Pack it Up and Go “Out” to Eat – Ideas for Picnic Meals

Thanks so much to Stanley Brand for sponsoring today’s post and helping inspire all of us to get out, eat out, and play on! I feel like I am becoming pretty proficient at packing meals on the go. I refuse to fall into too many pre-packaged options, but since we spend a lot of time … Read more

Cooking Around the Campfire with Cast Iron

Cooking Around the Campfire with Cast Iron

Until just last year, I was completely unaware of how great cast iron could possibly be.  I was “one of those people” that was sick of sticking food in my pans (which I now know is due to poor seasoning) and the weight of cast iron.   Confession – when my husband and I got … Read more

Campfire Chocolate Oranges

We are no gourmet cooks around here when it comes to camping.  Truth be told, I am often so worried about all the rest of the gear and getting ourselves there that food falls to the wayside. We just don’t get too fancy, though we’ve been stepping up our game a bit this year. © … Read more