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Tout Terrain Streamliner

For families looking for the ability to get their not so strong riders out on the single track, the Tout Terrain Streamliner is a game-changer.

Kids still need to ride in a trailer? Check out our review of the Tout Terrain Singletrailer here.

Tout Terrain sent us a demo model to try out for a couple months. We were in no way compensated for this post and it is exactly what we tell our family and friends.

What is the Tout Terrain Streamliner?

The Streamliner is essentially a trail-a-bike with 9 speeds, a brake, and 6” of travel so kids aged 4-7 can actively and comfortably ride the single track with you….at your speed.

It gives kids the ability to not just be pulled behind you, but really practice what it feels like to mountain bike with you as they pedal along.

Tout Terrain Streamliner
Our small 8 year old is able to ride

The Specs

  • Compatible with all wheel sizes including 29ers
  • 160 mm (6.3″) rear wheel travel
  • Custom valved, high quality air sprung shock for tuning the shock performance to your child’s body weight
  • High quality CNC -produced joint with ball-bearing for connection to towing bike
  • Ergonomic, smooth-running and child-friendly components with high performance brake
  • Low rolling resistance due to single-wheel design
  • Easy handling due to the low overall weight of just 19 lbs
  • For children aged 4-7 and up to a maximum of 75 lbs body weight
Tout Terrain Streamliner
The Streamliner is ideal for our 5 year old

What we loved about the Tout Terrain Streamliner

For our family, the Streamliner was a complete game-changer as far as getting our family out on the trails in Moab. We have taken our WeeHoo to Moab in the past and it just didn’t work without suspension.

Instead of having to haul “dead weight”, our kids were pedaling, braking and learning the feel of the trail as they rode behind their dad. Think “tandem bike” without the reduced mobility.


With 9 gears, kids really can help push Dad up the hills. Not only are they learning the importance of gears, but also how to use them.

In all honesty our five year old was more focused on pedaling and less on the gears, but our eight year old actively shifted gears as the terrain changed. This was to be expected since it mirrored what levels they were at for normal bike riding too.


I appreciate the fact that brakes are included on the Streamliner. This is something you don’t see on normal trail-a-bikes, but makes total sense, mountain biking or not. Again, it helps kids learn to engage braking when needed…and helps slow down a long, heavy low load on steep declines.


Weighing in at just under 20 pounds, the Streamliner is just like throwing around another lightweight kids’ bike. We love that you’re not fighting that extra weight in the trailer itself as you work hard to pull a bigger kids (opposed to kids who fit in a trailer).

Tout Terrain Streamliner

What we would like to see improved


While having gears is awesome, being able to use them needs to be easy for kids too. Our kids struggle with grip shifters, especially when they are on the younger end. We would prefer to see a trigger shifter.

Dropper Post Capability

While we were able to use the Streamliner with the dropper post, it was a bit awkward getting it to the right spot for use and limited the range.

Not JUST for Mountain Biking

While it wouldn’t make sense to purchase a Tout Terrain Streamliner if you weren’t planning to use it where you needed suspension (because $$$), it certainly works amazingly well on paved and hard-packed surfaces too.

Where to Purchase

As far as we know, the Tout Terrain Streamliner is only available online in the US via Cycle Monkey. We also suggest reaching out to Tout Terrain directly to find a local distributor.

Tout Terrain Streamliner

Bottom Line

Ok so the REAL question is is the Tout Terrain Streamliner worth the premium ($1400) price tag? That depends on how you’re planning to ride.

For families who ride consistently on single track and plan on getting a few years/kids out of it AND you have the money, yes it’s awesome.

If you are only riding a couple months a year, it may be harder to justify.

For our family, we have enough of a spread of kids and ages that it doesn’t quite solve our problem completely. However, when the youngest is four it may be something we break down and purchase just so we can all GO.

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