Expedition Reclamation: Reclaiming Curiosity

How the Expedition Reclamation Film Cultivates Curiosity in the Outdoors The Power of Being Seen Many of us don’t understand the power of representation until we experience it for the first time. We don’t realize how much we have been missing until the point when we finally see ourselves and our identities reflected in the … Read more

She Colors Nature: Diversify the Outdoors

How Chelsea Murphy is harnessing the power of social media to help diversify the outdoors. If you randomly stumbled upon Chelsea Murphy’s Instagram account, @she_colorsnature, you would probably assume that she grew up in the outdoors.  It’s clear that getting outside is a priority for her, both on her own and with her family. It … Read more

Diverse Books for Kids in the Outdoors

Diverse Books for Kids in the Outdoors Children’s literature has come a long way, and there are countless incredible books out there featuring prominent characters of all colors, shapes, abilities, and genders. Unfortunately diverse books specifically for outdoor kids are still hard to find, though we are hoping through awareness that will change. Exposure through … Read more

The Outdoors is for EVERYONE

the Outdoors is for everyone

Lauren from Hike.Blog.Love shares her family’s challenges of getting outdoors with their special-needs son (and why they fiercely believe in the difference it makes for him and for their entire family.)