Gear Review: Thule Chariot Chinook Review

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    • Testing Location: Yellowstone National Park
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    This review has been updated after over a full year of (almost daily) use (July 2014)

    Disclosure: For our “Stroll On: Get Out on Wheels” project this summer, we approached a variety of jogging stroller companies for reviews.  Each of these strollers were given to use for their review purposes free of charge.  However, we pride ourselves in having thorough and honest reviews – everything you see here is our honest opinions and exactly what we tell family and friends.

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    Over the past few months we have been putting the new Chariot Chinook through the paces while skiing, running, biking and strolling.  I am so glad we have taken our time on this review, because quite honestly, my impression of the Chinook has changed over the weeks (for the better).


    As a little background, we have been owners of a Chariot Cougar 2 for the past five years.  It has been well-loved (it’s one of our top gear picks) and we can’t help but compare everything to it.  When we spotted the new Chinook at the big Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake in winter (2013), we were completely smitten and begged for an opportunity to really test it out.

    Chariot Chinook Review

    Chariot Chinook Review


    The Chinook is the Chariot of all Chariots.  Designed for a more “urban” lifestyle, this baby has about a zillion added bells and whistles.  That said, it is also bigger and heavier (39 lbs vs 28 lbs) than its Cougar sister and at just over $1000 ($1149 for single, $1249 for double), is a serious investment for an active family.  It’s a GOOD investment, but absolutely something that needs to be well thought-out and researched (hence the reason for this review).



    Special Chinook Features:

    – Adjustable reclining seat (let the angels sing about this one!) **this also means no need for the infant sling (that our kids used at just a couple of weeks old) and baby stays safe….as long as Kid #2 is ok with being reclined also…**

    – Padded seating with side head rests that provide a little more separation between the kids (than the Cougar).  We adjust these down when they are wearing their helmets for cycling so they don’t interfere.

    – Extra foot room (great for taller/bigger/older kids)

    – Adjustable handlebar (3 different levels)

    – Pivoting/locking front wheel (which folds under when biking and means no need for a separate jogging and strolling accessory like the Cougar requires)

    – It comes with the “First Year of Life” Series extras: Infant car seat adapter, cargo bag (AKA removable extra “trunk”) and baby supporter


    Detachable cargo bag - 1st year of life package (photo courtesy of Chariot Carriers)

    Detachable cargo bag – 1st year of life package (photo courtesy of Chariot Carriers)

    Infant Car Seat Adapter - 1st year of life package (photo courtesy of Chariot Carriers)

    Infant Car Seat Adapter – 1st year of life package (photo courtesy of Chariot Carriers)












    Breaking down the costs:

    Before you faint from the sticker shock of a $1000+  stroller, let’s break down the costs of a Cougar 2 and a Chinook 2 just a bit.  Again, I compare these two carriers because the Cougar is what we have owned and loved (and is the most popular model) and the Chinook is the new guy (or gal?!?!) on the block.

    In general, Chariots are obviously not cheap.  However, you absolutely get what you are paying for and can be assured that this is a piece of gear that will last all of your kids (however many that may be) and will hold on to its retail value for years and years (look around on Craigslist – they aren’t easy to find used!)  Bottom line: If you can scrape together the money, spend it on a Chariot for the highest quality and easiest way to get out with young kids.


    Double Cougar:  Base (strolling wheels included) + Running Accessory + Infant sling (we used this until our kids were about a year old and think it is crucial) = $750 + $100 + $85 = $935


    Double Chinook: Base and pivoting wheel means everything is included = $1249.95 (or $1149.95 for single) **even if you have just one kid, that extra $100 for a double is WELL worth it.**


    **The ski and bike conversion kits are the same price for both models ($275 and $75 respectively)**


    A little visual comparison (note that the Chinook wheels are NOT inside the carrier, while the Cougar’s are): 



    What we love about the Chinook:

    – The pivoting/locking wheel is AWESOME and makes switching between strolling and running really easy (part of which makes it “urban”)

    – Any stroller that has a reclining seat for sleepers is top notch in our book

    – There is just more ROOM for the kids and less elbowing fights

    – There is more support for the kids when they fall asleep (thanks to the adjustable head supports)

    – I love that there is an option to attach an infant car seat.  The infant sling in the Cougar always worked for us (and is my preferred option), but less infant transfers between devices is always appreciated AND you can carry more kids with the Chinook.  It is quite a load to push 3 kids (two inside and one on the outside), but the option really is nice.  I also don’t particularly like the fact that the child on top in a car seat is more exposed to the elements – one of the features of a Chariot I really like.


    Thule Chariot Chinook Review


    – Despite the extra weight, the stroller rides really smoothly and easily.  We don’t notice a significant difference when we are running, biking or skiing (though do when we are loading and unloading).  It also pulls the same whether there is one child or two inside.

    – The side windows completely zip down (and then can be rolled and stored) for added ventilation

    – It easily folds down and pops up for easy transportation, storage and moving around

    – The car seat attachment from the First Year of Life package doubles AWESOME as a small-bike carrier.  We actually use it to attach bikes, packages, etc. to the top of our Chinook more than we ever have attached a car seat.  It provides a great base and has a strap (intended for securing the car seat) that is great for securing bikes.


    Chariot Chinook Review

    Bike attached to top of Chinook using the First Year of Life Car Seat attachment



    What we aren’t so crazy about:

    – It’s heavy – 11 pounds heavier than the Cougar and takes up a lot more room in our car

    – When it is in bike mode, the handle bar has to be all the way forward.  I know this isn’t something that would normally matter, but we often have little bikes attached to the back of the Chariot.  You can’t do it (easily) when it is in that mode because there is no handle to hang them from.  **Note, you will see that in most of our pictures the handle IS back with a little bike attached.  We forced it to make it work (though it is not intended to work that way)…**

    – It’s a tall order, but it would be great to be able to separately recline the seats to accomadate different ages of kids and different kinds of nappers

    – The removable First Year of Life Messenger bag (Chinook’s extra “trunk” space) is just ok.  It is nice that you can remove it and use it as a diaper bag, but you have to go through more zips and bucks to get there. Also, it sometimes comes unhitched from the bottom brackets – I personally prefer not to use it.  The included mesh pocket is surprisingly roomy – anything extra I attach to the top or just throw in with the kids.

    – The sun shade/weather protection is a bit awkward.  You can add or remove different pieces of it, but then it is held down by velcro tabs (that take more than a moment to do.)  We recently upgraded our Cougar  with the zipped weather cover (the previous one only velcroed at the bottom) and prefer that system.  This is confusing to explain, so check out the photos below for a visual.


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    Thule Chariot Chinook Review

    The Bottom Line

    Yes, this baby is expensive, but it is absolutely worth every penny.  We have been talking about it for months - if we went back in time, would we go with this Chariot or the Cougar again - and going back and forth over and over.  The truth is we haven't come to any great conclusions.  We love the added features of the Chinook, but really appreciate the lighter weight of the Cougar.  That said, the extra weight only seems to matter when we are loading or unloading it in a car (and that it takes up more room in general).  The Chinook rolls and performs better than any other stroller of its kind...


    As a side note, I always ALWAYS suggest going with a double Chariot, even if you are certain you will only ever have one child.  The added space for gear, groceries and friends is never regretted.


    Absolutely feel free to ask questions in the comments section - other readers always appreciate it too! (and I will be sure to answer them ASAP!)


    Chariot CTS/Thule generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.  Additionally, a few of these  links are affiliates.  Thank you so much for clicking through them to make your purchases – it helps offset the cost of this blog in a (VERY VERY) small way!  You can find my full disclosure here.  


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      1. Hi Amelia + family,

        Thanks for sharing your experiences. I fully understand what impresses you in these Chariots.
        We are an outdoor family from Finland. We purchased the very first Chinook 1 arriving to Finland last spring, and I must agree that it´s been worth every penny for us.
        We have two teenagers and one baby, 10 months, but he´s already seen a lot in his vehicle. 1 kid model Chinook is the one for us as we love XC biking where trails are often narrow. We took the Chinook also to the central Europe, to Alps in June, and together with Osprey Poco child carrier rucksack it enabled the whole family enjoy the nature in all aspects. Other families seemed to leave the baby and some parent in the hotel, daily 🙂 This trailer was easy to fit to the mountain lift gondoles together with the bikes,or to a car, airplanes, boat etc.
        For mountain biking, jogging, hiking, frisbee golf, even boating, and finally.. evenings in restaurants this is our must when going out with our kid.
        For us there is well enough space for essentials, and the increased weight is just a motivator for some more exercise for myself. The weight decreases somewhat when removing the nose wheel – which is actually a very quick procedure.
        Keep going on and have a nice autumn outside.

        Jouni from Finland

      2. Hi Amelia,
        Thanks a lot for a very useful review. I have decided to order the Chinook. One question would you recommend getting the baby sling as well? I have a 6 month old.

        Ágústa from Iceland

        • Hi Augusta. Awesome! Yes, I would…our kids used it until about a year (though they were smaller or average sized kids) if you were planning to have more kids. However, is your child sitting up well??? If so, you would be ok without it because there are blocks that keep their head from moving around and you can recline the stroller when they fall asleep. Does that help? Excited for you!

      3. Siobhan Gray says:

        Thanks for the detailed review. I have a cougar 1 and loved it for my first child. Now with baby 2, considering either CX2 or chinook 2. I’m leaning towards the Chinook but my only hesitation is the hand brake. The CX 2 has a hand break and we live in a hilly area, since you have used yours so much with older kids, do you feel hand break would be nice or not really needed? Just can’t decide. Will use it on trails, biking and lots of urban outings.

        • Hi Siobhan,
          Great question. I also love that the CX2 has a hand brake, and have considered that one for a bunch of different reasons too. However, I purposely find the really big hills with the Chinook 2 and it’s loaded with about 60+ pounds of kids and I haven’t ever wished I had a hand brake. I do, however, take it a bit slower if I am feeling like I could lose my footing. Let me know if can answer any other questions!
          =) Amelia

      4. Have you used the infant sling with another child sitting in the Chinook? I haven’t been able to find any other sites that show the infant sling being used with another child sitting next to it. We have the CX-2 and really wishing we had gone with the Chinook instead due to the ability to sit the carseat on top and the reclining option. Even on Thule’s website I can’t find a way to separately purchase the First Years of Life add-on for the CX-2, may not be compatible with ours anyways.

        • One other question, do you ever use this for shopping? Malls, grocery store etc? How hard/easy is it to fit through doorways?

        • Hi Jessica,

          Let’s see if I can answer your questions… 🙂
          First of all, I haven’t used an infant sling in the Chinook, but did all the time in our Cougar 2 with both our boys ( I highly recommend it and we kept our kids in it until they were about 1 or so….just better support overall!

          The first year of life kit is only compatible with the chinook, but as long as you have just 2 kids, the infant sling in the cougar 2 or other models is great. The problem with the reclining feature of the chinook 2 is that if one kid wants to NOt recline, but the other is small and needs to or is sleeping, you have no options. Believe me, we love the Chinook, but I think you still have a great option too.

          And yes, both models fit through doorways, though I always felt like the chinook was a little tighter, even though it is similar in width. The Cougar with strolling wheels (great for malls, etc.) is much shorter than the Chinook with the swivel wheel, though, and lighter and more compact too for in and out of a car.

          Does that all make sense? Let me know if you have more questions! Happy to help!

        • One more thing….the chinook really doesn’t need the infant sling because of that reclining feature….

          • Definitely makes sense and so glad to finally see a pic of the infant sling in action in a 2 seater! We haven’t used the Chariot much just because I wasn’t aware of the infant sling, now that I know I’m off to find one! Our Little Man has a thing for watching people mow and lawn mowers in general. So while daddy mows the yard I stick him in the Chariot and put the brake on. It’s one of his favorite seats. We’ve gone biking with it a couple of times and he loves that too. Heres hoping hes tolerant of his little sister riding next to him. In regards to the reclining option you’re right if they each want one thing or the other there isn’t much you can do.
            Thanks for responding! and your review, I can’t tell you how many times I go and look at an item just because another mama reviewed it :).

            • Yea! I am glad it helped! And yes, I bet he’ll love his sister being there…there is a little room under the sling for him to put his “stuff” and she is protected from Big Brother “helping”. We think that infant sling is the best accessory out there for babies for the Chariot – our kids were out in it within less than a week 🙂 Would love to see pictures of your family in action!! 🙂

      5. Thanks for the great review! We have a four month old and are looking to purchase a chariot soon. We have the Bob but need a different option for winter in the mountains! Have you done any snowshoeing with the chariot? We are hoping to use it with the x-ski attachment…

        Also, what was your experience with your kids in the winter? How cold was too cold to have them out in the chariot with the weather shield?


