Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women 2021

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Lets face it. Gift buying is hard. Gift buying can sometimes be even harder for women with passionate hobbies. It is hard to know what to give someone who doesn’t just want the latest handbag or designer shoes.

There is nothing wrong with perfume or shoes, but if the gal you are buying for doesn’t want that, you might need a little help.The team of women and moms here at Tales of a Mountain Mama have all contributed their ideas to help make this a terrific gift guide for all the amazing outdoorsy women in your life.

We recently wrote a comprehensive Outdoor Women’s Gear Guide. In that post you will find tons of apparel and shoe recommendations for adventuring women. We have including a few unique options in this post, but if you want ALL the options, head over to that guide as well.

While shopping for your favorite woman, make sure you check out all our Outdoor Family Gift Guides here.

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Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Women

NoSo Gear Patches

Let’s face it–if you spend time outdoors, your pricey gear will can holes in it. Most folks know the frustration of having a fantastic new jacket o vest, and then catching it on a tree, or having a friendly dog be just a little too friendly. Rip!

That’s where NOSO comes in. This Jackson Hole, Wyoming based company makes patches that inspire bedazzling your gear with. They make everything from plain and simple patches to artist collaborations that look like wearable art.

Skida Helper Headband

Essential workers, Skida sees you! Look cute in your mask and give those poor ears a break. This headband is a super creative take on Skida’s very popular Nordic Headband.

It is a Nordic Headband, but with little buttons for a mask! The buttons are located in the right spot for attaching mask loops, taking pressure off of the ears. The bonus is that this very cute headband can be used outdoors where you don’t need masks as well.

A cute coffee cup? Check. Even better: this coffee mug from Stanley is double wall insulated, lidded and will keep her cup of coffee hot for hours after she pours it.

This mug is the perfect antidote to hours old-microwaved coffee, because with a Stanley mug, the coffee won’t get cold in the first place.

Super Salve

Hands and faces that are out in the wind and sun need love. That’s where this balm comes in. Team member Domo swears by the stuff, using it for insect bites, burns, chapped lips, and more.

This healing balm is formulated from all natural ingredients and was originally created for Grand Canyon runners and hikers who needed something awesome to help their skin.

Collapsible Wine Bottle

Forest picnics. Overnight backpacking trips. Afternoon paddles. These are just a few occasions where a celebratory glass of wine (or whisky!) among friends can be a delight.

This portable wine flask from Platypus is specifically designed to protect the flavor of wine, keep light out, and remove air before transporting. Of course, it also works for water or whatever liquids you choose.

Forest Essential Oil Candle

Way Out Wax is a Vermont company that makes soy-based wax candles with only essential oils used as fragrance. Their Northern Forest candle smells exactly like the woods.

Lighting the candle brings back the memory of evergreens when you don’t have the time to travel there yourself.

Solar String Lights

These lights from MPowered have made it into several gift guides because they are just so fun. They are a solar powered light that can dress up anything from your picnic at the campsite to a kids’ dance party indoors.

The best part is you don’t need to keep track of batteries–just leave it in the sun and you are good to go.

Skogsbarn Enamelware Camp Mug

These adorable camp mugs are made up in Alaska by one of the Tales of a Mountain Mama contributors. They are decorated with whimsical designs of wildlife and gnomes.

Great to take camping, or great to use fo those night time drink of water in the bathroom. Sure to bring delight into you family.

Darn Tough Wool Socks

Socks for Christmas are pretty cliche. Wool socks for Christmas though? Always a winner. See, a pair of quality wool socks with a faun pattern are not at all boring, and they are always useful.

Darn Tough makes some of the best socks in the business, and they have a lifetime guarantee to boot. Pick a pair with a colorful print in a style for skiing, hiking and more.

Gifts That Help Her Get Outside

Juggling all the things tends to be what many women do. Whether it is kids, work, pets, homeschooling, grad school, and more, well, women are doing it. It can be incredibly difficult for her to find time to also pursue time for outdoor recreation.

Gifts that help her have more time to get out there are a wonderful idea. Bonus for when the gift is related to the outdoors as well.

Ready to Eat Meals

Move over MREs, no longer does “freeze dried” food have to be associated with salty, mushy, unsatisfying food. There is a new generation of gourmet, healthy, and delicious freeze dried meals.

Giving her food that’s ready to go isn’t just great for backpacking or camping; sometimes having calories that are ready to go actually can help a mom get that run or bike ride in too. For more ideas on great options, check out this blog post from Clever Hiker.

Tasty Instant Coffee

Getting out the door in the early morning often means no coffee or leftover coffee, unless you have instant coffee. Thankfully, there are some great instant coffee options that are full of flavor. They won’t be a full replacement for coffee, but they taste especially good at 5 am.

Chai Tea Powder

Not a coffee drinker? Even if she does like coffee, this instant chai powder is awesome. It has no sugar or dairy added, and it has a strong, spicy flavor. There is a little kick from the caffeine in the tea. This chai is particularly great to take on a long hike in a good insulated cup.

Insulated Coffee Bottle

Prepping a hot drink before an adventure doesn’t do any good if she doesn’t have a way to carry it! Hydroflask makes these insulated bottles with a spill proof sipping lid. I have tossed mine in my pack, and it has never leaked. The liquid inside will stay hot (or cold!) for an entire day.

Garmin InReach Mini

Yes, a Garmin is a pricier gift, but for a woman who get into the backcountry solo or with or kiddos, this is a priceless gift. Feeling secure is a big factor in a woman getting outdoors.

The Garmin InReach Mini Is a satellite communication, emergency locater beacon, and navigation tool all in one. With a monthly subscription, she can have a device that works nearly everywhere to communicate her location, plans, and more.

