogging strollers out on the market into one beautiful package. While there are some slight tweaks we'd love to see improved, in general this is an incredible stroller that is lightweight AND manages very well in a variety of terrain. It's for the serious runner, but has the features to satisfy any active family. And while it isn't cheap, the price point is very reasonable in comparison to the competition on the market.

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      1. Paige Lapen says:

        Strollers are expensive and I had decided that a reliable stroller system (with car seat adapter) was more important to me than having a fancy jogging stroller so for the first six months we only had the one stroller (Britax B-Agile, which I love). I’d decided I would have my husband watch the baby when I went running and would consider my runs as “me” time. Ultimately, I didn’t go on a single run during those first six months (Background: I’m not an amazing runner by any means but I’ve been running regularly since I was in 6th grade and have completed several half marathons and marathons so… I used to take it seriously). We were lucky enough to win the Thule Urban Glide and it has seriously changed my workouts. Baby M and I go running at least once a week now and both love it. Daddy stays home. Ha! I agree with the review above in terms of what could be improved (that brake is harsh!). In an ideal world you could buy just one stroller that would do it all but as it is, I am REALLY happy to have both. Maybe any jogging stroller would have given me this newfound freedom but I really love our Thule Urban Glide. It is easy to use and really smooth over our bumpy neighborhood streets and sidewalks. Highly recommend!

        • Paige – thanks so much for commenting and letting us know what you think! And totally agree – the best intentions can easily get sidelined by a lack of everything just working out 🙂 Good for you!!!

      2. Hello,
        I am having a hard time deciding between the Thule urban glide and the baby jogger summit X3. From what I can find online they’re both a very highly rated. I have tried both out in the store — my only concern is which has better suspension/shock absorption. That is my biggest concern considering I’ll be running with a smaller child. Most of the reviews I have seen have compared it to the Bob… But neither have compared the two together and even when I compare single reviews the talk about shock absorption seems to be lacking. Please enlighten me!

        • Giulia – I am so sorry – I totally missed your comment before somehow! I haven’t used the Baby Jogger summit x3, but the suspension on the Thule urban glide is AMAZING. Curious what you ended up with??

      3. Marli Joubert says:

        Hi, We are expecting our first and this world of strollers is very new and daunting to us. We have a friend who owns a Thule shop and is giving the Thule Glide to us at a huge discount. We really like it, and we are quite active, we love to jog and go for walks and we go to the bushveld quite often. This stroller seems perfect and looks like it should last us a long time but should it be used as a stroller made for running or can it be our only stroller – from newborn to whatever size? It looks like the back can collapse for a sleeping baby but I am not sure if a newborn baby would be comfortable in it? Can you guys please give me some advice?

        • Hi Marli – Wow! What a deal! Don’t pass that up!!! So…it’s not ideal for a newborn, but I have found that wearing a newborn in a carrier is MUCH easier for a couple of months. They are protected from the elements and you can keep a good eye on them. A baby would be ok in the Urban Glide between 4-6 months I would say. And yes – it would be just fine for your only stroller. Does that help at all?

      4. Virginia says:

        Is there an all terrain stroller that you would recommend for the bigger child … The 5 yr old? We have a child with special needs and I would love to get out more. I like the look of the thule but am concerned we won’t get long out of it because it won’t accomodate the size we need. Special needs strollers are expensive, heavy, bulky and need dissembling before putting in the car……which adds up to a pain in my backside! Thanks

      5. NotReckless says:

        Thanks for the helpful reviews! I live in an area with lots of snow and bumpy roads and sidewalks. Although I don’t currently run I’d like the option of being able to jog with a stroller in the future (lofty goals;) ). I’m considering the Thule urban glide since it has the suspension and tires to handle rough terrain, gives me the option of jogging, yet is relatively light and easy to fold. But my concern is that it – like all joggers, I think? – looks like it has a seat that doesn’t go very upright, and it also doesn’t have the option of a belly/bumper bar or snack tray for the child. Do you think either is a major concern/drawback for nonrunning applications? (This is my first child – and stroller;) ). I’m also considering something like the mountain buggy urban jungle but am not sure it’d be safe for jogging. I’d love to hear your thoughts/recs!

        • Hi! Ok, so the Thule Urban glide is awesome for running and IS super lightweight. It could easily be your only stroller. However, if you are NOT planning on running much, or at least not super long distances, I would really recommend the Burley Solstice. You can totally run with it, but a little bigger seats and places for snacks, etc. Plus a huge undercarriage.