        • Hi Celine,

          I actually haven’t used the Chariot for snowshoeing, but there is no reason why you couldn’t! The momentum would just be better on skis once you get going 🙂

          And our kids were in it easily at -20 degrees F for hours as young babies. We just really bundled them up, put on extra blankets and closed the weather shield. They stay really protected and warm in there (hence the reason we love it so much!)

          Let me know if you have any more questions! 🙂

      6. Thanks for the great review, it’s just what I was looking for as I’m choosing between the Cougar2 and the Chinook2.
        The weight of the Chinook seems to be a real overkill. I hope at least the added weight could make the ride smoother…

        Also, it seems that the Chinook has smaller diameter rear wheels than the Cougar – am I right? How do they roll over rough terrain? I would love to jog with the trailer, but I’m not sure, as the pavement in our neighborhood is far from ideal.
        Seeing me on the fence between the two, in which direction would you knock me off? =)


        • Thanks for your comment and checking out the review!

          So…the only time we notice the extra weight is when skiing. Otherwise, it rolls exceptionally well for running and biking, even over rough terrain. Smoother than the Cougar. I think it is easier to run with the Cougar because of the rotating wheel and adjustable handlebar.

          The biggest downsize to the Chinook is the fact that it just doesn’t fold as FLAT as the Cougar and the weight. If that isn’t an issue for you (space or getting it in and out of vehicles all the time, etc.) I would go with the Chinook if you could afford it. That reclining seat is pretty awesome…

          Let me know if you have any other questions!

          While I would always go with the 2 model (even with 1 kid) I just saw the Chinook1 on sale at REI.

          • Amelia, thanks so much for your input.
            I guess we could bear with a couple more inches and pounds (well, maybe not a couple =) ). I hope we’ll be using it in its rolling state most of the time anyway.
            Thanks for your link, but we do need the 2-kid version. Besides, I’d like to find one for sale online from Germany, as we have really nice shipping rates for bulky/heavy goods from there, which may save me another couple hundred bucks.

            • German,

              If you find one for sale online in Germany, I would really appreciate a link! We are also located here and we’re wondering where to purchase one for the best deal/shipping rates.


              • Lili,

                Sure! But so far I haven’t succeeded in my searches. So I’d also appreciate a link should you find one first.

                Good luck!

              • Lili and Getman,

                If you can let me know what part of Germany you are looking in, I can get you some information. That helps Thule! Let me know! Thanks!!

                =) Amelia

              • Thanks, Amelia.

                I’m looking for online stores to get it shipped to Kazakhstan, which is where I live. So I guess any part of Germany will do as long as they have the shipping option. I may as well try to use mail forwarding services like if direct shipping to Kazakhstan is unavailable.

              • Update. No luck finding German-based online retailers, so we ended up ordering from Etrailer and forwarding it via MyUS. Shipping was around $450, which is much, but the trailer itself was only around $900 with bicycle tow kit and rain cover included, so it kinda justified the expensive shipping. Can’t wait to receive the chariot! =)

              • Oh wow! Nothing like paying full price! Glad it is on its way, though – please let me know how you love it! 🙂

              • Our Chinook 2 has arrived! Looks beautiful; we’ve examined all the features and have been impressed with the quality. It’s really a baby Rolls Royce. Although, we haven’t tested it out yet, waiting for the snow to go.
                Meanwhile, I have a little concern about the bicycle attachment kit. I’ve noticed that the plastic ball joint moves freely in horizontal direction, but has a rather small degree of freedom in the vertical direction. Since we live in a hilly area with instances of steep road inclines, I wonder what (vertical) angle between the bicycle and the trailer is allowed so that the joint isn’t damaged?

              • Oh good question! I don’t know the actual angle that is allowed by the joint, but we have used ours on very large hills that aren’t smooth (so the joint is being challenged for sure) and have had zero issues. Definitely use that safety leash, but know that these are built tough and can withstand A LOT. We’ve inspected the components after putting them through the tests and haven’t worried at all about their condition. Does that help?

              • Lili and Getman,

                If you can let me know what part of Germany you are looking in, I can get you some information. That helps Thule! Let me know! Thanks!!

                =) Amelia

              • If you can get any info for me that would be awesome! I am living in the Kaiserslautern area. My husband is military and we do have an APO address… So it’s a matter of finding someone who ships APO. I really wish I could find a store that sales it locally just to see it in person before making such a large investment but haven’t had any luck finding the Chinook in stock. The price tag is pretty overwhelming, but after seeing all the features the Chinook has to offer it’s hard to look at anything else LOL!


              • Hi Lili,

                I talked to Thule and this was their response: “I don’t believe we can ship APO. My only advice would be for them to look at their closest dealer and to see if they can arrange directly with them to get it shipped to them.” Obviously that isn’t much help 🙁 I wish I had more information about European sales – so sorry! If I hear anything different, I will be sure to post something on here. And yes, it’s definitely $$$$, but if you are going to use it every day (like we do), totally worth it!

                =) Amelia

          • Whoops – I mean easier to run with the Chinook! Sorry! That’s what I get for answering late at night! 🙂

      7. Thanks for a fabulous review Amelia!
        Just after some advice. New to Chariots as they are not very big here in our part of rural Australia but saw a lot of the on a recent trip to Canada. I want something to run with my 2 1/2 year old and bike with on flat gravel but rough farm roads. We can’t get Chinooks here for under $3000 so have to dream at this stage but wondering if it is possibly to easy to run with the couger 2 as I want room for another child down the track, however if it is too cumbersome I will go with a single model. I am only 5 ft 3 but concerned of the size and height of bars and ability to run with it. I would ask our local dealer but they are 5 hours away it seems. Thanks in anticipation.

        • Hi Katrina,
          Yes, absolutely! We did for years before we tried out the Chinook. I am also 5’3″ and it was never an issue for me. And yes, even if you have only one child, I always recommend the double – way more room for all the “stuff” you will undoubtedly have in there! And if you have another baby, definitely use the infant sling – that thing is amazing for keeping babies comfortable and you continuing to move! 🙂
          – Amelia

      8. Thanks for the awesome review! I’m hoping you could help me with a concern I have. My husband and I are expecting twins this May, and he is all for the Chinook since he is an outdoor guy. My concern is, is this something I could use with two infants? I don’t think you can attach two infant car seats to it. I was thinking of registering for a snap and go, for every day use, and then the Chinook for “adventures”. Any advice would be great! Thanks 🙂

        • Hi Angela,

          Oh, great question! So, for the first few weeks, no, you would need something that you could attach two car seats to. However, once the babies are just a little older (like 8 weeks??) they could easily sit in the Chinook because it reclines and has a 5 point harness and (removable and adjustable) head blocks to keep them secure. I am going to send your question to the folks at Thule too just to see if they have any more ideas….

          However, the RIDE of the Chinook is awesome for not bouncing babies around and if you could just get the twins through those first few weeks, you would be absolutely fine with just the Chinook.

          Will respond more shortly!

        • Angela,

          Ok, I reached out to Thule/Chariot directly and this is what they had to say:

          “My suggestion would be that when they’re both infants and they want to use the Chinook right away, that one baby would go in the car seat on top of the Chinook, and then the other infant would either have to be strapped to mom/dad or carried.

          However, because the seat reclines and the baby supporter comes standard with Chinooks now, Dan has said that he’d feel comfortable putting an new born in the cockpit as well. It is up to the parent’s discretion but it’s important to note that if they have any concerns they should consult their pediatrician.

          Hope that helps!”

          I agree whole-heartedly! 🙂
          Please let me know what you think (or what you decide to do! ;))

          I also fully support using a Boba – another great option for keeping one baby close to you (and less to haul with car seats, etc.)

      9. Hi Amelia,

        Thanks so much for your review and for the time taken to respond to questions. We have a 3 week old and are deciding between the CX and the Chinook for running, biking and general outside fun. I was a bit concerned about the additional weight of the Chinook during bike rides (we are avid mountain bikers, but I’m truly lazy at heart) so appreciated your comments regarding this. I am wondering, though, how the Chinook’s front wheel does in the snow? We live in Alberta so get boatloads of the stuff; our stroller can’t handle it (or the mud in our new subdivision) and I’m itching to get out for walks. Also, I was surprised by your comment to Getman that the Cougar was easier to run with – I was under the impression that Chinook had the adjustable handlebar and rotating wheel – did I misinterpret?

        Thanks so much,


        • Hi Kelli,

          First of all – that was totally a slip of mine you caught! Sorry! Yes, I mean CHINOOK is easier to run with (though the Cougar is fine…but that adjustable handle bar does make it really nice.) As far as in the snow – I guess I haven’t pushed it in a TON of snow (we usually bust out the sleds or are out skiing if we had a ton) but as far as I can tell, it does fine. I would definitely lock the front wheel in that instance, though. We also use a BOB running stroller and our Cougar (Chariot) and they all probably perform the same in the snow (the Cougar with the running wheel, not the strolling wheels, which are HORRIBLE in the snow.) Does that help at all? Please let me know if you have any more questions. Sorry about the confusion!
          – Amelia

      10. Hello Amelia,
        First of all: All the best for 2014!
        Thanks a lot for this helpfull review. It helped us to decide for the Chinook and we love it to be outsite with the stroller every day…
        Currently I am searching for the ski-set to have some snow adventures this winter. I am little confused, our sales agent told me that there exist no ski-set cts for the urban series (chinook). The sales agent told me, that the Chinook VersaWing (how the inserting box is called) supports only a triangular hitch while the hitches of conversion kit for skiing are round (like the Cougar, CTX). Unfortunately your pictures show not clear, what kind of conversion kit you are using. Have the hitches a round or triangular shape? Maybe you have a photo of the inserted skiing hitch?
        And: how do you modified your carrier that the handle bar can be locked back while it is connected with the bike hitch – it is not really practicable to lock it always forward.. ;-)?

        Thanks a lot. Daniel

        • Hi Daniel,

          So glad the review helped!

          There is most definitely a skiing conversion kit for the Chinook and it actually is still round, but has an additional hole in it to allow for the easy click which is how the Chinook attaches. I am going to send an email to my contact at Thule to try and get a better answer, but from what I can tell, the Thule Ski/Hiking attachment works for ALL their carriers now.

          And the only reason we like our handle to be able to sit back in the bike mode is because we are always bungee cording little bikes to the back 🙂 And, like I said, it isn’t SUPPOSED to do that and we don’t recommend it because we definitely forced it.

          Let me know if you have any other questions – I’ll get back to you when I hear back from Thule!

          =) Amelia

          • Hi Daniel –

            Ok, heard back from Thule and this is what they said: “Your response to Daniel was absolutely right. The Thule Ski/Hike kit is compatible with the Chinook. There was a modification done to the kit to make it compatible with all of our multifunctional child carriers, so as long as he purchases the 20100808 Thule Ski & Hike Kit it will be compatible with the Chinook.”

            Let me know if that helps! Thanks!

            =) Amelia

      11. Dear Amelia,

        happy new year and thanks for the report.

        Yesterday, my girlfriend and I have been to a chariot dealer nearby to get impressions and informations for all chariots to choose the perfect one for us (daily urban use per bike and feet, longer tours on the weekends, sometimes jogging). He recommended the cougar and the corsaire, but mainly the corsaire. We asked for the Chinook, but he said that the chinook has huge quality problems and the thule/chariot will stop the production of the chinook. The dealer had one chinook, but only at the very end (and hidden) in the shop.
        Now, we are a little bit confused as the chinook was till yesterday our favorite chariot.

        Do you know anything resp. have you experienced any quality problems with the chinook?
        Have you made some experiences with the Corsaire?

        Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland


        • HI Max,

          Oh boy – sounds like you are getting some poor information. We use our Chinook nearly daily year round and have had no issues with it. There are, of course, a couple things we would change, but those are outlined in the review. However, I checked with Thule to be sure I wasn’t missing something and they assured me there have been no issues and production is continuing as planned.

          I actually haven’t used the Corsaire at all – our experience has been with the Cougar and Chinook. However, I have no doubt that any of the Thule carriers are great.

