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We are a HUGE advocates of balance bikes in our family.  My own thoughts will come at the end of this post, but first I would love for you to hear from Mollie who tested out a Strider bike with her 2.5 year old son (because I think it is always beneficial to hear a couple other viewpoints!)  I also wanted to do a comparasin of Strider vs. Haro (which is what J has.)
J showing L how to ride (first day on the bike!)
I cannot sing the Strider Bike‘s praises enough! We received it a few weeks ago, and my two year old son has thoroughly enjoyed riding it almost everyday.  We live in Wyoming and he rode it one time before having to jump into the car and drive to Louisiana for a family emergency.  Of course we brought it with us. 🙂  The bike is so lightweight and takes up barely any space in the car.  

The Strider arrives unassembled and includes one little tool.  It took me around 10 minutes to have it assembled and appropriately adjusted for his height.  I noticed that with some of the other bikes that the seat does not adjust low enough for kids with shorter legs.  This one certainly does.  I also like that the handle bars are adjustable as well.  It took us a bit to get it just right as he learned how to ride it, but again, super easy to do that adjusting!

After about 2 days, L picked both of his feet up and balanced down the road.  I have enjoyed watching him squeal with joy as he gets faster and faster as his balance improves. I was amazed how quickly he advanced on it.  Having it on our trip has allowed for me to take quick power walks with him, where normally I move at a snail’s pace if he is just walking or on a tricycle (he can’t reach the pedals).  He rides it on pavement, through the grass, and on gravel or mud. I cannot wait to get back home with it so that he can ride it with his best buddy.

One other note: Strider bikes also come with a removable sticker of a Christian Cross on the fork, along with a sweet note from the company explaining how the bike has provided their family with adventure and fun and may it bless our family with the same.  I feel that it most certainly will, and I appreciate that it is made with love!  

Thank you, Strider for an amazing bike! Let’s keep them outside and active…and just in time for Christmas!

Mollie and her husband manage a Dude Ranch in Wyoming (with the help of their son, of course!)  They love horses, skiing, hiking and being near the mountains!
Mountain Mama Input:
As far as a comparison between the Haro Balance Bike and the Strider, they are very similar.  Both adjust easily, they are nearly the same size and have tires made of the same polymer.  Quite honestly, I wish that both came with rubber tires (instead of the polymer) due to all the gravel roads around here, but I also understand the reasoning why not (ease of care, weight, etc.)  Both boys easily travel over rocks, gravel, roots, mud, etc. and don’t seem to have any trouble with the tires at all.

However, I really need to put in a plug for the Customer Service at Strider Bikes.  During my communications with the founder (and chief enthusiast!) Ryan McFarland, I was continually impressed with the mission behind the company.  They really believe what they sell and get kids and families out there.  It all started with Ryan wanting to get his kid on a bike and quickly turned into a company.  Check out their story here.  And you have to check out the Strider Bike Site – they post tips, events (bike races!) and occasional giveaways.  They also sell a ton of accessories including custom grips, helmets, replacement polymer wheels and adventure riding kneepads and gloves (J certainly could use those!)  The Strider does not come standard with a quick release seat (the Haro does) but you can buy it to add to your bike.  It does come in handy, but not super important in my opinion.

Balance bikes have certainly changed the mobility of our family too.  Like Mollie said, once the kids get the hang of them, you literally can’t keep up by just walking (I am either running or biking myself at this point!)

Do you have a balance bike in your family?  Thoughts?  Please do share!


  • Amelia lives with her husband and five young children outside of Jackson, WY in Grand Teton National Park. As a mom, she quickly learned that the secret to sanity was to spend more time outside where tantrums don't see quite so bad. Amelia started TMM in 2012 to help encourage all families (including her own) to get outside, no matter the weather. Due to the necessity of having to keep so many kids warm and happy, she has become an expert in kids' gear and loves being able to share it with others.

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  1. I sure with they had these when my kids were little. S insisted he have his training wheels off at 3 years old. His second day of riding he hit a rock, went over the handle bars and broke his nose. He ended up having surgery for a dislocated bone in his nasal passage. I am sure one of these bikes would have allowed him to learn to balance first and take off at top speeds when he was ready!


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