Burley D'Lite Review

Burley D’Lite 2019 Review

We reviewed the Burley D’Lite back in 2015, but some major updates have meant that a new review is due! I was thrilled to get my hands on one (thanks, Burley!) to share with you about what we love about this updated trailer.

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Burley DLite 2019

Quick breakdown of the updates that stand out the most to us:

  • Reclining Seats
  • Improved attachment of the cover
  • Included single strolling wheel which makes a transition from biking to strolling super easy

For this review, we also were testing their new 16+ wheel kit, which is for sand, gravel and snow. Note as you look through the photos that this is an add-on and those wheels are not included in the base price.

The Burley D’Lite is Burley‘s higher-end all-in-one stroller/trailer, topped only by the Burley D’Lite X (which allows the seats to recline independently). It is incredibly light, comfortable to push/pull AND ride in, and is a fantastic all-around stroller. While we have yet to use this particular model in the snow, our previous review tells about the skiing attachment (which we love and use often).

The D’Lite also has the option to remove the seat (by unclipping the buckles) and change it into a cargo trailer – this prolongs the usage of the trailer considerably. We have also used the older model for bikepacking and ski trips – it holds an incredible amount of gear with those seats removed!

With an baby snuggler, you can use the trailer with babies as young as ~ 5 months old (we started at 4 months) and our 6 year old still fits in just fine. NOTE: I will say that I do prefer Thule’s version of an infant sling – it breathes better (the Burley one gets hot) and you can literally use it as a newborn while carefully strolling. Hoping this is an update Burley will make soon!

What We LOVE:

Reclining Seats

This was a big one for me for many years that I wished Burley would change. As always, they listened to their customers and made it available in the newest models. On the D’Lite, both seats reclining as one unit (opposed to the D’Lite X with individually reclining seats).

The seat has the option to be in three different positions: upright, slightly reclined and all the way reclined. It’s very easy to move between the different positions, and I often even do it while my kids are sleeping.

Burley Dlite no recline

Two things to note, however. One is that the recline isn’t really super far back. It’s pretty standard for every other similar trailer, but we still get necks bobbing forward.

Secondly, when the seat is in a reclined position, access to the storage is more limited.

Burley Dlite reclined

Included One Stroller Wheel

This is my favorite option for any multifunctional stroller/trailer we have used and tested. Usually to do any type of switch between bike and strolling, you have to completely change out the accessories. On this one, you literally just pull out the wheel from the bike attachment handle and voila! You’re strolling! You can also shorten the “arm” for strolling, but it works fine either way.

I use it daily on bumpy, dirt roads and it has been totally fine. In fact, unless you’re truly jogging, this is all you need.

Burley Dlite hitch
Burley Dlite hitch

Integrated Cover/shade

I love this about the Burley model – everything is together, I can’t lose any pieces and it works well. The shade slides up or down, the zippers are fantastic and the weather cover stays rolled up when not in use.

burley dlite cover

Fully Adjustable Handlebar

Again, I love the versatility of this ….works for all heights, including kids who insist on helping push!

Note, there is some adjustment that has to happen to tighten the handlebar when you first receive it. This article will help you fix it!

Super lightweight

I love this about the D’Lite – it weighs less than 30 pounds and has a max capacity of 100 pounds. This means it weighs less than both the Thule Cross and Hamax Outback. Perfect if you’re moving it in and out of the car/storage.

Seat Padding

I am a huge fan of Burley’s Premium Seat Pads which include a headrest for added comfort, and are removable for easy cleaning. It’s easy to find the buckles, buckle the buckles and adjust the straps for different needs based on switching riders or less/more clothing.

What We Aren’t So Crazy About


Due to the fact that there is no way to completely open the window (though there is a vent in it) at the back, air ventilation can get tricky. You can lift up the back flap, but there isn’t a way to secure it (next update, Burley??) NOTE: The D’Lite X DOES have the ability to roll up and secure the back window.

On really warm days, we pack ice packs behind their backs, have them wear minimal clothing and check often.

That said, it makes a great little cocoon for riding/strolling in inclimate weather, which we have more of here than hot days.

burley dlite

Bottom Line:

The Burley D’Lite is a fantastic all-in-one stroller, bike trailer, & jogger. While we haven’t tried this model in the snow yet, we are confident it will perform as well or better than the older model we love.

It is super light (making it easy to throw in the back of a car) & adjustable. We just wish it had better ventilation for super hot days!

burley dlite

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Burley D'Lite Review

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  1. What no one seems to address, especially those who are being paid to review the Burley products, is the massive amount of dirt and debris that will cover your kids during an off-road ride.

    1. HA! I am not being paid to review their products but yes, mud is part of the equation if you don’t use the full rain shield in the mud.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. Are you please able to post a picture of what a child looks like in the seats fully reclined? Are there other models you can think of that recline more? I’m trying to work out whether this will be suitable for my special needs son.

    Kind regards


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