Best Hiking Gifts for 2021

Outdoor Family Hiking Gifts

If you’ve got hikers on your gift list this holiday season, we’ve got you covered! Here is the TMM curated list of hiking gifts for every budget, for the entire family – even the dog.

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Picture of Gift Guide teaser- hiking gifts

Before I became an avid hiker in college, I thought it was one of those activities that doesn’t really require any gear. My mentality was just put on your shoes and start walking.

But the more I started to explore different areas, go on longer hikes and choose terrain that was more technical, it quickly became apparent that I’d need some specific gear.

Gear like a water purifier or a poop shovel becomes necessary on longer hikes. If you’re going well off the beaten path, it’s a good idea to consider a communication device like the Garmin In Reach Mini.

Taking the kids? Proper fitting wool socks will keep their feet happy (one less thing they can whine about). A light, comfortable child carrier will keep those babies smiling and trail treats (like these low sugar gummy worms) will keep everyone happy.

Now don’t get me wrong…you can just put on your shoes and go. But, there are some pieces of gear that will make your adventure more comfortable, enjoyable and safe.

All of the gear we rounded up for this gift guide is thoughtfully curated and is sure to make that hiker on your list happy. There’s even a few items for the hiker who has everything!

Woman hiking with a very full backpack.
From the minimalist college-kid hiker to the mom who hauls everything (including puddle jumpers and Crocs)…our gift guide has ideas for just about everyone on your list.

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Hiking Gifts for Women

To see all of our favorite women’s hiking apparel, be sure to check out the Best Hiking Clothing for Women blogpost.

Picture of Osprey Dyna 15 pack

Osprey Dyna 15 Women’s Hydration Pack

This is technically a trail running pack, but it works great as a day pack too! It’s super comfortable and doesn’t bounce around.

Photo of Jessica wearing the Osprey Dyna 15
The Osprey Dyna 15 is TMM Team Member Jessica’s favorite day pack.
Picture of the Kula Cloth

Kula Cloth – Reusable Pee Cloth

Ladies, if you don’t have one of these, now is the time! Cute prints disguise what’s really hanging on your bag and the other side has antimicrobial absorbent material.

Just pee, pat dry, fold and snap and get back to the trail. Great for kids too!

Picture of Black Diamond trekking poles

Black Diamond Women’s Trail Trekking Poles

Whether you are carrying a child on your back or traveling across rocky, slick terrain, trekking poles come in really handy.

They help with both balance and stability. These ones are a favorite amongs the TMM Team.

Title 9 Clamber Pant photo

Title 9 Clamber Pants

These are a TMM Team favorite! The fabric is durable yet lightweight and it’s easy to brush dirt off. And bless Title Nine, the Clamber comes in long and short inseams.

Best Hiking Gifts for Men

Picture of the Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Hoody

Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Hoody

This is the best gift i’ve bought for my husband, hands down. This ultra lightweight shirt will keep them comfortable and both cool and hot climates and the hood provides excellent sun protection.

The Solo Stove Lite is perfect for hiking adventures

Solo Stove Light

At just 5.5″ tall and 4.25″ in diameter, this small-but-mighty stove is the perfect gift for hikers and campers.

You can burn everything from twigs to pine cones to other bio matter and cook food for 1-2 people over it, too!

If you’re contemplating buying a Solo Stove, be sure to read our Solo Stove Review post.

Picture of the Solo Stove Lite in action.
TMM Team Member Kristin loves to bring her Solo Stove Lite on day hikes with her kids.
Picture of the Osprey Duro 15

Osprey Duro 15 Men’s Hydration pack

Just like the women’s Dyna 15, this hydration pack doubles as a fantastic day hiking backpack.

TMM Team member Jessica’s husband uses (and loves) this pack!

Osprey Duro 15 hydration pack
TMM Team Member Jessica’s husband wearing the Osprey Duro 15 Hydration Pack.

Hiking Gifts for Kids

CamelBak Scout photo

CamelBak Kids Scout Hydration Pack

This is an excellent hydration daypack for kids ages 3-8.

The pack features mesh side pockets, a safety whistle, 12.5 liters of gear hauling space and a 1.5 liter bladder.

Photo of ch ild wearing the CamelBak Scout pack
TMM Team Member Sarah’s son on a snowy hike with the CamelBak Kids Scout Hydration Pack.

KidLed4R Rechargeable Kid Headlamp

No more kids afraid of the dark, this headlamp will light up their world with its bright light.  Great for camping, night hikes, or reading in the car when it’s dark out.

It’s simple and easy to use with tiny hands and has a fully adjustable strap to fit the smallest adventurers. It’s also rechargeable so easy on the battery stash. It also has a clip on the back to clip onto a pack.

Picture of Go Find It Nature Game

Go Find It: Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Game

This outdoor scavenger hunt game is perfect for kid hikes and it fits inside your pocket.

Picture of Darn Tough Kids Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew Socks – Kids’

We all know how rough kids can be on gear, this is the perfect reason to add some Darn Tough socks to your kid’s stocking this year.

These socks are a merino wool blend with seamless construction, all backed by Darn Tough’s unconditional lifetime warranty. 

Hiking Gifts for Babies

Picture of Iksplor Baselayer Set

Iksplor Base layers – Baby Explorer Set

These are our very favorite baselayers. The merino wool is ultra soft and will keep your adventure baby warm and comfortable all day long.

Use code “mtnmama” to save 20%!

Baby wearing Iksplor Baselayer set
Iksplor Baselayers will keep your little one dry and warm on all your hiking adventures (I mean just look at how happy baby Silas is!)
Picture of Deuter Kid Comfort Pack

Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier

The Deuter Kid Comfort is Deuter’s mid-line carrier with the perfect amount of features and bells and whistles for most caregivers.