          As far as joggers – all seats have a slight recline just for comfort of the child – not something to worry about. Does that help at all?

      6. Awesome reviews, thanks! How do you think the Baby Jogger Summit X3 compares?

      7. Did you ever figure out what that extra strap attached to the top of the canopy was for? I just got mine today and already I love it but it’s driving me nuts that I can’t figure out what that strap is for. I know it’s got to be something straightforward that I’m totally missing. Help a mama out?! LOL

      8. Hi thanks for the informative review. I am a first time soon to be mom and am looking for a decent all terrain jogger. We are on a farm with fairly bumpy roads. Would you have any idea how it compares to the Bebe Confort High Trek which seems to handle trails fairly well – I’m particularly concerned about suspension and tyres in terms of punctures etc.

        Thanks again!

        • HI Marion – sorry, I am not familiar with the Bebe brand… But the Thule has been awesome for us on trails and bumpy roads. Great suspension.

      9. Hi. We are looking for an all terrain stroller to use off road as well as in the city. I’m looking at the thule urban glide, the mountain buggy urban jungle, the bugaboo cameleon and the bugaboo buffalo. Which one would you recommend?

      10. ERIK ANDERSEN says:


      11. Hi there – I’ve a 7-month-old and debating whether I should buy a jogging stroller PLUS a regular stroller or if I can just manage with Thule as my one stroller for all purposes? I found a great deal on craigslist for a new-ish unused urban glide and having second doubts about it (since I can’t return it). I live in the city (so have a small house) and hate clutter. Can I just do with urban glide as my go to stroller? Although my daughter is 7 months old, she’s tall and has grown out of her Chicco key fit car seat :-/

        Thanks in advance! Hope I hear back from you before I loose this deal!

      12. Hello! Just wondering how you feel about the lack of hand brake on the Urban Glide. I live in the Bay Area of California and mainly run trails/hills. I accidentally ordered both a Thule Urban Glide and a Mountain Buggy Terrain and I am really torn about which to send back (I can’t test them without voiding my ability to return). I love the Terrain, however the tracking issue you wrote about makes me nervous. It seems to be a common complaint. Also, it’s a little heavier. The Urban Glide, on the other hand, has great reviews relating to running, but I don’t know if any of those runners are running hills. I also suspect the Terrain may be a more comfortable ride for the little one. If you were me, which would you go with? Thanks in advance!!

        • Hi Dina,
          If you are running a lot, I would go with the Glide. I never wished I had a handbrake running hills….but that is personal preference too. The kids are plenty comfortable in the Glide (great suspension, etc.). Wish I could tell you which one you love, but that is what I would go with (plus less weight to push UP those hills! ;))

          • Thank you, so very much, for the quick reply! I do run a lot (ultra-distance pre-baby), and I’ve been agonizing over this purchase. I’m super excited to get the little man out and about when he’s old enough. I really appreciate your thorough and honest reviews and your willingness to converse with your readers. Take care and happy trails!

            • Sure thing! If you do order or buy from REI/Amazon, sure do appreciate clicking through affiliate links 😉 Happy to help either way!

      13. Hallo. I have a big dilema between Thule Urban Glide and Thule Glide. They have Urban Glide in store but the Glide is to be ordered (no problem with 2 weeks delivery). My thinking is – Is it necessary to have the brake on it ?? I would like to run also on middle hills. Is it OK without the operating brakes? In the most of the jogging strollers reviews I see just the Urban Glide (looks like the Glide is not sold so offten).

        • I never miss the brake…..and do like the option of the swivel wheel on the urban glide. It’s your personal preference for sure, but I think you’ll be just fine with the Urban Glide!

      14. Hi I am looking for a light-weight, compactable, everyday stroller that can also be used as a jogger. The Thule Urban Glide seems like a great option but I can’t seem to figure out if the wheels are removable (for more compact storage) and I also cannot find the length of the stroller anywhere. Do you happen to know the answers? Thanks!

        • Hi Jen – yes the wheels are removable. I will have to do a quick measurement as soon as I can about the length….feel free to email me to remind me! Baby brain makes my memory less than it usually is 😉

        • Also looking for the length of the stroller. I have a very small elevator and would like to know if I can bring it with me into my apartment.

          • We had it out today so I measured real quick! Folded up it can get as small as ~36″ length (with handlebar folded)….when open, depending on where your handle bar is set, it’s more like 46″. Hope that helps!


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