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Join Our Team!

We want YOU on the Mountain Mama Team!

We’re looking for your unique stories, your viewpoints, your experience and your input.

Our Team Members help boost the Tales of a Mountain Mama community through adding their personal voices to the site, along with gear reviews and inspiration for our readers. There also happens to be some pretty sweet perks.

Check out the current team here!

Who we’re looking for:

  • Mountain Mamas (don’t worry, “mountain” is a loose term) with kids of all ages, who love to get outside with their families
  • Mamas who also struggle with the realities of being an outdoor family including tantrums, time restraints, gear questions and a lack of energy
  • Mamas looking who love to write and review gear, can do so honestly and from the heart, and who take their family life seriously (with lots of laughter, of course)!
  • Mamas who are willing to work as a team member and follow our guidelines
  • Mamas who want to promote the mission to get families outside.
  • Mamas who love to brainstorm new ideas and think big!
  • Mamas who would love to help us review gear
  • Mamas who understand what it means to be a Mama….and that I am not perfect, nor do I expect YOU to be!
  • NOTE: We will be accepting applications from out of the country, but we can’t do out-of-country gear reviews. We tried. It didn’t work.

Writing for TMM over the last year has been a fun way to share my love of the outdoors with other families. I have learned so much from other parents about their outdoor interests, and I have loved getting to learn about small brands and the good work they are doing to get kids outside.

– Jackie, TMM Team

Desired Skills:

  • Ability to write to inspire others
  • Knowledge of WordPress (or willingness to learn)
  • Photography knowledge (though nothing professional is expected)
  • Presence on social media
  • Self-motivator
  • Works well with deadlines
Join the TMM Team

Working with the Tales of a Mountain Mama Team has been an absolutely awesome experience and I am so honored to be a part of Amelia’s crew.  
It has challenged me personally and helped me grow professionally.  
Being on the team has inspired me to keep doing the activities I love to do most, despite a busy schedule, and to be a leader and positive example within the larger community. Most importantly, it makes me feel supported as a mountain mama just doing my best to keep it together and get my kid outside!

Ginny, TMM Team

Team Members are expected to:

  • Write one blog post (story-based or review) per month, per our guidelines
  • Share our stories and reviews on their social media to help expand our reach
  • Participate in conversations (both starting and commenting) in the Outdoor Family Chat group
  • Work honestly and enthusiastically with the entire Team
  • Help spread the word about our community and mission to get families outside

Team Member Perks:

  • Exposure to our 70k+ monthly readers
  • At least one gear review a month (you get to keep the gear)
  • A fantastic community of like-minded families!
  • A Mountain Mama Beanie (a collaboration with H.E.C. Studio)
  • Possibility for paid positions

Working on the Tales of a Mountain Mama team this past year has been an awesome experience. I’m often flabbergasted that it’s something I actually get to be a part of! It’s great to have an opportunity to share in something I’m passionate about and to help other families get outdoors together. It has been wonderful to be part of a close-knit community of like-minded women who can share our experiences, be they successes or failures, to learn from one another and grow together. Each member of our team brings their own unique skills and perspectives to the table and that is what helps this to be successful—not that we are all expert bloggers or outdoorswomen or even expert moms, but that we can be real and encourage one another and work together to accomplish something special.

– Emily, TMM Team Member

How to Apply:

Send us an email with the subject line “I want to be on the Mountain Mama Team” by July 19th, 2021. In the email include the following answers to these questions PLUS a link to your video application (see details below.)

Part 1: All about YOU!

Fill out this google form!!

Part 2: GEAR Written Review

We do a ton of gear reviews at Tales of a Mountain Mama to help families sort through what they really need, and what they don’t, to get their family outside. One of the Team member perks is getting to review gear (and keep it!) I want to see what you can do!

Pick something you would like to review and send me a review following these guidelines:

  1. A few sentence paragraph explaining the product with bullet points outlining who it is for/who needs it
  2. What you Love
  3. What you aren’t so crazy about (nope, you can’t skip this one)
  4. “The Bottom Line” about your thoughts
  5. Include 3 photos that YOU took

Part 3: Video Review

Often brands are asking for reviews done via video. This is one area of our site we really want to improve on, so we want to see what you can do. We also want to see YOU! Send us a 3-5 minute video reviewing your choice of outdoor family gear. Don’t stress, no one expects perfection!

That’s it! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! As always, feel free to email me with questions:

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Join the TMM Team

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