          Please let me know if you have any other questions – happy to answer them. Sorry about the misinformation that is out there 🙁


      12. Hello Ameila:

        Thanks for your great review! This is exactly the information I was looking for. Question – are the headrests on the chinook removable? I’m a California girl, born and raised, and I married an Alberta boy. We just moved to Alberta this summer and had our FOURTH boy in October. I’m in desperate need of some tools to help me get outside this winter, and I’m hoping the Cougar or Chinook can help me. I’m leaning towards the Chinook, as it has the infant carrier on top (easy transfer of my three month old for school drop offs) and the extra wiggle room inside. I have BIG boys. I’m afraid the head rests will be bothersome and constricting for my tall, “thick” older child. 🙂

        Thanks in advance!

        • Oh, and one more question. Do you miss the storage basket when using the Chinook? Seems like the bag wouldn’t keep items nearly as accessible or convenient and wouldn’t hold bulkier items like extra blanket while snowshoeing or helmets. Thanks! 🙂

        • HI Jenny,

          Thanks so much! Sounds like the Chinook will be perfect for you because of that ability to add on the baby to the top 🙂 Also, Joovy makes a great kick board (called the Bumprider <– linked to our review) you can add to the back for boy #4 if needed 😉
          The headrests ARE removable and can be moved up and down (they are on a velco "rail").

          And yes, honestly I do miss the storage basket. We are getting the First Year additions for ours very soon (didn't come with ours) and I am hoping that bag will help out. We CAN put quite a bunch of gear in the pocket that is there (a couple pair or snowshoes + a couple pair of kiddo XC skis). The Chinook is actually big enough to hold blankets under the seats too (but not helmets.) We usually clip helmets on the handlebar.

          Does that help at all?? Feel free to keep asking questions!

          =) Amelia

      13. we are the active grandparents and i have some questions regarding the Chinook. Does it fold up small enough that airlines will take it? How well does it work on sand? Is it a big deal to convert it to use for cross country skiing? We live in the country with lots of gravel roads, and also have a lake home and love the idea of biking on trails with the Chinook. If you could let me know what your thoughts are, that would be much appreciated. We have looked at the BOB Sport utility and Baby Jogger Summit X3. I have never been more confused. lol. Price is not the concern, versatility and ease of use is. I like to buy the best and only once. Thanks.

        • Hi Al,

          That’s awesome! 🙂 Um, it does fold up, but I am not sure I would want to lug it on the airlines honestly. I would have to check dimensions to see if they would actually take it (but they do take strollers, so I would assume so?) I think I would walk with it to the gate instead of checking it, though.
          It converts for XC skiing and biking VERY easily. WE go back and forth all the time and have no troubles. It’s just pins with a push button. I am not sure what kind of car you drive, but we throw ours in the back of our minivan with no issue. Often we will bike to a destination, switch to the stroller mode and continue on. It’s that easy. We have a BOB sport utility and prefer the Chariot. The ability to be able to bike and XC ski is huge to us, though. And we love the weather guard that is just built in.

          It does fine on dirt roads and does just as well as a BOB on the sand. It’s a little more to push, of course, but you can lock in that front wheel and it works. I often push it through the snow (which is similar in some ways) and have no issues.

          If you are worried about space, the Cougar is a great option too. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles, but folds up easier and thinner.

          Any other questions? Happy to help out!

          Thanks, Al!
          – Amelia

      14. I’ve been ogling the Chinook 2 for some time now, but I’m hesitant to take the plunge on such a large purchase. But l like it because when it gets to hot to run in Arizona you can use it as a bike trailer and get outdoors in all but the hottest months. Plus you’re not sacrificing that wonderful swivel wheel.

        But I do have a question. It looks like the folding mechanism is at the center of the handle bar. Did that bother you while you were jogging with it? I ask because I would mainly be using it for jogging in the winter, but it would be on rough terrain not smooth pavement. I think if one were running with it on smooth pavement it might not matter as much where your hand was on the handle bar, but on a bumpy trail you might want to be more centered. Running with both hands on the handlebar the entire time is not an option, as I would want to kill myself.

        • Hi Mary,

          Oh good question! And no, it has never bothered either one us running or walking with it. I usually just use one hand (it’s super easy to maneuver) and never wished I could keep my hand there. If I DID want it there, though, it’s totally possible without folding the stroller up (which takes a little bit more effort than just hanging onto it) and you would just not have the softer padding.

          Does that help? Feel free to ask more questions! 🙂

          =) Amelia

      15. Hi! Quick question. We have baby #2 arriving soon, and are stuck on what the stroller situation should be. We have a single chariot that we love, but got another stroller that was easier to take in and out of the car and maneuver in stores. For a double stroller, we LOVED the chinook we saw, but are stuck between buying just a chinook, or getting a double cougar and a cheap double stroller where the kids sit in-line for grocery shopping, etc. Do you take the Chinook shopping with you, or to crowded places? Do you find the extra width to be an issue or is it not? Thanks!

        • Hi Kim,

          We just use the Chinook for everything, but we don’t honestly go in stores a lot with it. Usually we have kids in baby carriers or in the stroller because it is easier for US. However, we have had it in crowded outdoor places and it does well (turns on a dime, etc.) It’s just bulky to get in and out of the car all the time….I guess it just depends on what you will use it for MORE. Does that make sense?

          =) Amelia

      16. Hi Amelia,
        Just like so many of the other commenters we have #2 on the way and are trying to figure out what to do with our stroller situation. We live in Germany and we walk or bike everywhere. Our biggest concern with the chinook is storage. This stroller will essentially be our car as we walk to the grocery store nearly three times a week. How much can you hold in the back with the seat reclined for a newborn?

        Also do you know if Thule has any plans of making individual reclines for the seats in the near future?

        Thank you for your time and this great review.

        • Hi Charmian,

          Good question! The storage is BETTER in the Cougar for things like groceries, etc. but the bag that comes with the Chinook that is removable does hold a lot. The seat reclining actually doesn’t use up any of the storage. And you can fit quite a bit at the feet of the children. If you had maybe like 3 grocery bags of food you would be ok. Otherwise plan on stacking it on top! If there is a will, there is a way 🙂

          I don’t think they do have plans of making the seats recline individually, but I wish they would! 🙂

          Does that help at all?

          Let me know!


        • Hi Charmian,
          We are trying to decide between the Cougar and the Chinook. I like the features of the Chinook, but the storage of the Cougar. I was wondering what you went with — we, too, need it to bike/walk to the grocery store. Also, if you did get one of these, have you had trouble getting in and maneuvering around grocery stores (if we bike to store and then bring Chariot into the store)?

          Thanks for your help,

      17. Hi I’ve been looking for reviews and comparisons on the Chariot strollers and really appreciate having found yours!
        We have a 16mo daughter and expect a son in July. Have a cougar 1 and single Bob now and like both for different reasons. I’m trying to decide between CX2 and Chinook 2. We live at Lake Tahoe so are outside a lot-trails, bike, XC ski, hike, jog etc and also put in car (SUV) for shopping, outings, regular everyday use, etc. which would you recommend? I know you didn’t review the CX2 but I’ve never even seen either model in person!

        • HI Jessica,

          Thanks for your question and congrats on welcoming another baby soon! 🙂 Ok, so the Chinook is GREAT in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t fold down nearly as well as the Cougar or the CX2 (I assume anyway – I haven’t used it like you mentioned, but I know it is closer to the Cougar in shape, size, etc.) If you are going to be putting it in your car at lot, etc. I would stick with the CX2. The biggest advantage to the Chinook is the reclining seat, but I also think that for an infant/toddler mix, the infant sling is just as good or better as far as support than the Chinook seats. That’s just my opinion! Does that help at all? Any other questions? Happy to help if I can!

          =) Amelia

      18. Hi thanks for the great review! Just one quick question… I see that there is a baby sling and carseat options for the chinook, but when is it ok to run and bike with a baby? A lot of other jogging strollers I have looked at have carseat adapters but say not to run with them until they are one year old. What do you recommend/what is recommended by thule? TIA!

        • Hi Kay,

          Ok, so I am pretty sure the industry standard is 1 year. So, I am will tell you what WE do, with the knowledge that you have to make those decisions as a parent 🙂
          With the car seat option for the Chinook (and really ANY jogging stroller) no running or biking. It’s too top heavy and not safe for that (walking is fine.) I am ok with running with Baby when they can sit up and have really good neck control (and can safely sit in the stroller). For us, that has meant in the past about 4 months. AS far as biking – we use the infant sling (in the Cougar 2) after just a few weeks. No helmet (because it wouldn’t work and Baby’s neck can’t support it) so you have to be really careful. We go mostly flat and stay off of busy streets. Jogging would be ok in that sling too on smooth surfaces (too bumpy is too much bouncing around for them.) It’s one thing we LOVE about the Cougar and infant sling! The sling does NOT work in the Chinook, but you can put a baby in their fairly soon….just not as soon as the sling (just a couple of weeks).

          Does that make sense? Feel free to ask more questions!

          =) Amelia

      19. Shawnna says:


        My son is 2 1/2 and has a neuromuscular disease and he would need a lot of support. Would the Chinook be a better choice support wise than the Cougar? It seemed like you thought that based on your review but wanted to check. Also do you know if the Chinook and the cougar each come with the big basket that attaches to the back of the stroller? Thank you

        • Hi Shawnna,

          Yes, the Chinook has more support than the Cougar definitely. The bag is integrated into the Cougar, but on the Chinook you can take that bag off (and yes, it comes with it). Does that help? Let me know if you want me to take additional photos of anything for you!

          =) Amelia

      20. Thanks for the great review. I know that you did not review the CX but I think the question would pertain to all models.. I currently have a 3 month old and am hoping to do a lot of jogging with him. (ideally trail running when he is old enough) We are also planning on a sibling in the not so distant future. Do you think it is best to get the CX2 right away or the CX1 and just upgrade when needed. I am not sure how much more difficult it will be to run with the bigger version. Thanks again

        • Hi Stacie,

          I always recommend people to get the double – it’s really not that much more to push 🙂 I have CX1 that JUST got here today so I will be reviewing that soon on the blog, but either way – yes definitely go with the double right away! 🙂

          =) Amelia

      21. Hello, thanks for all the informations. We absolutly will buy one for this summer but are still not sure if we want the cougar or the chinook. We love the 3 wheels of the chinook and are wondering if the strolling weels of the cougar goes well on all terrain road? We often goes on trails (without bike) and are wondering if the 2 little wheels of the cougar would work as well as the chinook wheel?
        Thanks for your help.

        • Hi! For rougher terrain, you would definitely want a single wheel in front. However, you can buy a jogging kit for the Cougar which has a fixed front wheel. So, if you don’t necessarily care about the front wheel swiveling, the jogging kit with the Cougar would be fine! Let me know if you have other questions!

      22. Hi,

        Great review. Before I had children I used to commute to work on my bike all the time, but later stopped when my daughter was born because I was the one taking her to day care. When my daughter turned two I though of getting a bike trailer so that I could get back to commuting on my bike, except that now we are expecting another child. How old does my infant need to be so that I can place him in the baby sling while riding the bike?

        Thank you very much! Cheers!

        • Hi Ramses,

          So Chariot offers a couple options for hauling infants. On the Chinook is the car seat adapter which is NOT recommended for biking (at all.) For other models (Cougar and CX), they have an infant sling that goes into the Chariot (which is like a little hammock). While Thule/Chariot does not recommend biking with any kids under 1 (because that is the age they can start to wear a helmet due to a stronger neck), we put our kiddos in there and bike at about a month or so. That said, we are on smooth roads with very low traffic. The baby is protected and secure in the Sling and it really does a great job absorbing bumps, etc. Basically, it’s up to your judgement. Officially, I am not recommending anything different than Thule does, but just telling you “off the record” what we do and what works for us. Does that help at all?

          =) Amelia

      23. Hey. Choose between Chinook and Cougar. In the long trips the baby sleeps. Which option to choose Chinook or Cougar? At Chinook Adjustable reclining seat. in Cougar not. The rest is not important. Thank you.

      24. Stefanie De Backer says:


        thanks for the great review. We live in Belgium and we are looking for a new bikecare for are girl. The one we have now is not good ergonomic. So we are looking to the cougar 2 and the chinook 2 they seems amazing in use and so much better for the children there back and neck. Hope we can make up our mind between the 2.

        Stefanie, Belgium

      25. Hi, just wondering if the cougar two, a 2009 model, would accommodate a toddler and infant in an infant swing, at the same time? We have a 17 month old, with number two due next month. Wanting to ensure thus stroller would meet our needs before purchasing? Thankyou in advance!

