Croozer Kid Plus for 2 – 2016 Model Review

Reviewed by: Amelia

Price (MSRP): $799.99

Best Use: Multi-Use

Where to Buy: Croozer site

Testing Location: Wyoming and Montana

Testing Environment: All conditions

The Croozer Kid Plus for 2 is an all-in-one model child carrier system that includes attachments for use as a bike trailer, jogger and stroller with the base model. All attachments use their new “Click and Crooz” system for super easy switching between modes and for storage.


The Click and Crooz system takes some initial break-in. After just a few uses, however, it eases up and the buttons are much easier to push. I can switch between attachments literally in seconds.


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


I have to start this review by saying that their infant sling is my absolute favorite, which is one thing that attracted me to the Croozer in the first place. You’ll notice it installed in the photo above. It is the one that baby M prefers over any other because she is secure, snug and comfortable. Since we had a baby under 6 months this summer, it was the perfect stroller to test out. We used it extensively for all three modes, though it is only recommended for use in the strolling/jogging mode. Note: The infant sling also tends to be hot because they are snuggled in so well – I just pack frozen gel packs on her front and back on hot days and it seems to do the trick.


Baby M (age 6 months) fills out the infant sling, but there is definitely more room for her to grow in it and she has plenty of head room.

Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


This is when M was 3 months old:


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


The Kid Plus for 2 (and the 1 model also) have a very low and wide center of gravity. It is nearly impossible to tip. Coupled with the sturdy frame, kids are very safe, even in the event of an accident.



I noticed right away that I really appreciated the fact that the strolling wheel was just one wheel that clicks into the front of the stroller and swivels. While it wouldn’t be great for running, it’s super easy to pop in and use after a bike ride or walking on smooth roads. I personally like a swivel wheel so use it often just walking in our neighborhood. However, it’s a hard plastic wheel and our road is chip-sealed, so eventually I just get tired of the noise and bounce and switch to the jogging attachment.


The wheel fits into a small pocket in the back of the stroller – we pretty much keep it there all the time.


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review



While primarily I am using the jogging feature for more of a brisk walk, I did more trial and error on this attachment than any other. The Click and Crooz system allows the arms to be put on easily and then the wheel to attach by just snapping it in. However, initially, I found I really had to push hard to get the wheel to snap in. This loosened as time went on and made it easier to attach. The trick is making sure you hear the “click”!


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


The wheel has a bit of a wobble back and forth to allow for some give in the movement of the wheel and make it easier to steer. It’s pretty minimal (but if the wheel isn’t clicked in correctly, it is a lot!) The wheel also has a tracking adjuster so you can be sure to run straight and true.


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


With jogging we did find that longer strides tend to kick the back of the frame. Not ideal if you are running tons of miles, but it’s possible to run to one side or the other if running just a few. This isn’t something I would say is ideal for running anyway because of the weight, but it does do a great job as an all-around kid-carrier.


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


The handlebar can be flipped to allow for a lower or higher height. At the lowest, I measured it being 38″ and at the highest, 42″. The photo above is it being used at the lower setting. The parent organizer also works well, even when you flip it. You can’t zip the middle pocket when its upside down, but otherwise, you just flip the pockets inside out.


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review



The biking arm clicks in very easy (like all the Click and Crooz) and even has a key lock (though we have never used it just because we don’t need to!) The arm pivots very well to allow for sharp turns and putting a bike up and down when stopped. Note: when looking at the trailer, the hitch arm goes in the RIGHT side. There is nothing from stopping you from installing it in the left side, so I feel like it is something to be aware of.


Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


The trailer itself pulls very smoothly and I feel like our kids are as safe as they can be in a bike trailer. The seat design allows for helmets to be worn in the trailer (after they are out of the infant sling).


While this is certainly not specific to Croozer trailers, bike trailers in general are really tough for pulling with a bike with disc brakes. This one was no exception. It’s just hard to get the “leash” in a spot where it won’t tear because it is getting hit by the brake.



