Boba Air Review

Reviewed by: Amelia

Price (MSRP): $65

Best Use: Multi-Use

Where to Buy: Boba Website

Testing Location: Yellowstone National Park and Wisconsin trails

Testing Environment: Hiking, wading, swimming, and daily wear


Boba has done it once again with a new carrier that makes traveling, adventuring and having young children just that much easier.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the BobaAir.  It is the only carrier on the market right now that lets you truly stay comfortable (along with your child) in an ergonomic position AND packs up super small.  This is the solution for people who just didn’t like the bulkiness of other carriers.


– This is the carrier to bring with you traveling.


– This is the carrier to bring with you camping.


– This is the carrier to throw in the pocket of your framed kid carrier to use on your toddler when they get tired (as a back-up, of course!)




What we love:


– It weighs less than a pound and folds up smaller than the size of a cloth diaper (or smaller than a football if you can relate to that better) *See photos below showing size and comparing it to a folded up Boba 3G*

– The above-mentioned size means it fits in my purse….easily.

– Made with nylon fabric, it is incredibly easy to clean via an easy wipe-off (WAY easier than the Boba 3G).

– While it is NOT its intended purpose nor does Boba necessarily recommend it, the nylon also means it works in water.  While I certainly wouldn’t use it in chlorinated water (at least not often) because of the break-down of material, it works GREAT for splashing and an occasional dunk if needed in fresh water (in my personal opinion).  I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a carrier that wasn’t a sling that could be used in water.  **Please note, while we didn’t struggle with this at all, I could imagine that a wet carrier could result in some chaffing for the child’s bare legs if it was worn for an extended period of time.**

– Despite its compact size, the sternum-strap “rail” (meaning easy adjustments) and dependable buckles remain. *See photo below*

– It’s affordable!  While I do think paying $120 for a carrier you use constantly is absolutely worth the money, a price-tag of $65 will make Boba much more accessible for more people (and making buying a second carrier ok… :))

– Despite the fact that the shoulder straps are not padded, I experienced no pain or discomfort.

– It zips into its own pouch.  When the carrier is open, that pouch becomes a pocket (same size as the pocket on the 3G.) *see photo below*

– Like all Boba carriers, the waist straps are long enough that extensions are not needed for larger (or pregnant) wearers.



What we aren’t so crazy about:


– Sometimes I miss just having that little extra fabric weight of the Boba 3G, especially when I am getting my child into a back carry.

– Despite it being lighter WEIGHT (which does make a difference in the heat), it doesn’t really breathe any better.  Now if they could just integrate some breathable mesh panels or something like that….

– So wish it could accommodate newborns.  However, I also think that the extra fabric of the 3G keeps it more sturdy and makes the newborn hold possible.

– I would love a loop built on the outside of the pouch to allow it to be easily attached to a purse, other carrier or just for easier handling (though you can use the zipper strap.)

– The hood is not detachable (or really stow-able.) *see photo above of hood behind pocket*

– While I understand why it isn’t there (to save weight and bulk,) I miss the waist band pocket of the 3G.  Enough that I would be ok with a few extra ounces of weight.



The Stats:

– Use for children 15-45 pounds (yes, even our 3-year-old fits comfortably in it.)

– 100% nylon

– Folds into itself

– Sleeping hood and one pocket.

– Front or back carry

– Fully adjustable straps (extra “tails” are kept in place with elastic bands so they don’t drag.)


The Bottom Line:

An amazing answer to the need for a safe baby carrier that isn’t bulky, cleans up easily and is light and packable.


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