        • Hi Joanna,

          Yes, definitely. We have had a Cougar 2 since 2009 also and used it for toddlers and infants. The infant sling is huge as far as making baby comfortable AND “protecting” them from an older sibling. Congratulations on #2! 🙂

          Let me know if you have any other questions!
          🙂 Amelia

      26. Stéphanie says:


        Thank you so much for your detailed review… You’ve answered nearly all my questions! There is one question I am still asking myself: Baby Nr 1 is just 7 weeks old right now and we think we might have another baby in a few years. Don’t know when that will be and if baby 1 will perhaps want to bike on his own by then ;0) You wrote several times that you would recommend the Chinook 2 anyways, even if no second child is planned. We thought so as well (actually we even thought that the remaining space could be used for our dog for prolonged cycling tours – he doesn’t do more than 25 km). But how does the chinook ride with an older infant (and hence heavier) on one side of the carrier and the other side empty? Does ist still feel secure while biking for example?

        Again, thank you very much for your efforts, they are well appreciated!!!

        • Hi Stephanie,

          Totally secure. We often have the 12 pound 3-monther and the 30 pound 3 year old in there and we can’t tell a difference at all 🙂 The beauty of the Chariot! Definitely go with the double. The only thing is that if one kid wants to recline and the other doesn’t, you’re stuck. In the Cougar 2 you can use the infant sling for some reclining for Baby. My only real gripe about the Chinook is that though! 🙂

          Let me know if you have other questions!

          =) Amelia

      27. Ylva Nyman says:

        Hello Amelia!
        Thanks for your great review!
        We have a CX1 at the moment and are very pleased with it, but nr two is comming in august and I’m so in to a doubble. But I’m having a hard time decide if we should go for the Chinook for the
        -smaller sice when unfold, (maybe not in total with wheels included, but they could be stored at the side). Please tell me if I’m wrong there.
        -little more sholderroom for the two inside the trailer
        -possibility to recline the seats (a minus that they dont have it for the seats separatly)
        -the smart front swivel wheel
        -the adapter for the babyseat on top

        Or the CX/Cougar for the
        -possibility to attach the infant sling. (As I understand don’t go with the Chinook even if it says so in some websites…)
        -handbreake (on the CX)
        -a little lighter but instead bigger in size when unfold. (Too big for our car at the moment)
        -the big ”bag” at the back of the carrier.
        -that it is a bit shorter with its strollerwheels than the chinooks smart frontwheel.

        Besides of that thoughts above I wonder if the CX2 (I know that you got a Cougar but aren’t they the same in size!?) may have a little more space for the legs in length?
        Is it possilbe to put this chariot babylift in the chinook, and still have room for the older kid sitting beside (2 yeas of age). And do you know if it’s possible to turn it backwards so you can see the child in it when stroll?
        Have you ever thought of the thing that you ”sip in” the children in plastic cover when its for example raining and then don’t beeing able to ”quickfix” anything inside the carrier that you can do with a ”regular” stroller that has a ”suflett” (I may don’t have the right word for it in english, but I mean the thing that works as wheatherprotection for the baby when lying in the ”regular” stroller. You can unfold it so the baby can look at the sky instead of the roof inside of it!)
        I’m thinking that the plasic rain/suncover may feel that it comes so tight to the face of the kid that is lying in the infantsling that it might be a bit uncomfortable, but maybe its just me!? Thats why I’m thinking of trying to attatch a removable kind of suflett-like thing over the the top of the carrier that can works as sunshade. (Raincover might be harder to fix with that.) I have found some that called ”protect a bub”! But maybe I don’t feel that it’s nessesary when it comes to that later!? Any thoughts of that?
        I understand that you got both a Cougar2 and a Chinook2, which one should you say you prefer or do you use them both as much or do you think they differ in different activities? Which one should you say is going to stay whith you for the longest if you have to choose?
        O my, sorry that it got so long and with so many questions but I’m so curious about what you think that have tryed them both.

        • Hi Ylva,

          Whew! Let’s see if I can answer your questions 🙂

          Ok, so we also have a CX1 we are testing right now and when the baby is in the sling in that, she sits lower than in the Cougar and can see out better. I like how you can use the infant sling with the CX and the Cougar (and we cannot figure out a way to do it in the Chinook.) I think the kids sit a little better in the CX (though am waiting to hear if that is just because it is a newer model) than the Cougar.

          As you can see from the pictures in my review, the Chinook is “shorter” it seems, but definitely doesn’t lie as flat as the Cougar/CX. I also prefer the “trunk” on the Cougar and the CX to the removable bag of the Chinook. I don’t really want to take it off (though you may want to in an urban environment) and you can’t fill it as full.

          Not sure what you mean by the Chariot Babylift?? But, no kids always have to be facing forward unless they are in the carseat on the top of the Chinook (and then they face you.) But, I personally prefer the sling over the car seat adapter unless I have all 3 kids or am going between car and bus or something like that.

          Ok, ask me more questions. I was a bit unclear on some of the ones you asked….

          Happy to help though!

          =) Amelia

      28. Can you tell me until what age you can approximately use the Cougar 2? What would be the ages of the 2 kids more or less? I have a 27lb almost 2 year old. At what age would he no longer be able to ride in it with a second child addition? Does that make sense? I am assuming the 99lb weight limit is children+ the weight of the trailer? Is that correct? So 99lb-39lb =60lb. So a 4 year old and 2 year old might max it out?

        • Hi Jeanne,

          Our 5 year old (who is about 45 pounds) fits in it (though barely) with another child. The weight limit is the children + gear (not including the weight of the trailer.) So, we can pull our 5 year old and 3 year old in it with minimal gear and it’s fine! These things are tough and hold up incredibly well! 🙂
          Does that make sense? Let me know if you have other questions!
          =) Amelia

      29. Great review! I am soo on the fence. We are trying to sell our 2 Burleys and “upgrade” to a chariot, but we can only find a cougar to see in any store near us (no one stocks the chinook for a look). We really prefer the cougar (for price, weight, and cargo space). The only thing I really wish it had is the infant seat attachment. The extra padding, reclining seats, and more washable padding would be great, but we just really would use that top infant seat attachment. I am also afraid that the decreased chinook cargo space, increased strolling length (due to the front wheel still being out instead of under) and jogging wheel smaller size (is the jogging wheel big enough for sand and snow?) would be not the best for us. We have soon-to-be 6 littles- 3 bike riders, two toddlers (3 and 1), and baby. We are not a fast, super-adventurous crew yet, but we like to get out as a family.

        If you can follow any of this, what would your recommendation be?
        And do you have any idea (can you find out) if thule will ever be selling the first year of life accessories kit (basically the infant car seat adapter) to fit on the other carriers?

        Thank you soo much!

        • Hi Nancy,

          First of all, congratulations on your family and newest one coming 🙂 I love it! 🙂 Ok, so great question. I guess you need to ask yourself if you would use the car seat attachment a lot? Do you wear your babies at all? I found that I used the car seat adapter way less than I thought I would just because it was easier to keep baby on me. That said, it’s always great to have the option to put the little ones somewhere that you can control which way they are going, etc. Another thing is how long would you use the car seat adapter, etc.

          If you aren’t planning on putting in and getting the Chinook out of your car a ton, I would go with that one still. IT’s definitely roomier for the kids and you do have option for a 3rd kiddo if you want it.

          The Chinook does fine in the sand and snow – I really didn’t notice much of a difference between it and the cougar once you lock that front wheel.

          I do love the cargo space on the Cougar/CX models, but there definitely is some space on the Chinook and that removable bag does help.

          I don’t think Thule has any plans to make the first year of life available on the other models, but I can check for sure.

          Ok, so a couple question for you to help you decide:
          1. What do you plan to do with it most? Walk? Run? Bike? Ski? Only one or all of the above?
          2. Since you can only use the car seat adapter walking, would that change your plan at all?
          3. Have you thought about wearing Baby instead of putting in car seat anyway?
          4. Do you plan to have the Chariot in and out of the car a lot or mostly taking it from your home?

          Feel free to answer these and let me see if I can guide you a bit more. Happy to take some more comparison pictures if that helps too!

          Thanks, Nancy!
          =) Amelia

          • Thanks soo much fort he quick response- seriously! We may just take advantage of the 20% sales this weekend! Bummer that they aren’t gonna make the first year stuff available for other models.

            Well, to answer the questions…Aside from vacations, which we would probably take the chariot vs our other strollers to have bike options, I think we would use it more from home- bike trails, farm property (jogging mode), hiking, and skiing (and I am actually wanting to trying it with snowshoeing). We live in Wisconsin and are finding that for all of our sanity we really need to make it doable to be outdoors everyday even in the winter or we get a little cagey. Vacations would be in and out of the van (either a 12 or 15 passenger) a lot, but we could suck it up for that. Since we tend to have babies, often, I do think I would really enjoy using the car seat adapter. I enjoy wearing baby, but add pushing a stroller and keeping up with the other 3 olders (still all just barely 7 and under), and I prefer to have as many littles strapped in as possible. We also like to walk (stroll) into town and go to the free concerts.

            So, we are contemplating seeing if we can make it work with a Cougar off craigslist (a chinook off craigslist would also be great, so if anyone is out there and reading this and wants to sell, but I’m not holding my breath for that!), although if it is holding us back, we will likely take the plunge for the chinook. I LOVE that car seat option, ease of switching from stroller to jogger, and extra air flow thru the sides, but the price is a little scary. Otherwise, the cougar seems pretty close. And maybe wearing baby while super small and handling a stroller and policing 3 others will be fine.

            I dream of getting rid of all other strollers and making do with either chariot, although we love our double maclaren. It just folds down soo small and easily and has a smaller footprint, that I don’t think I could part. But with the car seat clip in, I could see myself taking the plunge, because then we would only need 1 stroller.

            OK, so I just majorly contradicted myself a few times. Too bad I couldn’t just try them both out! Blame it on the pregnancy brain! LOL!

            Thanks again!

            • Nancy,

              It’s a tough decision, isn’t it?!?! Curious what you went with (if anything??) I totally understand your dilemma 🙂

              Let me know!
              =) Amelia

              • We are still holding and seeing if something comes available. We’ve sold our 2 burleys, which actually made me sad (not that I am biking at 7 mos preggie), and still hoping to sell our triple jogger to fund the purchase. Then we could buy new. (We are soo looking forward to having to house only one child carrier in the garage instead of 3.) Otherwise, taking a trip to Colorado in July, so thinking my best chance to pick one off craigslist with most attachments is there. We’ll have to save some room in the vehicle for transport!

                Anyhow, a few (maybe more than a few) more questions: with either the cougar or chinook, do you take off the push bar (for stroller and jogging) or just change positions when in bike and ski mode? With one of our burleys, we did not keep it attached. Do you ever worry about someone stealing the attachments? Does the jog attachment store on-board securely (click n store) with the cougar when in other modes (stroll or bike)? Do you use the same ski and bike attachments for both (is the connection the same)? When using the cougar in winter, did you keep the stroller wheels attached (in the upside down position)? If getting off craigslist, is there a year that you would advise buying from (like 5 years old is fine, but 10 is too old?). It does give us pause now that thule owns chariot. We will likely use this vehicle for the next 10 years, so we don’t want any replacement or attachment incompatibility problems. Lastly, do you advise a cover for protection when in transport or storage?

                Sorry in advance for the gazillion questions! The local bike shop was less than helpful (due to not having personal experience) in answering my questions (we have been looking into these so much, I think we taught their sales person a thing or two), but I did try!

                Thanks again!

              • Hi Nancy – let’s see what I can do here:

                – We take the handlebar off the Cougar all the time. The Chinook handle bar does not come off.
                – I live in a very safe area (for most of the year anyway) so never worry about things getting stolen…
                – Yes, the jogging wheel attaches to the back of the “trunk” of the cougar so you can bring it with you
                – The connections are NOT the same so you can’t use them interchangeably between the cougar and chinook
                – Um, I think we usually take the strolling wheels off in the winter – but you could keep them on if you wanted to
                – I don’t know exactly what has changed from 10 years ago or so until recently….they are upgrading things always, but also know that people buy and plan on keeping a Chariot for a very long time. If you plan to use yours for a long time (just like we do) I would invest in new personally – you’ll get your money’s worth!
                – WE’ve never had a storage/travel cover for ours and have been fine. The plastic screen gets a little beat up, but nothing huge. If you were going to put yours on an airplane, I WOULD use a cover, though!

                Does that help? Keep asking! 🙂
                =) Amelia

              • Great! That is just what I needed to know! I think we are leaning toward the chinook, although the sale of our other stuff will determine. If it is taking too long, we may just buy a cougar if it is new enough (2-3 years old max) off craigslist and give it a go, but we will resell and buy new if we’re not completely satisfied. I only wish the chinook had that back trunk or the cougar could attach an infant seat, but it will work out the way it is supposed to. Thanks again! Nancy

              • I think that is a great plan! And really the included mesh pocket on the back of the Chinook holds a surprising amount of gear. You’d be ok with it I think!

