Vilcabamba Adventure Guide

Family Adventure Travel Guide

If you enjoy traveling, but hate the stress and time it takes to plan a trip then you’re going to love the Tales of a Mountain Mama Family Adventure Travel Guides! These handy guides are written by mamas like you to help you prepare for your family’s next adventure.

Vilcabamba Travel Guide

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Each guide is curated by our Tales of a Mountain Mama team members who know the destination like the back of their hand. This means that they are bursting with detailed, reliable information to take the headache out of planning your trip and to ensure that you’re in the know about all the must-see attractions.

Vilcabamba Central Park

What’s Included in the Guide?

This travel guide compiles all the information you need to know is in one place, saving you hours of internet searches and fretting over where to stay, the best time to go, what to pack, and more!

In this guide you’ll find:

  • Things to know before you go
  • Year-round packing lists
  • Budget friendly tips
  • How to get there
  • Where to stay
  • Family friendly activities
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Water play areas
  • Outdoor attractions
  • Hiking recommendations
  • Biking recommendations
  • A 3-Day itinerary suggestion
A rainbow over the town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador

A Complete Family Adventure Travel Guide for Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Vilcabamba, Ecuador is a tourist-friendly town that is the perfect destination for adventurous families. It has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while surrounded by the epic beauty of the Andean mountains. Your family will love hiking, biking, and enjoying the unique outdoor attractions that Vilcabamba has to offer.

I have lived in Vilcabamba for 8 years and have compiled all the best information about where to adventure outdoors, play, and eat with kids, as well as fun activities little ones will enjoy! This guide includes some of our favorite things to do together as a family in and around our little mountain town.

Mountain view in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Benefits of Traveling Abroad with Kids

Traveling with children can seem a bit intimidating, especially when they are young. But, often little ones adapt to these experiences much more easily than we anticipate. Additionally, these adventures abroad have numerous benefits for kids and can actually be quite beneficial for their development.

Travel Introduces Kids to New Cultures

Being exposed to new foods, languages, customs and traditions broadens a child’s perspective. These fresh experiences teach them how wonderfully diverse and unique the world is. Expanding their minds in this way can help to boost creativity and imagination.

Exploring New Places is A Great Opportunity for Hands on Learning

It’s one thing to read about a far away destination or hear about it in school, but visiting it in real life lends many hands on learning opportunities. Visiting different tourist attractions and historical landmarks can also spark new passions and interests that children can continue to pursue even after returning home.

Traveling Promotes Resiliency & Family Bonds

Being away from home shakes up the usual routine and gets us out of our comfort zone. Navigating the uncertainty of these new situations helps kids build confidence. Embarking on the adventure together and spending time traveling together helps promote family bonding.

Preparing for Your Trip to Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Don’t fret about what to pack, where to stay, the best time of year to go, or how to get there. The Vilcabamba Family Adventure Guide can take the guesswork out of planning your trip. Let us help you enjoy the best attractions and make the most of your stay. You will love discovering all that Vilcabamba has to offer!

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