Click here for the Deuter Kid Comfort full gear review.

Picture of Smartwool Infant Socks

Smartwool Infant/Toddler Socks

These Smartwool socks will help keep the tiniest toes toasty this winter.

Made of merino wool/nylon blend, these socks will will help keep those feet warm and dry. Sold in a pack of 3 in sizes from 3M to 3T.

Gifts for Hiking Couples

Picture of Nemo Tempo sleeping bag

Nemo Tempo Sleeping Bag with Zip Together Feature

Snuggle up with your hunny in these lightweight, synthetic fill, 20 degree sleeping bags. Both the men’s and women’s versions can be zipped together.

Photo of the Sierra Designs Lightweight Double hammock

Sierra Designs Lightweight Double Hammock

Give the gift of relaxation….together!! This double hammock weighs just 2 lbs and comes with easy to use tree straps.

Picture of Sea to Summit Wipes

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes

After a few days in the backcountry, one might be feeling a little grimey. Give yourself a quick “bath” with these pH balanced and compostable wipes before climbing into the tent with your partner.

Gifts for Hikers and Campers

Picture of GSI Cut+Prep set set up ready to go.

GSI Outdoors Santoku Cut+Prep Set

This lightweight rolling cutting board and knife is perfect for trailside charcuterie (which is my all time favorite hiking meal).

Picture of Klymit sleeping pad

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

This pad is great for hikers and campers because it inflates with just 10-20 breaths of air and it packs down into a space smaller than a Nalgene bottle. Great for a nice place to sit on the trail too.

Hiking Gifts for Techie Folks

Picture of GoPro Hero 7


The GoPro Hero 7 is a couple years old (it came out in 2018) but it is a super solid camera and much less affordable than the new Hero10.

Document your family hiking adventures so you can relive the memories for years to come!

Picture of Ubeesize Bendy Tripod

Ubeesize Bendy Phone Tripod

Take all the selfies you want with this small, lightweight tripod. This fits most phones horizontal or vertical oriented.

The legs are bendy enough that you could even wrap them around a tree branch to “get the shot”. This is 100% going on my wish list.

Picture of BioLite Charge Power Bank

BioLite Charge 80PD Power Bank

This is a great lightweight option for keeping devices charged on those longer adventures.

Hiking Gifts for Just About Anyone

Picture of the SteriPen Water Purifier for Hikers

SteriPen Personal Water Purifier

This compact, handheld water purifier filters 50 liters of water in about 2 minutes.

picture of the Petzl Actik Core Headlamp for hikers

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp

This headlamp weighs just 75 grams, making it the perfect accessory for hiking. It features 3 brightness levels and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 130 hours.

Picture of Hillsound Trail Crampons

Hillsound Trail Crampons

Perfect for the avid hiker who loves to go out on snowy adventures on rugged terrain. These come in sizes to fit every shoe and their hook and loop closure makes them easy to get on and off.

National Parks Pass picture

National Park Pass

Have a loved one who lives near a National Park? This is one gift they’re guaranteed to appreciate all year long! And don’t forget – 4th graders get a FREE pass. Just go to the Every Kid Outdoors site.

Hiking Gifts for Safety

Picture of Rocky Talkie for hikers

Rocky Talkie

These are our favorite walkie talkies – and they’re fun and can help keep everyone safe and accounted for on the trail. These are highly durable, have a great range and the batteries last up to 3 days.

We even have a discount code! Use code “mtnmama” for 10% off.

Picture of Garmin In Reach

Garmin InReach Mini

This satellite phone is the size of a box of raisins and ensures two-way messaging and location tracking – even when you’re out of cell range.

Adventure Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kit for Backpacking

A backpacking-size first aid kit is an essential for any hiker. We love this one because it has remedies for everything from cuts to dehydration.

The pack size is about 7″ x 6″ and weighs just 15 ounces.

For tips on building the best first-aid kit to meet the needs of your family, check out our First Aid Kits for the Outdoor Family.

Hiking Gifts under $25

Silicon Storage Bags for hiking

Silicone Storage bags

These reusable snack baggies are perfect for storing snacks, band-aids, electronics and more. These are the ones I use and I can vouch for their durability.

The Deuce Trowel

The Deuce Lightweight Backcountry Trowel

Because everybody poops! Even on the trail. Do the responsible thing and bury your poop with this lightweight trowel that comes in 23 different fun colors.

Project Sour Low Sugar Gummies

Project Sour Low Sugar Gummy Worms

For the sour gummy lover on your list, make sure to check out these gummies! Low sugar and no artificial flavors or colors. Perfect for motivating slow hikers (AKA my kids).

Naked Nutrition Protein Cookies

We just discovered these amazing cookies that the whole family LOVES. Not only do they taste good, but they pack in some serious protein and have only one gram of sugar.

Naked Cookies do not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors which is huge for us. They are also available on Amazon.

Gifts for Dogs Who Hike

Picture of Kurgo Collapsible Bowl

Kurgo Collapsible Bowl

These lightweight silicone bags are the perfect size to toss in your daypack – or better yet – in your dog’s pack!

Photo of the Ruffwear Approach dog hiking pack

Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

This smaller volume dog pack is perfect for day hikes. It’s a TMM team favorite for it’s durability even under heavy use with rough and tumble pups.

Picture of Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo hiking collar

Stunt Puppy Go Dog Glo Dry Collar

A stink free reflective buckle collar! Two D rings, one for the leash and one for the tags. Stunt Puppy also makes dry leashes, which are great for camping!

Photo of a dog on a hike wearing the Ruffwear pack
The Ruffwear Approach is a dog hiking pack that stays in place AND carries all their snacks and water bowl.

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