              • Hey again! Would you see any downside to purchasing a chariot chinook 2013 model (branded chariot) vs a thule chariot chinook 2014 (branded thule)? Is there any difference in them besides the branding? Also, do you ever use/suggest a rain cover or drink holder?


              • Hi Nancy,

                The 2014 model is exactly the same as the 2013 model. And we never use a rain cover at all….the included one is good enough for us! The drink holder is nice, but not a necessity of course!


              • Just ordered a chinook 2- can’t wait to get it! Totally thrilled. Your review and input really helped! Thanks!

      30. Thank you so much for the review and information on the Cougar 2 vs. Chinook 2. I recently purchased a Cougar 2 and have been running with it and my two year old (4 weeks away from birth of baby 2)! I was concerned I would mind the stationary front wheel but that hasn’t been a problem. I have heard a lot of rattling particularly on the empty side of the chariot when we are on rough pavement. Is this normal suspension noise and have you found the chinook to be more smooth and quiet while running on rough roads? Also, I love that the cougar has a mesh seat back. Does the chinook also have a mesh seat back? Do you notice the extra weight of the chinook when running uphill?


        • Hi Tammy,

          Congrats on almost being done with your pregnancy! 🙂

          Ours rattles too a bit, but it’s never bothered me I guess. The Chinook is a bit quieter… and yes, it has a mesh back also to allow airflow. We have some pretty big hills around here and I guess it is a BIT heavier, but it rolls so incredibly well that it has never been an issue. I don’t intentionally go for the Cougar because it is lighter if that makes an sense? The one big perk with the Cougar is I think it is better for newborns/small babies when using the infant sling (not compatible with the Chinook.) Babies CAN use car seats on top of the Chinook, but I do prefer them inside and, even with the reclining seat of the Chinook, the infant sling just excels!

          Let me know if you have other questions! 🙂
          =) Amelia

          • Thank you so much Amelia! I’m still very torn between keeping the Cougar 2 and upgrading to the Chinook 2. The Cougar is just rattling so much. Athough, I too like the idea of keeping the baby inside with the sling. However I could wait the 6 months to use the infant support inside the chinook if you think that there is significantly LESS rattling-bouncing with the Chinook. My BOB revolution always rattled and I noticed it rolled less smooth overtime. Thanks again! Tammy

      31. Is it possible to centre one child in the Chinook 2? I can’t find any information about this.

        • Hi Anna – it’s actually not 🙁 I had forgotten about that! You won’t notice a pull on either side if you are just pulling one kid, but the seats are set where they are. On the Cougar, you CAN center the child.

          Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks!

          =) Amelia

          • Thank you for answering! So now I have to consider whether to buy the Chinook 1 or 2. I only have one child so probably it’ll be the Chinook 1, even if I might get more children later. Or what do you think?

            • Anna – I always advise a 2. The single is really quite small and the 2 always gives you extra room for gear or a friend or another Baby down the road. A Chariot is an investment – you don’t want to have to go and buy another! 🙂

      32. Heather says:

        I really appreciate your review! A year ago I was looking into what carrier would be good for xc skiing and could hardly find any review information. I have downhill skied a lot and LOVE it. I moved to MN and am wanting to get into xc skiing (only been once b/c pregnant). How difficult is pulling a carrier+~40lbs of kids while xc skiing? Is it unreasonable to do as a beginner? My husband is hesitant to invest in a carrier not knowing if I will stick with it. (My personality is to force myself once a financial investment has been made, but I’d like some insight to the challenges of pulling significant weight behind me.) I don’t think anywhere around me rents carriers to try with skiing.


        • Hi Heather – so any of the Chariots are easiest to pull on groomed trails. I wouldn’t really recommend them on ungroomed trails, though we have done it (well – my husband has! ;)) Every day’s conditions are different, but it IS harder to pull skiing than biking or if you were strolling with it, etc. Mostly because as you move, it pulls a bit against your body, so makes the hills, etc. more difficult. That said, we do it almost daily all winter long because we love it. If you are on flat ground, you’ll be good. Does that help at all?? Feel free to ask if you have more questions! I think XC skiing is a GREAT way to get everyone out of the house in the winter so I always recommend it 🙂

      33. Thanks for the great review! My husband and I do a lot of running (pushing the kids) and it is time to upgrade from our old stroller. I think I have decided on the chinook2, but I am wondering if it is just as good for running as the CX2 and Cougar. My only hesitation is that chariot has marketed the CX and Cougar for “sport” and the chinook as an “urban” carrier. Is this just a marketing thing or are the CX and Cougar superior for running? (I don’t think we would use the hand-brake.) Thank you!

        • Hi Marci,

          I wouldn’t necessarily suggest the Cougar for a focus on running, but the CX and Chinook are both great. The Chinook is a bit heavier so I think you would actually be more comfortable running with the CX for longer runs, etc. May I ask – do you plan on using the other attachments or JUST running? That would change my answer a bit maybe. Let me know and I’ll respond a bit more! 🙂

          =) Amelia

          • We would use it mostly for running and the odd leisurely bike-ride or walk. The weight of the chinook does concern me a bit. I tried my friend’s older cougar and I found it difficult to lift the front to pivot and turn (with 2 kids riding). If the kids were positioned directly over the rear axle, this wouldn’t have been a problem. I’m not sure if the older cougars are heavier than the newer ones? The new cougars are a lot lighter than the chinook so it concerns me that I found the cougar too heavy. Do you find the chinook difficult to pivot? Are the kids sitting far enough back to not make this an issue? From my experience with running strollers, if the stroller is designed well and is really smooth-riding, some extra weight doesn’t make a difference. I really want the chinook for the reclining seats, extra support, full window venting, and convenience of not removing the front wheel when switching between biking-strolling-running.


            • Hi Marci,

              Ok, so the fixed wheel on the Cougar is definitely less maneuver-friendly than the Chinook. I was a bit worried about running with the Chinook, but was always pleasantly surprised how well it rode (even with slightly smaller wheels than the Cougar.) My husband agrees. I don’t know if the Cougars are lighter now than they used to be, but I doubt it. I usually actually run with the Chinook wheel unlocked so it swivels and have had no issues with it. My husband locks it and thinks it works fine too. Basically, the cougar is GREAT for all-around, price-point, etc., but the Chinook is definitely more cushy for the kids and has a smoother ride (despite the extra weight.) That said, the CX is a smoother ride and better to run with than the Cougar as I mentioned in my other comment.

              As far as the positioning of the kids, I honestly usually have SO much gear + kids + bikes in them that I wouldn’t notice otherwise! :/

              Does that help at all?? Best thing is to try to get to see them first-hand, even if it is limited exposure in a store.

              Let me know if you have other questions! 🙂

      34. Aloha Amelia,
        Awesome review!!!! Thank you for sharing! Have you travelled with the Chinook?… I have a long haul flight planned with my daughter & lots of luggage… Is it at all possible to gate check the Chinook 1?


        • Hi Farah – I haven’t flown with it. However, I have talked to many people who have – it shouldn’t be a problem. However, to be sure, I would check with your airline! Enjoy!

      35. Thanks for you’re review on the Thule Chinook 2. You mentioned purchasing a Chinook 2 even if you plan to have one child. Can you actually run efficiently with the Chinook 2 vs. Chinook 1? I’ll run up to 10 miles at a time while pushing my son in our single stroller. I don’t know if we’ll have another child but I like the idea of having extra space for him while in the stroller but the thought of running with a double stroller in the Texas heat doesn’t sound very appealing. I would use the Chinook for running only on primarily paved or gravel surfaces. Does the sun shade adjust quickly so when I run I can pull it up or down?

        Thank you,

        • Hi Shauna,

          The Chinook rides so well that I really don’t think you notice the extra weight. I’d have to look and see what that number actually is between the 1 and 2. I run with both the Chinook2 and my CX1 and don’t notice a huge difference (except more kid weight in the Chinook!)
          As far as the sun shade, you would have to stop briefly, but it only takes a second – I just think you would have to have mad skills to do it while running. One disadvantage of the Chinook, in my opinion.

          Does that help?

          =) Amelia

      36. Hi Amelia,

        thanks for the great review of the Chinook 2.
        I bought one based on your review and I also do not like the fact that you have to put the handle bar forward, when in bike mode. You mentioned that you modified yours, so that it can stay in “normal” mode while it is on your bike. Can you tell me how this is done? And is that revertible again?


        • Hi Tobi,

          I can’t recommend you do it, because that isn’t how it is built…but we just forced ours :/ It worked fine for us, but again – not something I can recommend!
          Also, if you are trying to haul small bikes or anything like that on top, the first-year-carseat attachment works awesome, even with the handle in it’s intended position.

          Let me know if you have other questions!
          =) Amelia

          • Hi Amelia,

            thanks for your answer. Just to clarify: With force you mean you forced to move the handlebar by pressing the handlebar-button?


      37. Great review! I was wondering how you feel about the Chinook’s durability. Do you think that the front wheel with its locking mechanism is made well enough to handle lots of use? Thanks!


      38. Robert Ashby says:

        So, if you could buy either the cougar 2 with the accessories for jogging and biking or the chinook 2 with the jogging accessory for the same price, which would you choose?


        • Hi Robert,

          I would go with the Cougar because I would want to have the biking option! Since I figure there is more to that story, though – how old are your kids and what sort of adventures are you wanting to do?? 🙂

          =) Amelia

          • Robert Ashby says:

            Oh, my mistake, I was typing quickly. I meant to say the Chinook with the biking accessory. I’ve been trying for a while to find a used cougar on craigslist anywhere near my area, but so far no luck. But I found on they are selling the 2013 chinook 2 for only a little bit more than a new cougar 2. So far, we have an 11 month daughter who is pretty hefty and very strong for her age. We’ll probably be having another kiddo in a year or two, so I thought we’d get a double trailer. Mostly we like to bike, but I would also take her out jogging from time to time, and I can also see us using it as a stroller for hikes and or camping.

            So to sum up, I can get a chinook 2 or a cougar 2, both ready for jogging and biking, for about the same price, and we have an 11 month little one with another one in the forseeable future. What do you think?

            • Robert –
              Ok, so I think the infant sling in the Cougar is superior to the set-up on the Chinook (either the seat reclined or car seat on top.) For what you want to do, I would steer you towards the Cougar. It’s lighter and better for hiking and biking (though the top bar on the Chinook IS nice to carry small bikes). If you can handle the seat not reclining (which we did for years with no issues), Cougar is your CTS 🙂 And if you have another baby, definitely get an infant sling attachment – they’re awesome!

              Does that help??
              =) Amelia

      39. Pernilla Wennlo says:

        Thank you for a great review! I really have a hard time deciding between a Chinook 2 or a CX2. Our children are 1,5 and 4 years old. We are looking for a way to transport them during day activities, hiking, trips to the play ground, zoo etc. So mainly outdoor activities that includes bags with extra clothes, foods and drinks. Mostly we go by foot or bike but we would also like to use it for skiing in the winter. The small one still take naps during the day. Which one would you go for, Chinook or Cx? For me it comes down to either the adjustable seat for naps in the Chinook or the great “basket” for bags that the Cx offers. But also the extra shoulder space that comes with the Chinook.

        Would you recommend the Chinook or Cx based on our situation and needs?

        Pernilla (Sweden)

        • Hi Pernilla –

          A very tough decision! Your older kids will fit in the Chinook better and you can always hang extra bags from the back of it. If you don’t plan to do serious running and use the handbrake, I would probably steer you towards the Chinook. It’s better for the day-to-day things that it sounds like you are doing.
          Make sense? That’s just my opinion though! 🙂

          =) Amelia

          • Pernilla Wennlo says:

            Thank you for your quick response!

            We did the rookie mistake and bought a CX1 😉 that we have loved! Especially the storage bag… in the winter we are able to transport our skis to the tracks in it by putting them down in the basket between the backrest and the handle. Super! Do you think that is possible in the chinook as well, or will the skis tip over?

            Your opinion was very helpful, I think I have decided for a Chinook… If I don’t change my mind again 😀

            • Pernilla – we do the same thing and are able to stash skis in the mesh bag in the back. Gear too. Not as much, but more room in with the kids for that stuff too!
              And I think the 2012 ski set won’t work, but let me email them and get back to you! Thanks!!

          • Pernilla Wennlo says:

            Amelia do you know if a ski set bought 2012 works with the Chinook or do we need some kind of adaptor?

