Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendars

Tales of a Mountain Mama Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendars

For many families like mine December can be a difficult time to get outside. The shorter days combined with all the things to do to prepare for the holidays can leave us feeling like we are too busy for outside activities. Our Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendars contains 25 activities that will get your family adventuring outside.

Advent Calendar teaser image.

We hope your family will join in the fun and share your adventures to Instagram using the #TMMOutdoorAdvent hashtag and tagging @mtnmamatales. Share your stories and you could win a REI gift card! Winners will be announced every Friday in our Instagram stories. Download your FREE advent calendars here!

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How To Participate

Step 1: Choose which Advent Calendar to use (we have three!)

Three different Advent Calendars.
Tales of a Mountain Mama Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendars
Photo of child on the beach.
Our Advent Calendar activities include fun things like looking for animal tracks in the snow or pretty shells at the beach.

Our Advent Calendars

We have three different Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendars with different activities based on the climate where you live. You can download them all here (so you can pick and choose!)

  • Advent Calendar for Cold and Snowy Climates
  • Advent Calendar for Cold but Not Snowy Climates
  • Advent Calendar for Warm Climates
Photo of Cait on a winter beach hike.
Getting out the door is the hardest part but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

We realize that your specific area may not fit exactly into one of these, and that’s ok! You can pick and choose different activities to suit your needs.

Step 2: Print out your Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendar

I’m planning to magnet mine to the fridge so it’s easy for everyone to see. I also know that my kids will love crossing each off each activity that we complete, and this will help with my own motivation to do them all.

Speaking of motivation to do them all – we know how busy families are and this shouldn’t be an added stress.

Photo of child making an ice hanging.
One of my favorite Advent Calendar activities is “Make an Ice Hanging”.

I know that for me and my kids, we just feel better after spending time outside in nature. Even if that is just 15 minutes after school but before sports practice. And even if it means a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

Time spent outside is just plain good for us all.

Photo of a finished ice hanging.
Our finished Ice Hanging.

Step 3: Pick you Outdoor Adventure

This is the part where you can be super flexible. There are many ways to “do” the Outdoor Adventure Advent Calendar.

Picture of a child on a snowy hike.
Another of our favorites Advent Calendar activities is “Go on a walk with a friend (or sibling”.

You can…

  • Start with the first Outdoor Adventure on December 1 and move through the list until you reach December 25th, crossing off the days as you go
  • Pick which activity you do on which day, and cross off as you go
  • You can even repeat activities if they were a huge hit – and omit others!
Child drinking hot cocoa outside in the winter.
You can even combine activities, like sledding and hot cocoa drinking.

Step 4: Show us your adventures

We would love to see how your family is getting outside!

Photo of an outdoor fire.
There’s nothing better than an outdoor fire, whether you have snow or not.

Share your stories to Instagram using the #TMMOutdoorAdvent hashtag and be sure to tag us @mtnmamatales. We will be giving away several REI gift cards!

Get your advent calendars here!

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