Adventure Duffle

Having a bag to stash all the extras REALLY helps when juggling adventures and real life. The L.L.Bean Adventure Duffle is simple, but is super rugged.

The bag has one interior space, and then a small exterior pocket. The zippers are super rugged, the fabric is waterproof, and the medium sized bag has plenty of room for a days worth of gear. Also–it fits as a carryon for flights!

Gifts for Outdoor Women Under $75

MTN Life Bike Fenders from Gretchen Leggitt

Help a gal add a little flair to her mountain bike and support an awesome artist. These bike fenders are beautiful and functional, which is a win win.

Yes, you can buy fenders from all the top bike companies, but these definitely will give everyone sees them a big smile, and make her bike stand out.

ABD Culture Recycled Bracelets

The gal who owns this shop is super rad. Winner of a recent Title Nine Pitchfest, she makes ultralight jewelry from an unexpected material–bike tire tubes.

She collects used tubes, and laser cuts them into stunning wearable art. A favorite are the bracelets as they add a tattoo-like style that you can mix and match.

Merino Training Gloves

Running, Nordic skiing, and even biking don’t have to freeze her fingers this winter. These MerinoSport Fleece training gloves from Smartwool over fleecy warmth with a wind blocking exterior, AND touch screen compatible fingers.

These gloves are perfect for anything from dog walking to runs where you don’t need a heavyweight ski glove. They are very cozy and comfortable without being bulky.

Leatherman Skeletool Multitool and Knife

The Leatherman Skeletool is a crowd favorite knife. Unlike many multitools, this one folds into a compact, slim package. Despite its slim size, it packs pliers, a knife, and a screw driver among other tools.

I find so many uses for mine–from doing bike repairs to the pliers to cutting up apples on the trail. This multitool is seriously a woman’s best friend, even just doing projects at home.

Indoor Gifts for the Outdoor Woman

Just because a woman loves the outdoors, doesn’t mean everything she loves is adventure related. Often, a treasured gift can help you get outdoors, or remind you of a favorite place.

Jewelry, clothing, or art that reminds you of adventures and inspires you for years to come is wonderful to receive. This section is for lovely items that might not be going on your next adventure, but will delight nonetheless.

Hadar & Adara National Parks Earrings

Hadar & Adara is a PNW small jewelry shop making absolutley stunning earrings. Much of their work is beaded, but they also make hoops, and stone based jewelry.

Last year they started a National Parks inspired line and absolutely hit it out of the park. The earrings are like miniature bead paintings. You’ll be tempted to buy one in every style, they are they beautiful.

Felted Wool Slippers from Kyrgies

Women who love the outdoors often have the nicest wool socks to keep their feet comfortable. However, those cozy wool socks will wear out if worn indoors on hard floors. A great pair of felted wool slippers are a true sock saver.

Wool slippers with a minimalist, leather bottom feel almost like walking around in stocking feet, but without the holes. They are usually even more comfortable than padded slippers. Plus the wool keeps the stink far away, unlike synthetics.

ADK Forest Cologne from Priya Means Love

I was gifted a small bottle of this perfume/cologne last year, and it is amazing. The creator used the scents of the Adirondack forests as her inspiration. This understated perfume is designed to delight the senses and is free of all chemical solvents and fragrances.

The result is an all-natural combination of essential oils and resins that honestly smells like all the most wonderful parts of the woods. This perfume is grounding, subtle, and wonderful.

Artisan Mountain Glassware

Northern Drinkware makes artisan drink ware inspired by the mountains we know and love. Their tumblers and glasses have iconic peaks molded into their bases.

You can choose from mountains on the East Coast, to the West Coast, and even Japan. They also make coasters with the elevation profiles of favorite peaks. Definitely a winner in the “indoor” department.

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Gal Worth the Splurge

Alpaca Fleece Hoodie from Appalachian Gear Company

Do you know someone who gets cold easily but hates itchy fibers? This hoodie from Appalachian Gear Company might be the perfect gift. This hoodie looks like a dream, like wearing a warm cloud. Made entirely of a special alpaca fleece woven right in North Carolina. the yarn is sourced directly from alpaca farmers in Peru.

The colors of these sweaters are beautifully vibrant. Like wool, alpaca fiber is resistant to stink and sweat. Yet it is even lighter and softer than wool. This sweater is designed to be durable enough to wear with a pack, yet nice enough to wear out for dinner.

Perfect Down Jacket

The Kestrel Down Jacket from Rab really is a perfect down jacket. Often down can feel confining or overly puffy. This down jacket avoids this by putting stretch fleece panels and the sides.

The stretch panels allow for freedom of movement, and also a more fitted, streamlined fit. This coat can travel up a mountain and go out on the town.

Luxury Reclining Camp Chair

A reclining camp chair? Yes, please! This chair from Nemo packs down into a small package, but when set up, it can recline, and allow you to stargaze, sleep, or just gaze at the treetops.

This looks like a chair that the kids will love too, so it might need to be hidden if any adults intend to use it. Seriously fun in a portable package.

Wilderness First Aid Course

Wilderness First Aid is an essential skill for any woman spending time in the backcountry or on adventures in the outdoors. What can go wrong WILL go wrong, and a Wilderness First Aid Course is an excellent way to learn the skills necessary for handling difficult situations.

National Outdoor Leadership School teaches high quality courses all over North America. Though a course like this is a non-traditional gift, it is the perfect gift for someone who intends to spend time outdoors for years to come.

Read more about Wilderness First Aid in this post written by Ginny.

Get Her the Gift She’ll Love!

Gift buying for an adventurous spirit can definitely be challenging, but getting a little inspiration always helps. Hopefully some of the ideas in this guide will be the perfect idea for your partner, sister, cousin, wife, mother, or daughter.

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