      40. Jessica M. says:

        Just wanted to say thank you for the great review! It really helped me in deciding which chariot stroller to get. Also wanted to mention to anyone that Bike Shop Hub currently has there 2013 models on sale for a great price and all there accessories are currently on sale as well. Just picked up my chinook with the 4 accessories I wanted for less than it would have cost to get the 2014 model new!

      41. Hello, we are expecting our first. And…well, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I’m a cyclist and runner and am slated to be the stay-at-home dad. I have access to the Thule Chariot line through working in the cycling industry and it seems quite the swanky way to go for running, cycling or just strolling. However, I have to plead ignorance on the child seat mounting. Is it standard throughout the industry? Will any child seat snap into place? Is there an option of child seat with mount/s to leave in car and/or on the stroller to allow for easy transition? Some seem to require lengthy buckling in processes. A little nervous. Advice? Help!

        • Hi Cory,
          First of all – congratulations! 🙂 And yes, if you have access to Thule especially, definitely go that route. Ok, so any infant “bucket” seat attaches to the top of the Chinook (using the adaptor that comes with them.) We also happen to use that same adapter as a way to haul extra gear on top too (when walking, not biking.) The seat can be lifted out of the car (with child in it) and then put on the top of the Chinook. It’s not a super snug attachment, but works just fine (there is a just a little play side to side.)

          That said, 99% of the time, I prefer to put my baby IN the Chariot instead of on top. In fact, that ONLy time I put Baby on top was when the older two kids were on the bottom and I needed to push all three (but usually when I have that configuration I prefer to wear them in a carrier for their comfort and protection.) One REALLY big perk of the CX or Cougar models is the infant sling. It’s like a tiny hammock for babies and we put our kids in them at just a couple weeks (or days….) old. We DON’T bike until they are a little older (because too much jiggling around) but walking is totally fine. They are safe and comfortable and snug AND protected well from the elements in the Chariot. It’s more supportive than the Chinook for younger babies.

          Long story short – if you are wanting to get out with a very young baby (which, believe me, you will want to) – I’d actually advise the CX over the Chinook for you. It has that infant sling (you buy separately) and the side windows can be completely zipped off to allow for air circulation (the Cougar’s do not).

          Does that help??

          Feel free to ask more questions!
          =) Amelia

      42. Hello, I do have a question about the width of the Chinook 2. I noticed you touched on the question previously in one of your post, (stating it DID fit through a door way). I have seen on the chariot Thule website that it is suppose to fit through a 31″ door way. I have been trying to find a Chinook 2 in stores to view but have been unsuccessful to personally see/measure the exact width of it. ( I have also seen the dimensions on the web site, 103 x 80 x 96 cm ) I have tested other double stroller that state they fit through a door way and or have smaller measurements then our gate opening but still did not fit. Our biggest problem right now is trying to find a double stroller that will fit through our outside gate without folding or taking apart to get to the street. My question to you is if a person were to take a tape measure and measure the widest point of the Chinook 2, how wide would it be?

        • Melissa – so sorry it took me so long to reply! We’ve been on the road and we didn’t have the Chinook with us this time. So, the wheels are 31″ side to side. It DOES fit through a standard doorway, but it’s tight! Does that help at all?
          =) Amelia

      43. I am so impressed with your dedication to your reviews of all these products! It is so helpful. The fact that you have had actual experience with each of these in a real outdoor setting is what i feel I need to make a good decision. Baby #2 is due in March, arriving after our first turns 2. We had a Cougar 1, and of coarse loved it which is why we are sticking with Chariot when looking for a double. We are completely torn between the CX2 and the Chinook 2. Like you, I want my baby inside the Chariot – out of the elements and also out of their carseat!! But I love the front wheel of the Chinook – it makes the whole system look easier to manoeuvre and when you have 2 kids and a dog to wrangle, I think the convenience is so appealing. I’m debating whether the convenience of having that front wheel of the chinook out weighs the lack of sling for the first 6 months??? And also its more bulky size. The CX2 looks better in some ways to the chinook – it is just that wheel! Is it really that much better?

        • Hi Carrie,
          Well thank you! Nice to know my hard work is meaningful to someone else 🙂
          I think that baby sling is sooooooo valuable and missed it greatly in the Chinook. The front wheel IS nice, but the strolling wheels really work very similarly if you are on paved roads especially on the CX2. That said, the Chinook DOES recline which is awesome. If you are someone who would put your kid in it RIGHT away (like us – before they are a month old), I would stick with the infant sling on the CX2. If you value the reclining seat and won’t be hauling it your car much anyway, I’d go with the Chinook.
          Does that help? If you have more questions feel free to ask!
          =) Amelia

          • Jennifer says:

            I am in the exact same boat! I cannot decide between the CX2 and the Chinook2! I have a 1 month old that I’d like to put in right away and an 18 month old. I’ve been running with a Mountain Buggy Terrain and really like the swivel wheel. I’m wondering how hard it will be to get use to a fixed wheel? Also, I use the break all the time on my Mountain Buggy as I live in B.C. and we have tons of steep hills so I’m worried about the Chinook not having a hand break – especially with two kids in it! Do you find it difficult to take the chariots down hills Amiela?

            Carrie, which one did you go with?!



            • Hi Jenn,

              I sort of think the fixed vs. swivel wheel is a persona preference…but if you are doing a lot of running, the CX excels, especially with that hand brake. That said, I take a fully-loaded Chinook 2 down very steep dirt trails often and, while I am very careful, it does totally fine. The one thing I really don’t like about the Chinook is I don’t think the seating inside is ideal for babies until they are a few months old. For that fact, I would really recommend the CX + the infant sling. They CAN sit on top in their car seat (and it works great), but are more protected inside in the infant sling. It just all depends on where you are (as far as climate) and what you plan to do!

              Does that help at all?
              =) Amelia

      44. Very nice review of this stroller..for baby safety while snow fall and walking in snow fall..its easily carried but possible to harm baby because we are hanging it to back side of bicycle so if the lock is removing so possible to harmful for baby.

      45. Can you attach car seats to both the Cougar & the Chinook? Does the model/brand of the car seat matter?

        Thank you Mountain Mama for this EXTREMELY HELPFUL review.

      46. Hi Amelia,

        many thanks for great review i wish i’ve seen it earlier before my purchase, it would definitely help me to choose between these two carriers.
        We purchased Chariot Chinook and even though there was a bot of struggle at the beginning, I’m very happy with it. Seems we’re one of the first people to purchase this type of carrier in Ireland so it’s sometimes funny when you see all those confused faces on the street when strolling around 😉
        I was a bit upset though with the fack that baby sling doesn’t fit in this carrier and the only way how i could carry my newborn was in the carseat, it’s a great idea but you can have baby in carseat only for 2 hours which kind of limits the options to stay all day out also in terms of weather, which changes a lot in Ireland, baby is exposed fully when in the carseat. When i spoke with customer service before purchase they told me that baby infant sling is no needed for this carrier as you have the recline seat, but this seat doesn’t recline completely in lying position and i really can’t imagine how would i put newborn in there, so it was a bit of dissapointment and we had to purchase another stroller for first 5 months.
        But now finally i’m starting to enjoy the Chariot Chinook and eventhough there was a little unhappiness at the beggining now i’m really enjoying it. It’s so easy to move around.
        I would like to ask I’m about to travel with it via plane and I was wondering if you would know if there is any travel cover/bag made for this carrier. When I see how people in the airport are throwing strollers around i’m really afraid they will damage it, also the fact that you have to remove wheels – if possible i would love to have it all in once bag.

        Many thanks for your answer.

        • Hi Lenka,

          Oh bummer! Yes, the Chinook isn’t awesome for newborns at all 🙁 Sorry!!
          I haven’t used ours on an airplane. Chariot/Thule used to make travel bags, but I don’t see them anymore! However, I know that others do use it….you could put the wheels in the main part and have it all closed up, but I agree that I would want a bag of some kind over it to protect the plastic….

      47. We have a 3 1/2 year old that wants to go with me when I go jogging. One concern we have about spending this much money for a stroller is how long will she be able to ride in it from a size (seat height) perspective? What’s the oldest child you have had in the Chinook? We don’t want to spend that kind of money and then start running out of head room too soon. I’m sure price has something to do with it but stores don’t have this model on their shelves and it would really help to see one in person before ordering. Since that’s almost impossible we have to depend on people like you to help us make a decision. Thanks a lot!

        • Hi Terry – our 5 year old went in it occasionally. To be honest, the Burley D’Lite has more head and shoulder room for bigger kids. So, you’ll have a couple years with your daughter in the Chinook (assuming she is average height!) Hope that helps!!

          • Hi Amelia, Terry’s wife here. We are still trying to decide. I have read some bad reviews about the jogging wheel for the Burley D’Lite. Since that will be the major use, thoughts on that? Also, about the ventilation on the two, how do they compare? We have some hot muggy weather in 3 of our seasons in SC. Still a little concerned about the head room although she is a petite 3.5 year old. That could change in an instant. How much of a difference in head room would you say there is?
            Thank you for your help.

            • Hi Melissa,

              Sorry about my delay in responses – I have been traveling a bunch lately 🙂

              So, if the primary use is jogging and with a larger child, I would go with the Chinook hands-down. The D’lite has a similar wheel to the Chariot Cougar, which is fine, but the Chinook is much better (and I like the option for a swivel if I want it.) Ventilation is much better on the Chinook too – both side windows open up. The Burley trailers do not do that because their primary function is a bike trailer and Burley believes that wind flow can be dangerous for cross-winds while biking. I am working on getting some photos (you would think it wouldn’t be that hard to get them all out, but our life has been crazy busy!), but the head room is definitely ample on the Chinook. Just now, our average sized almost 6 year old is getting a little tall for it. But, you’ll have a few years! And the leg room is superior in the Chinook.

              Finally – if there is any chance of having a second kid down the road, go for the Chinook – better suited for babies than the D’Lite.

              Does that help?? Feel free to email me too if you have others!

              Thanks for your patience!

              =) Amelia

      48. I have had a cougar1 for 6 years now. Absolutely love it. I am looking at the Chinook2. Currently I have a 6 year old (who gets tired on walks-I like to walk long distances, and she likes to bike with me but then ride once she gets tired) and I have a 15 month old. 6 year old still fits in the cougar, she has about an inch head space left yet. We plan to have at least one more baby so I am unsure of which model Chariot to get now. I love my cougar. I wish I could see and try out the Chinook2 and Cougar2 but no one has the Chinook to see here. I bike occasionally with my chariot but mostly it is for walking, we walk through the fields (hilly and tall grass at times, and muddy also, and snow) and we walk on the roads (in the country) and use it for strolling at fairs etc. I use the strolling wheels, jogging wheel & bike attachment. I am not worried so much about the extra weight in and out of the car with the Chinook. I really like the fact that the sides can be unzipped to allow more air flow in the Chinook. Even in WI I know it gets a little toasty in the cougar, my 6 year old has told me. I think I like the idea of the bag in the Chinook but it looks like the cougar may have more storage. Do you ever kick the bag on the Chinook as your walking? I get sick of shoving the diaper bag in the cougar compartment and then trying to pull it out (it’s a tight squeeze) any time I need something out of the diaper bag. My biggest concern now is how long my 6 year old will fit inside which ever stroller we get since baby #3 is just talk at this point. The measurements I find online all differ so I am not sure what to trust. Would you be able to tell what the cougar vs the Chinook sitting height is? Leg room for kids (can’t find this measurement anywhere)? In your pictures of the Chinook and Cougar side by side it appears that the Cougar has more leg room but want to verify. I am guessing you have a suggestion on which one might work better for us too. The FYOL attachment for a car seat looks awesome for attaching my 6 year olds bike when she gets tired and wants to ride in the stroller instead. Are the sun blocks better in the Chinook? Also wondering door clearance, I think you said the Chinook is 31 inches, what is the Cougar2? Also wondering if the Chinook or the Cougar sits lower to the ground than the other? Concerned with the bottom catching the tall hay in the fields.
        In pictures of the Chinook it looks like there isn’t a mesh back like the cougar for air when the front and side windows are closed. Maybe only mesh in the back when the seat is relined and the weather cover isn’t over it. Is this correct? Do the kids get enough oxygen inside?
        And I guess I’ll throw one more question in, you mentioned the Burley D’Lite has a lot more room for bigger kids. How much? How do they compare functionally to the Chariots? I don’t know anything about the Burleys.

        Thanks soooo much!

