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Weather Apps for Outdoor Safety

This post is sponsored by WeatherBug. It’s an app both Mtn Papa and I use regularly to make an educated guess as to what sorts of layers we all need for the day….and determining safety of conditions too!

Which Weather App (if any) do you use?? I really want to know! Comment below so I can check them out!

Weather Apps for Outdoor Safety

In a world run by apps, it can be hard to determine which is the best one for all of your unique needs. This is especially true when it comes to finding the best weather app for iPhone and Android phones. WeatherBug is one of the top weather apps in any app marketplace and boasts numerous unique features. It is more than just a rain radar app, it is a lifestyle guide and planning tool. Here are 5 reasons to use WeatherBug.

  1. Best Radar App Feature
    • WeatherBug is powered by a huge network of professional weather stations. This means that WeatherBug has quick access to weather conditions, radar images and forecast outlooks. The various ways you can view the radar makes it a clear front runner amongst other apps. You can flip between settings such as pressure, humidity, temperature, wind speed and more.
  2. Spark Lightning Alerts
    • This feature lets you know when dangerous lightning strikes in reported in your area. It tells you where the strike happened, when the strike happened. It gives you a clear warning when storms begin to take a turn for the worse so you can get to cover quickly.
  3. Home Connect
    • If you are transitioning into owning a smart home or have a “smart thermostat”? WeatherBug can help control the temperature inside your home. It will automatically adjust the settings of your thermostat based on current weather conditions to maximize efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  4. Lifestyle Forecast
    • Want to know if it’s going to be a good day to cut the grass or rake some leaves? The Lifestyle Forecast also has Game Day settings that let you pick any game from any league and get a detailed weather forecast for the game itself.
  5. Weather and Traffic Cams
    • WeatherBug also gives you access to local weather and traffic cameras in your area. You can see how the weather is affecting traffic in your neighborhood. This can help you determine if it is safe to be driving in bad weather conditions or not.

WeatherBug is packed with features to help you stay one step ahead of the weather, which is what makes it one of the top weather apps in the Apple and Android App marketplaces.


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