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Family Camping Mat: UST Fillmatic Sleeping Mat Review

Sleeping well is practically a quest for the Holy Grail when we camp with our kids. My husband particularly struggles to sleep well, even when layering multiple different foam and self inflating mats (sorry to throw you under the bus, husband!). It is ironic, because some of our children go to sleep faster camping than they do at home, even with a thinner folding camp mat!

Here us adults are, feeling like the Princess and the Pea, with our layers of mats, still unable to sleep well enough to feel rested. I’m sure many of you can relate.

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Recently, I learned about the Fillmatic Sleeping Mat from UST Gear. I was intrigued about it and they were kind enough to send us a mat to test out and report back on!

UST Fillmatic Sleeping Mat Review

We have used the Fillmatic Mat several times in the past month we have tested it. Several different family members took turns so we could give it a thorough trial. Our initial observation: the pad is SO thick compared to the ones we already own! This mat is seriously plush, coming in at around four inches thick.

The pad has a clever inflation valve. Instead of a screw in or out to open and close, it uses a cap with an internal flip valve. You can flip the valve to “inflate” or “deflate”. Additionally you can half open the valve to inflate it with your own breath more quickly. Then the outer cap screws over it to ensure no air leaks in or out.

The large inflation/deflation valve makes using the mat super easy!

It is easy to adjust the air volume in the mat with a few extra breaths or by letting a little air out/

Every person in our seven member family wanted to use it on our latest camping trip, but Mom was the one who got it the first night because I had a trail race the next day and needed maximum Zzzzs.

I often toss and turn for awhile before falling asleep while camping. Usually it is because my pad is a little narrow that causes me to feel confined. The regular sized Fillmatic mat is wide enough that I felt like I had room to sleep on my side or stomach without falling off.

The mat is also thick (4 inches!) which kept me from feeling any rocks or roots underneath the tent. Huge win!

Thick enough that this teen gave it her approval! And check out the rad pattern!

The second night I used it I also slept well. No sleeping mat is going to help you ignore the rising sun or singing birds, so nature still woke me up earlier than I wanted, but it wasn’t because I was tossing and turning.

Additionally, I did not feel stiffness or kinks in my neck and back the way I often do with other camping mats.

My husband also used the mat, and he found it much more comfortable than the two (yes, he uses two mats together) thinner self inflating mats he normally uses. He hates feeling like he is “sinking” when he is sleeping, and the pad supported his back hips without creating big holes where he hit the floor of the tent.

He did find the pad slightly shorter than would be maximally comfortably, but thankfully, UST makes an XL pad for taller guys guys!

He definitely slept better than normal on this pad. The night he used the pad, a racoon decided to repetitively harass us and our tentsite. The raccoon was trying to enter our tent, he played with cups, dropped things, and generally was being a real noisemaker. I hardly slept because I was up and down chasing away this raccoon, and my husband (asleep on the UST mat with earplugs) DIDN’T HEAR A THING! Seriously. He slept through the entire event, which would have never happened if he wasn’t actually comfortable.

Ultra thick and plush 4 inch mat

Fillmatic Camp Mat Specs

  • Pad shape: rectangular
  • Insulated
  • R-Value of 6
  • Pad Thickness: 4 inches
  • Dimensions: 72 x 25 x 4
  • Weight: 4 lbs, 11.2 oz

Fillmatic Camp Mat Features

  • self inflating foam core with horizontal baffles for support
  • large, 2 way flip valve for easy inflation and deflation
  • self-inflating (takes about 5 minutes to fully inflate)
  • unique print on a soft, cozy fabric
  • ability to clip mats together and create a larger bed
My teen is 5′ 1″ inches. She had some room at the top and bottom but it is a tad short for folks 6 feet or more.

What We Loved about the Fillmatic Sleeping Mat

  • This pad is so thick and plush compared to any sleeping mat we own. It combines the best features of self inflating mats and air mats. Because most of the thickness is provided by air, the pad is lighter than I expected. Having the open cell foam provides excellent insulation, and removes the flats spots you get in a normal air pad.
  • I loved that the outer fabric feels cozy, almost like a knitted sheet. This made it way less slippery they similar mats with smooth nylon exteriors. I also slept on it with just a blanket, without a sleeping bag, and found it comfortable and not clammy.
The outer fabric is soft and stretchy feeling, nice enough to sleep directly on top.

What We Didn’t Love about the Fillmatic Sleeping Mat

  • For larger folks (my husband is 6 feet tall), the regular size still feels a bit short and narrow. Thankfully, UST makes an XL version that is wider and longer than the regular size.
  • The mat really inflates best and more quickly if you use a few breaths to finish inflating it. The manufacturer states that it fully inflates in seconds, but that was not our experience.
  • The mat is pricey, especially compared to many thinner, self inflating mats on the market, but it is a much thicker, plusher mat.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a premium camping mat for your car camping adventures, the UST Fillmatic Mat is a great option. It is a pricier pad, but it is cheaper than several of its competitors without sacrificing comfort. The thickness of the mat combined with the open cell foam make a comfortable sleep surface. Because it has such a high R-value, the mat is also very usable for 3-4 season usage, unlike many air mats.

The fabric the pad exterior is made out of seems very durable, which translates into having a long lasting pad that doesn’t spring leaks. Because of this, it makes the investment more worthwhile. I would like to use this pad for several more trips to test out whether it begins to inflate more quickly as time goes on and how the fabric stands up to kid and dog traffic.

Overall, if you want comfort in a small package, the UST Fillmatic Mat will give you a cozy, comfortable night’s sleep without having to bring your own bed from home. You might even manage to sleep through your own raccoon invasion!

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