        • Hi Olivia – so i will get measurements on both for you as soon as we get back into town! Feel free to email me a reminder next week. Bigger kids do fit better in the Chinook as far as headroom and legroom, etc.
          The kids definitely get plenty of air in the Chinook and the side windows zipping off is great. Sun shades are better in Chinook too. You can read our Burley review here:

          The Chinook will feel just more deluxe to you than the Cougar and I would recommend it for what you are doing!

        • HI Olivia –

          Ok, we are fighting a serious flu here, but I finally got my almost 6 year old out and in all the strollers at one time to compare. I was actually shocked to find that he did have about an inch of headroom in the Cougar and not really anything in the D’Lite or the Chinook. However, he DOES have more shoulder and feet room. Honestly, though, all three of them are SUPER close. It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker with any of them, especially if it’s an older child and a baby in there.

          The Chinook is about an inch wider than the Cougar for going through a door.

          Cougar sits a tiny bit lower to the ground.

          Does that help???

          The Chinook will keep kids cooler, work better for walking and seats bigger kids a little better as far as width than the Cougar.

          Let me know if you have other specific questions (and just be aware I am juggling family too, but want to help you! 🙂


      49. Hi Amelia,

        Just a question, how far does the chinook recline?
        And can you do the recline with the child in the seat, like you can with a pram.
        Thanks in Advance

        • Hi Sarah,

          I’ll go out and measure it tomorrow, but it reclines maybe 6 inches?? That is a total guess though! And yes, you can, though it’s a bit more difficult with heavier kids that don’t want to be reclined 🙂 The downside is that you can’t only recline one side….remind me to measure for you though!
          =) Amelia

        • SArah – just measured. It reclines about 7 inches. Does that help?

      50. hi amelia 🙂 love your review!
        Im about to get the chariot chinook 2013, do u know if it is compatible with 2014/15 accesories?


      51. Thanks for the review and your great responses! I am almost sold on the Chinook 2, but a quick question. I drive to the park daily for a walk with my daughter (and in a few years, hopefully with another baby). In your opinion, would the Chinook be too much of a pain to get in and out of the car each day? I am taller and stronger, so I feel that it wouldn’t be a problem, but I am not sure. Also, we have a Toyota Camry sedan and I worry that the stroller might not fit in there either…

        Any advice would be most appreciated!

        • Hi Joanne,
          I can’t guarantee it will fit in your car, but I think it will, especially if it’s the only thing in the back/trunk! It’s more bulky than other Chariot models, but you could totally handle it….
          I just can’t throw it in the box on TOP of our minivan really at all (the other ones I barely can….)

      52. Hello,
        We got our folding bike Friday’s for touring last year. We are headed to Germany with our daughter in June. Our plan was to use a weehoo, but now she says she wants to pedal herself. We looked into the gator and the follow me (see pic) , were we can attach and detach her bike when needed….



        But they recommend bigger tires than what we have. So we can do that.

        If not. Do you think there’s a way to strap a bike onto the chariot we have… We thik its a good idea, even if she doesn’t, that she has the option to get off the elements and read a book or play inside a trailer. I saw that you guys strapped a bike onto your bike trailer, did it work well?
        We need ideas!! Thank you
        Carla and Jeff

        • HI Carla,

          Sounds like fun!! How old is your daughter and how big is her bike?

          And what kind of Chariot do you have?
          Let me know and I can help more! 🙂

          =) Amelia

      53. Hi,
        I love your review. I am going to purchase a Chinook tomorrow!!! I have a 10 month old and am looking forward to being able to go out with him in cold or windy conditions. I am going with the single since it is 12 lbs lighter and smaller (I am worried about my small trunk).

        Thanks again,

        • HI Alicia,

          Exciting!! The only thing I would say is that now that our oldest is almost 6, I am soooo glad we have the double to be able to put him in by himself – he would fill out the single way too much. But, if you really wanted a double down the road, the resell value on Chariots is awesome 🙂
          I’d love to see photos once you have it!

      54. I am curious what the difference is between the chariot Chinook 2013 and 2014 model. I looked at the features and never seen a difference besides colours. But the 2013 you can buy for $700 compared to $1149 for the 2014.

        • Cheryl – in 2014 they started making the “first year” kit a standard part of the Chinook. The 2013 model does not come with the car seat adaptor (for the top), the pads for inside or the cargo bag (but you can buy them separately still, as far as I understand).

          • Hi Amelia!

            I have just bought a Chinook 2 2013 that misses the cardigo bag. Do you know any webbsite in Europe that sell the bag seperatly?

            Best regards Emelie

      55. Hi, super informative review thanks heaps. We’ve had a cougar 2 and travelled through the States with it but had to let it go at the end of our trip. Now looking at getting either a Chinook 1 or Cougar 1.

        Our 3 year old daughter is restricted to a wheelchair, we’re looking for the model that will last the longest in terms of accommodating a growing child.
        1. Which model is the largest in terms of internal space for a tall child?
        2. How different is the seating in the Chinook from the Cougar, it sounds like there is more leg room in the Chinook?
        3. Is there space for a helmet to be worn inside the Chinook as there is in the Cougar?

        We L O V E D the Cougar so a little apprehensive about the change to a Chinook but the wheel system, recline and extra internal space make it sound like a winner, just need confirmation that this is the case. Your response would be most welcome. With appreciation from a New Zealand family of travellers.

        • HI Roger,

          Originally I thought there was more room in the Chinook, but it turns out there is more LEG room in the CHinook but more HEAD room in the Cougar, so they are really about the same. Kids have more shoulder room in the Chinook (which is great for bigger kids). I know this isn’t your plan, but a double stroller for bigger kids really makes a big difference as far as how much room they have. Our 6 year old can sit in a double comfortably, but is tight for sure (though not un-doable) in the single. Does that help??

          =) Amelia

      56. Isabelle says:

        I ‘m from Sweden and I’m trying to find some information on how to recline the seat on chariot chinook. How much can you fold it? I read somewhere in your previous posts that it wont be flat but how much then? Enough for my 6 months baby to get a comfy nap?
        Regards Isabelle

        • Hi Isabelle – I am guessing right now, but I think about 8 inches. And it’s not ideal for a 6 month old, but it works. I prefer the infant sling that works in the other Chariot models for the little ones, but you could make it work well enough! 🙂

      57. Patrick says:

        Hi Amelia,

        Firstly thanks for the great reviews, etc. Your insights are very helpful.

        We are in the process of buying a carrier for our one and a half year old. He has some challenges ahead of him in his life and can’t yet sit unsupported. The Chinook caught my eye because of its extra padding, which I hoped would do the trick. We tried the Chinook 1, but the seat seemed just too wide. My impression , at least from , is that the Chinook 2 may have narrower seats, which would move the padding closer together. The Thule site doesn’t provide this info, so I was wondering if you knew or could measure the seat width of one of the seats of the Chinook 2 or get an official info from Thule. If at all possible, thanks in advance. Again great blog! -Patrick

        • Hi Patrick,
          Yes, the seats in the Chinook double are more separated, so that may help! The support is just better in general for the Chinook. I’ll take some measurements later today for you!
          =) Amelia

          • Patrick says:

            That would be great, thanks in advance for the measurements.


            • Hi Patrick – ok each seat is roughly 10″ wide. There is a bit of a divider between them…. Does that help at all?

              • Patrick says:

                That is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks a ton. The double has much narrower seats, which is just what our little guy needs.

      58. Really good review! When I was first looking for trailers I was looking at the lower end of the Chariot series if not even the Croozer ones and the more I make my own research the more I like the higher end of the Chariot series but I am just not sure if I can justify the cost especially of the Chinook. Just as a note we have a 20 month old and may have another one next year and I am mostly looking into using it as a bike trailer and buggy/stroller, maybe some running.
        I had almost settled with the Cougar already but the following features of the Chinook have nearly converted me:
        1. Able to recline the seat (it would just be the ultimate feature if you could recline one seat at a time but hey)
        2. On board front wheel, so no need to swap, remove wheels
        3. Able to open the side windows for better air circulation
        4. Possible store a small bike on top

        Just thinking in terms of 1 whether the recline function is really needed. I probably won’t be using it for the first 2months once number 2 arrived so just wondering if the recline is really that much of a recline to make it worthwhile?
        In terms of 2 my question would be how difficult or easy it actually is to mount/remove the jogging wheel from the Cougar (it looks like the stroller wheels are very easy to add/remove) and how much space do the parts of the jogging wheel take in the back.
        3. Does the Cougar have mesh side windows at all? I can’t tell from photos.if so presumably you would need a extra cover in case it’s raining: cold
        4. Would you be able to mount a small bike on the cougar somehow?

        Advice appreciated. Many thanks

        • Hi Nadine,

          I know it’s a tough decision to make! So to answer your questions:
          – You can do without the recline – the seats on both the Cougar and the CX recline enough to make it totally work. Plus, those two can be used with the infant sling (which I highly recommend), while the Chinook can not.
          – I honestly kept our jogging wheel on most of the time, but it’s super easy to switch out the wheels – takes about 2-3 minutes tops. And they store very easily in the “trunk” space of the Cougar.
          – The Cougar does not have mesh windows, but the front is mesh under the cover so there is still good airflow. Not AS good as the Chinook, but good enough for most places. And you don’t need to get an extra cover – it all comes included. We used ours in -20 temps with everything closed up and the kids bundled well and it did just fine.
          – You can stick a balance bike in the “trunk” of the Cougar. 🙂

          Does that help??
          =) Amelia

          • Hi Amelia,

            That’s very helpful already. Many thanks. One more question in terms of longevity. You mentioned that the Chinook has got more room inside than the Cougar. My little one is probably an average for height at the moment but I am just trying to work out how long he would still be OK to travel inside the Cougar as opposed to the Chinook. When I say OK obviously there will be an age when the little ones decide that it is no longer ‘on’ to travel inside if that makes sense. So really just wondering how long your little ones have been happy to travel inside the Cougar for example and was that a matter of running out of head clearance or just wanting to maybe permanently ride their own bike. Appreciate that all children are different but just to get a better idea.
            Many thanks,

            • HI Nadine – So, the Chinook has more leg room while the Cougar actually has more head room. The Chinook seems roomier, though, because it has more shoulder room than the Cougar. This past winter, we had our almost 6 year old (average-sized) in the double Cougar. I think the single would have been really tight, but the double was just fine for a while. 99.9% of the time our oldest is happy to ski or ride his own bike – but it sure is nice for that tiny percentage of time if needed. Does that help??

              • Hi Amelia,
                Many thanks for all your help! You have basically made that decision for me 😉 Will go for the Cougar as it will be sufficient for our needs. Many thanks,

      59. Hi Amelia,

        I have a 4 yo, 2 yo and 8 month old. I run a lot and I’ve used a single bob ironman, a double bob and a triple jogger with them. I have a valco baby double with Joey seat also for walks.

        I’m always trying to figure out how to run and bike with three kids. So I’m wondering how you do it?

        I just bought the double chinook 2 and ran for the first time with it yesterday with 2 kids. I liked it! My first impression is its a bike trailer you an run with; not the other way around.

        So how did you like walking with the car seat attached on top? Is it very tippy? Did you feel it was safe?

        When biking do your kids wear helmets in the trailer? It seems too crowded or uncomfortable for it. Is a baby safe with no helmet and just the cushions?

        Have you biked with 3- like one on a bike seat and two in the trailer?

        I’m nervous about biking with the kids because of accidents…
        Thank you! Laura

        • One more thing- i want to attach a hand brake and j see the Thule ones are not compatible with chinook. Might it still be worth a try?

        • Hi Laura,

          So, I use the Chinook with walking/biking with 3 kids all the time. The car seat on top is fine as far as safety, but I just felt like they were more exposed up there and preferred to have baby in a carrier on me or in the trailer (once they are big enough). It works well, but is a lot of personal preference too!

          As far as helmets, our kids wear them sometimes and sometimes not (shh!). I figure the trailer is sort of like a “roll cage” (Which we have inadvertently tested) so they are protected very well. However, that’s my personal opinion, and you have to do what you are comfortable with! And yes, we very often have one kid in a bike seat and two in the trailer. We actually also will hook up our WeeHoo behind the bike and then the Chinook behind that. It’s a beast, but totally doable!!

          Does that help??

          If anything for walks, our older kids are biking as much as possible – for them AND for us! 😉


          • I’ve started really liking the chinook now and I’m selling off my single, double and Valco strollers! It really does make my life easier. I’ve never had a swivel wheel running stroller!

            I even like the bag now because I often am stuffing a backpack which I have to load and unload whereas this just clips off like a bike pannier.

