Happy Thanksgiving + GET READY!!!

We’ve been working super hard and are taking off a couple days to enjoy our family for Thanksgiving before we start our HUGE 12 Days of Gear Giveaways on December 1st. If you haven’t already, be sure to check in HERE for all the details (this will be continually updated).

But, before we go, we just wanted to say how thankful we are for all of YOU! Thanks for getting your families outside, helping build this community and supporting us too.

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with lots of outdoor time, moving bodies, turkey and relaxing fun.

See you on TUESDAY, December 1st at 6 am MST for the first set of giveaways. We can’t wait to give back to YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving + GET READY!!!


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The Numbers Don’t Matter….

The Numbers Don't Matter....

I am less than 20 weeks out from meeting my fourth child. My other three are aged 6 and under. I am no stranger to meltdowns, tantrums, attitudes, nor epic drama that only toddlers can seem to muster up the strength for. Like any mama, I often end the day relieved we all made it through and a little shell-shocked. Chocolate is my friend and silence is golden (at least after bedtime).

Also like any parent of more than two kids, I get plenty of comments around the lines of “boy, you have your hands full!”

Yes, yes, I do. Obviously. Don’t rub it in unless you are reaching a hand to help out.

Something about “larger families” really gets to people these days. While I am far from having 15 children, the looks I get from people suggest that it’s pretty much the same thing. What could I possibly be thinking to voluntarily put myself through so much work??

But, here’s the thing: those numbers really don’t matter. Every parent has their hands full. Every parent is thrown into a sudden reality of the fact that their life is no longer their own. Every action they make matters to someone else, for better or for worse……


You can read the rest of the post over at Bonbon Break – featured as part of their CONNECT theme for November. I’d love you to weigh in – how big is your family and does it make a difference??

There’s tons of other great posts there too…something for everyone.


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Thankful for Families Instagram Photo Contest

#Thankful for Families Instagram Photo Contest

I feel like there is SO much going on in the blogging world right now, including our second annual #ThankfulforFamilies Instagram photo contest. If you have Instagram (or have been thinking about getting it), this is a great way to show off your own family and win one of the TONS of prizes all of us gathered for you. We have TWENTY outdoor family bloggers working together here. So much great gear and inspiration all in one place.

Be proud of your family and show them off (we’ll be doing our fair share of it all throughout the contest).

Have questions (after reading all the info below, of course). Feel free to comment or email me – happy, as always, to answer them!

We can’t wait to see your photos!

#Thankful for Families Instagram Photo Contest


Steps  to Enter:

  • Post a NEW photo of your outdoor family on Instagram making sure to include both #ThankfulForFamilies AND #OutdoorFamilies and tell us why you love your family!
  • Follow ALL of our awesome participating hosts to win! Tap on MY photo(@mtnmamatales)  to see where to go next. Follow that host, and find THEIR awesome prize in their feed. Tap on their photo to see where to go next. Repeat until you have come full circle.
  • Check out ALL the awesome giveaways and make a comment (one per photo) on the prize(s) you want to win!



Giveaway entry rules:

  • Contest will run from November 19-30, 2015.
  • Entrants must be a resident of US or Canada
  • Entrants’ Instagram account must be a public account.
  • Entrants must post a new, original, and taken by you photo (a re-posted photo or tagging an old photo will disqualify you) to Instagam of their family, or members of their family, outdoors.
  • All photos entered in the contest must be tagged with BOTH #OutdoorFamilies AND #ThankfulForFamilies.
  • Entrants must comment on Instagram on the specific prize they are entering to win. Photographs of prizes will be distributed among all the hosts’ Instagram feeds. Entrants need to only comment ONCE per prize. Additional comments DO NOT equal additional entries.
  • Entrants may post a photo once per day to their Instagram feeds for additional entries, up to  12 entries total. All photos must use the two contest hashtags.
  • All photo entries must be submitted by 10 pm MST on November 30th.
  • All winners will be chosen randomly from all submitted entries at the end of the week and announced on each of the blogs after December 1st. Notifying comments will also be left on the winning photos on Instagram.
  • Hosts will do their best to contact winners. If prizes are not claimed within 48 hours of notification, the prize will go to the next winner.

What you can win:

**PLEASE note prizes have various shipping capabilities which are described below**


Participating Bloggers (who worked hard to round up these great prizes!):

*Make sure you check out all of these great blogs!*

  1. Adventure Tykes: http://www.AdventureTykes.com
  2. The Adventures in Parenthood Project: http://www.AdventurousParents.com
  3. Nature For Kids: http://www.NatureForKids.net
  4. Chasqui Mom: http://www.ChasquiMom.com
  5. Outdoor Families Magazine: http://www.OutdoorFamiliesOnline.com
  6. Currently Wandering: http://www.CurrentlyWandering.com
  7. The Mommy Hiker: http://www.MommyHiker.com
  8. Rockies Family Adventures: http://www.RockiesFamilyAdventures.com
  9. The Kid Project: http://www.KidProject.org
  10. Rockieschick’s Adventures: http://www.Rockies-Chick.com
  11. Play Outside Guide: http://www.PlayOutsideGuide.com
  12. Moosefish: http://www.Moosefish.com
  13. Tales of a Mountain Mama: http://www.TalesOfaMountainMama.com
  14. Pedal Adventures: http://www.PedalAdventures.com
  15. Val In Real Life: http://www.ValInRealLife.com
  16. Colorado Mountain Mom: http://www.ColoradoMountainMom.com
  17. Adventure Awaits: http://www.AdventureAwaits.ca
  18. Mountain Mom and Tots: http://www.MountainMomAndTots.com
  19. Active Kids Club: http://www.activekidsclub.com/

#Thankful for Families Instagram Photo Contest

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Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015

Gift Guide for Outdoor Families 2015 + Giveaways

I refuse to buy into the stress of the holiday season. I get my shopping done early, I plan ahead and then it all usually ends up in spirited chaos anyway. Oh well. That’s life and that’s ok. As long as we are focusing as a family as the real reason for Christmas, I’m happy. […]

My Kids Fight Going Outside

My Kids Fight Going Outside

Not to burst your bubble about our life or anything, but my kids aren’t always all too thrilled about going outside. In fact, most days it’s a full-on wresting match with at least one of them and usually two of them head out kicking and screaming. Glamorous, right?!? In fact, it’s downright exhausting and often […]

Get Ready to Cozy up Around the Campfire with Books (+ Advent Idea)

Get Ready to Cozy up Around the Campfire with Books (+ Advent Idea)

Today we welcome my friend Erica, hailing from Kodiak, Alaska. Like our family, theirs spends as much time as possible outside. However, there’s nothing following winter adventure quite like cozying up with some hot chocolate (or hot toddy for the adults) and a good book. And we truly believe there is a balance in life – […]