Best Outdoor Themed Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin patches, apple cider donuts and a crispness in the morning air are evidence that fall is right around the corner in my little patch of the woods. With that comes the anticipation of the fast approaching holiday season and some anxiety as I think of all I hope, want, and need to accomplish.

So, if Halloween costume inspiration is one of your current stressors, then check out this costume roundup. Some costumes included require a little bit of effort and others you can throw together the night before a party. Most are inexpensive and require few materials beyond what you already own. Additionally, these costumes are easy to modify, simplify and adapt to your own family’s needs. Whether you’re a Halloween fanatic or feeling a sense of dread about October 31st this costume roundup goes ‘out on a limb’ to inspire you with ideas for a fun, low stress, outdoorthemed Halloween.

And let me put in a little caveat that you should not be surprised if “The Entomologist & His Bug Collection” make a repeat appearance this year! When I lack the motivation to get to a craft store and no lightning bolt strikes me with an “original” idea then I love to recycle a costume from previous years with a few added bells and whistles (your next-door neighbors will never know and your child will still come home with too much candy). Enjoy!

Creepy Crawly Critters:   

Entomologist & Bug Collection

Snail Costume

Beekeeper & Bumblebee

Monarch Butterfly

Caterpillar & Butterfly



Woodland Themed:

Deer Costume

Fairy Costume

Knothole Tree

Owl Costume

Trees & Flowers

Camping & Fishing:

RV Costume

Lumberjack Costume

Campfire Costume

Fisherman & Fish


Happy Camper

Park Ranger & Smoky Bear

Rock Climber,,

Birds & Birdwatchers

Outdoor Elements:

Rain Cloud


Stephanie is a South Idaho native but currently lives in Columbia, MO with her husband, Jayson, and gang of girls—Clara (6), Mckinlay (4), and Ruth (1). As a family of 5 they enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, camping, traveling, backpacking and being silly. Like many others they’re trying to balance the complexities of work and family life. They’ve found that time slows down when they’re outside adventuring together and appreciate the simplicity and beauty they find there. Find them on their brand new Instagram: @switchbacksandsingletrack



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