            I’m sure it was very challenging to design this and while I don’t love the shades and the no hand brake, for what it can do, and what it does do well, this thing is cool. I don’t think I can out a brake on the front because of the swivel and flip.

            I even like the mesh pocket because I hate reaching under a stroller while holding a baby! Grr! I also typically carry the babies in a kinderpack so even with the triple stroller I’m pushing its often empty of just has one kid. Doh-

            I like it though. I had to buy sight unseen because it’s not stocked anywhere but rei has a good return policy. Thanks again for the info 🙂

            Ps whoa a weehoo and trailer and a bike seat! We have a double weehoo and my husband said its heavy! I want to have four kids so the configurations of present and future are always on my mind. I suppose eventually my oldest will be riding soon but she tires easily and the others need naps, which is why I’m running, so I like them all to have a seat if needed.

      60. Lars Christian says:

        first of all, thanks for a great review Answers alot of my questions. We are currently considering either cougar or chinook. I have one question though, the cougar has a “fold out” storage pocket on the back of the trailer. Is there a similar solution for the chinook?

        best regards
        Lars Christian

        • Hi Lars – definitely a downside of the Chinook! There is a large mesh pocket (that holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff) and then a removable bag that acts like a trunk. We far prefer the Cougar’s “trunk”, but at least it is something!

      61. Hi thank you for all this information if I buy the Chinnook 2 do I also need to buy the rain cover

        • Tara – I don’t think so. Unless you are consistently on really heavy rain, you don’t need it. We’ve used ours in the rain often (and snow) and haven’t felt like we wished we had it!

      62. Michelle says:

        Hi, thanks for your review. We have a chariot 1 and looking at getting a chinook. Can the bike attachment from the chariot work with the chinook? Thanks!

      63. Hello Amelia,

        I love your reveiw of the chinook 2. I have read almost all the comments but just need som clarification of some questions 😉
        We are currently owners of a chariot CX1 and we mostly use it for skiing, but like the option that we can use it both as stroller and for bicycle. We do not own a car so for example this winter we took the bus with weels on the carrier and then changed to skiies when we arrived at the ski tracks.
        One of the things I have really missed with the CX is a reclining seat(I didnt know about the sling unting my son had outgrown it) We began using the CX1 when he was 8months old and he always sleep with a “car seat pillow” around his neck for support, it works but it does not look that comfortable. Now we are expecting another son in a month a have have begun to look at options for this winter. Big brother will still be sleeping in the carrier this winter.
        So witch do you think is best. CX2 with the sling (baby will be 5-6 months old first time and big brother 2.5 years) or the chinook 2 where we can recline the seat for the baby and for big brother 🙂

        I understood that you can not use the sling for the chinook ?
        Also you said that when you have in in bicycle mode you need to have the handel forward ?! is it the same when you use it for skiiing ?
        I was thinking mabye you can use the child car seat adapter for storage when you skii since the storage bag is not that big ?! (attaching a large bag for example)
        I weight do you think the chinook is havier than the cougar when you have it in skii mode?

        I also wonder if you know how we can check if we are able to use our current skii kit for the chinook. We purchaset it in the beginning of 2014(but it is possible that it is a old model)

        I hope you still answer questions on this 😉

        Thank you in advance

        /Pernilla – Norway

        • Hi Pernilla,

          Ok, let’s see what I can help you with here:
          – For babies, I really do think that the sling in the CX is better than the Chinook reclined BUT, if the baby would be 5-6 months by then, they would be fine in the reclined seat of the Chinook.
          – And no, you can’t use the sling in the Chinook unfortunately. It does come with infant “blocks” which work fine, but the sling is best for younger babies (though again, your’s should be old enough by then.)
          – The handle can be back for ski mode – we often have a kid hanging off the back skiing 🙂
          – and yes, the child seat adapter is actually really great for hauling gear on top – we use it often for both skiing and biking.
          – Yes, Chinook is heavier, but doesn’t make a HUGE amount of difference in our opinion on groomed trails
          – And unfortunately the Chinook has a different shape of bars so your ski attachment won’t work for it 🙁

          You may want to consider another single too…split the weight up between the two of you! But that depends on what you do as a family when you ski!

          🙂 Amelia

      64. Leighanna says:

        Thanks for your review! We have a chariot cougar 2 and love it. I run with a Bob duallie, but we actually prefer the Chariot when are we are out and about and need a double. I am running into a problem – thule discontinued the travel bags for the double chariots a couple of years ago, and we travel quite a bit. We are going to disneyland in a few weeks where the chariot has previously worked really well…and I’m nervous to fly with it without a good bag! Do you have any recommendations for a larger bag that would at least keep it all contained, or any leads at all on where to find some of the original chariot bags? They are impossible to find and I’ve scoured eBay, craigslist, everything. Thanks!

        • Hi Leighanna,
          I really don’t have any advice – would the regular large carseat bag fit over it??? Let me see if I can get an answer from anyone at Thule 🙂 Stay tuned!
          =) Amelia

        • Hi Leighanna,
          So Thule got back to me saying the bags just weren’t big sellers for them. They recommended using an oversized duffel (like a hockey bag) for hauling it…..that’s the best advice I can give you! Let me know how it goes!!
          =) Amelia

      65. Hi Amelia, thanks so much for this review. I’ve read all the comments as well, and though close, I can’t quite find an answer to my questions. I have a 3 y/o and a new born (they’re almost exactly 3 years apart). We have a cougar 1 and my husband takes our old one on bike rides all the time, he loves it. We didn’t go with the cougar 2 because we were concerned about width on very busy trails, and on streets, but also because of weight. We like to go fast, not just for a stroll. We won’t be doing any biking during the winter (MN) but will start back again when the youngest is about 7/8 months old. I love the Chinook and the ability to put a car seat on top and to use it as my double stroller for walking/running. I currently have a baby jogger running stroller and a city mini, both single. I just can’t decide if it’s worth the investment – I worry that my older will outgrow it too fast (he’s a little taller than average, but barely) and that it’ll be too much to bike with or push while running. We had originally thought each of us would pull a single when biking. But I do find it annoying not to have a double right now. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you in advance.

        • Hi Mercedes –
          So, we do some pretty serious biking too and found the double to be so valuable – especially when the weather is less than perfect. Kids are so protected in it for walking/running or biking. I would bet you have at least 2 more years that your oldest could go in it. The Chinook is a bit heavier, but we never really noticed a difference running or biking than the others just because it pulls so well. And we really tend to weigh it down with kids and gear and usually a balance bike on top too for our longer rides so they can bike a bit too. That is one advantage to the Chinook – I used that top part more for a bike holder than a car seat holder, honestly.
          Does that help at all?
          We ended up with a double and a single and use both – but really the double more often 🙂
          Let me know if you have any more questions!!
          =) Amelia

      66. Dear Amelia, The thoroughness and thoughtfulness with which you reply to comments is awesome. Like very one else, I’d like your thoughts/advice.
        My family and I live in Cambridge, UK, which is flat and very bike friendly. My daughters are 3.75 yrs and 9.5 months. We currently have a Cougar 2, which we use daily. While I love our Chariot, as do my daughters and husbands, there are a couple of pts every day that I find frustrating.
        In a typical day, I have to load the girls into the Chariot and then connect it to my bike. This can be awkward to do when you are trying to do this outside in the rain. I then cycle into town. At the point the girls have fallen asleep and I have to unattach the Chariot without waking the girls (again awkward) to use it as my stroller in town.
        Maybe unlike some of the other families who have posted, I use my Chariot in various modes (mainly cycling/strolling) daily. A trailer that is easier to switch between these two modes while kids are in it and with only one adult about would be worth investing in. A trailer that switches easily and allows kids to nap would be amazing.
        So my questions to you are
        1) Is the Chinook noticeably easier to change from biking/strolling mode than the Cougar
        2) Do the seats recline enough for long naps (~2hrs) or are the seats not comfortable enough for that?
        3) Can the children nap while cycling?
        Any thoughts on these questions would be so greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance, María

        • Hi Maria. 🙂 We, too, use our chariot often for multi-mode fun 🙂
          1. Yes it is…if you keep the swivel wheel on it when you are biking. It’s a little heavier, but not too bad. And you do still have to take the biking “arm” out unless you don’t care about it being in the way a bit.
          2. Yes, definitely. One of my favorite features about the Chinook are those reclining seats. Our kids would sleep for hours.
          3. Yes. 🙂 You can recline the seats in bike mode too.
          Does that help at all??
          🙂 Amelia

      67. Hi Amelia,

        We bought the chariot Chinook 2 when i was expecting our second child. It was a little bit of a spontaneous buy (we found it at a great price) so we had not researched the different models beforehand and their particularities. The proof; we bought the infant sling at first, to end up not figuring out how to install it and i realized reading your review that you dont need it with the Chinook!!
        Now today we just had the first snow of the season and we wanted to convert our carrier to skiing mode. We bought the CTS cross-country ski kit recently thinking there was just one kind of ski kit (i didnt find info saying otherwise) and now we just realized it also doesnt fit on our chinook 2!!!!!?? It seems like the curve in the lower ski arms is too pronounced so if both arms are in they actually cross like an “x”, and there seem to be extra retaining clips that we dont see where to tie….
        Is there an extra conversion kit/part to purchase that would be equivalent to the versawings or is there a totally different cross country ski kit that was made to fit with the chinook?
        Thank you so much for your help, i cant seem to find anybody in the store where we purchased it that knows…
        Have a good night,

        • Hi Valerie – definitely sell that infant sling (unless you plan on buying another model too ;)) People are always looking for them! 🙂
          And yes…there used to be a separate ski kit for the Chinook. The holes where you put the pins in are a different shape. HOWEVER, now any ski kits you buy fit all the Chariots (at least that is what we can gather.) So…if you have purchased a new ski kit (it wasn’t used) in the past few months (or maybe even last couple of years), it should work. I am thinking maybe you have the poles switched and the waistband upside down? Let me know what you find out!

      68. Thanks for the great info. I have the Chinook 2 and recently started using it with my 8 month old twins. They look like they are so uncomfortable with the head rests and so much padding (they are pretty big babies and have large heads…). When is it recommended to remove the head supports? Seems like they are so jammed in there already I can’t imagine how they will fit when they are toddlers – am I doing something wrong?


        • Hi Katie – I honestly never really liked the head blocks either. You could totally remove them now…or move them down a bit if that helps. They’re best for really little babies and I think yours are old enough to just fit in however they do! Blankets or extra gear could be used to prop them for sleeping. Does that help?

      69. Hi Amelia, thank you for the great review. We bought the x country ski kit and bike kit for our Chinook 1 back in 2014. Now that we have 2 kids ( 2.5 years and 4 months) we are wanting to upgrade to a double…. We are considering the CX 2 and I am wondering if the x country kit and the bike kit we used for the Chinook1 are compatible with the CX2? We are wanting to bring our Thule on trips and so I thought the CX 2 would be more compact in our vehicle than the Chinook 2. In your opinion if you were going to use the Thule mostly for running/walking/biking and just very occasionally for skiing would you pick the Chinook 2 or the CX2? Thanks in advance!

        • Hi Rebecca – unfortunately, no 🙁 If I understand, they are more streamlined now, but 99% sure the 2014 model has different attachments. That is what we have too. I would probably just sell the whole package and get everything for CX together.
          If you like the swivel front wheel, go with the Chinook. If you prefer more compact (flatter anyway) for car trips, go with the CX. I also like the CX because it’s better for infants with the infant sling. Does that help??

      70. Yes, thanks that helps! As far as the swivel wheel goes is it most helpful when trying to get around tight places or is there something else that I’m missing? I believe I keep the front wheel on the Chinook locked when I am running…


      71. Hi, just wondering if it’s possible for the child carrier attachment for the top of the Chinook will also fit the cougar? I have two kids and I’m expecting my third soon and would like to walk with all three in the cougar if possible.

        • Hi James, I will have to double check, but I am pretty sure it won’t….. Sorry! I usually just put the third kid on a carrier on me 🙂

      72. Hi,

        after reading your great review I decided to buy Chinook 1 (not 2 -> baby is still small – 7m, we live in an apartment without an elevator, etc) and currently I am very satisfied -> maybe in a year or two I will sell it and get a double version if needed (+ a house + garage :)). For the question: I didn’t get the baby supporter head part with it -> only those two small blocks of foam that go around the waist. Baby supporter being sold by Thule looks a bit different -> if I buy it will it fit into my Chinook? Any other alternatives that you use that provide great head support (DIY included :))?

      73. do you know if Thule stopped making the Chinook 2 or if they are replacing it?! its not longer on their website and they are becoming harder to find online 🙁


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