The ski system is unlike any other out there on the market. You actually use your own skis, which clip into the brackets. We have found that they work best on groomed trails (they tend to pop off in deeper snow, even set on the hardest setting), and don’t always follow true because they are alpine skis that slide side to side. That said, it’s great being able to use something you already have (or can pick up a used pair cheap) and beefier than a XC ski.

The harness itself is our favorite out there. It’s very secure and the shoulder straps keep the weight more evenly distributed.

The system itself is very durable and easy to pull!

Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


What we love:

-Super wide cab allows for two big kids to fit in easily. It also has great head room. Even our 5 year old fits in it with room to spare. He is on the small side for his age, but he also has room above his head to grow more.Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model ReviewCroozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review

-Click and Crooz system is quick and easy and makes it easy to get it right the first time

– Beefy construction and quality parts means it will last for years and years and years

-The cab in the back is big enough for lots and lots of gear. The entire compartment is only split up by the seats themselves, and we often find gear sliding under the seat (which could be a good or a bad thing). Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review

-When folded down, you can put all the attachments inside (including the infant sling) without an issue. Great for storage or travel. Folded measurements are 43′ x 34″ x 13″ (roughly as I won’t guarantee my measuring is exact!)

Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review

-The unique Air Pad suspension means a really smooth ride….and no complaints from any passengers!

-The buckles are secure, comfortable and easy to use. I especially love the comfort of the buckles on the infant sling.

-While there are no side vents (not uncommon on bike trailers), you can open up the back of the trailer for great venting. Again, the infant sling doesn’t vent great, but ice packs work awesome!Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review

-The cover goes over the corner of the trailer and then has a single velcro to hold it down. It does surprisingly well and I love that it is easy to access.Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


What we aren’t so crazy about:

-While I love the fact that the cab is so wide, you can’t fit it through a normal door frame. The Croozer for 2 has a width of ~35″ making it wider than any other similar model.

-When jogging, both Mtn Papa and I had a tendency to kick the frame, though it was not an issue for walking on flat or an incline/decline

-The sun cover ($19.99) leaves a bit to be desired. It is sold separately, but I really feel as though it should be an integral part of the trailer. To attach, you have to strap the velcro around the frame bars. It doesn’t move very easily, gets pulled down occasionally by curious kids and is just awkward. I felt like any kid I was carrying (aged 3 and under) really was bugged by the sun when we didn’t have it on.

-It’s heavy (38.8 pounds) which makes it not something you are going to want to pull in and out of your car all the time.

-The parking brake is great…however, I occasionally forget to take it off, and I can definitely start riding my bike and pull it along (it just clunks a lot). I think it holds fine on a hill or when you have it sitting there, but its possible to push through the brake.

-It definitely takes two hands to fold the trailer down

Croozer Kid Plus for 2 - 2016 Model Review


The Bottom Line:

Bottom line? The Croozer Kid Plus for 2 is a great stroller/jogger and bike trailer that allows lots of room for growing kids and gear. It is the widest that I have seen and tested (which is only problematic through doorways), AND, with the use of the infant sling, easily takes kids from newborn – age 5+ in a trailer.

It is solid, and built from a quality design. Thought it is heavy to lug around, you don’t notice the weight pulling or pushing it.

For a model that comes with almost all the attachments you need (add the ski, infant sling, etc.), it’s also a great deal.

We also like being able to get it inside easily!



Q- Thanks for the review! We’re trying to decide between the Thule Chariot Cross or Sport, or the Croozer. Hard to justify the $1500-$2000 for the Chariot. A couple questions about the Croozer 2-
-Rain cover? How does it function?
-Is ventilation an issue? When the storage is fully loaded, will there still be airflow?
-Do they make a hand brake for the Croozer 2. We will be on steep hills quite a bit and a hand-brake would make our job much easier?

A- Yes these type of strollers are definitely an investment, though I always think they are so worth the money if you use them daily! We haven’t used the specific rain cover you can buy…we found that the included cover was enough. That said, we aren’t in torrential downpours! Ventilation isn’t an issue, I’d say, but this one is definitely more “tight” than any of the others, which is great for inclimate weather. Opening up the vents helps a ton and if you are moving, air is moving through there! Unfortunately no hand brake 🙁


Croozer generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.


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