Best Sports Bras for Nursing

Best Sports Bras for Nursing on Adventures

Finding comfortable bras that let you keep adventuring while making sure you have the access to easily breastfeed your little one can be hard to find. We asked our team of mama experts and compiled a list of our favorites for every body size: plus-sized to small chested.

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Mom breastfeeding infant while sitting in a camping chair wearing a sports bra for nursing.
Breastfeeding and coffee make for a great morning camping as a family

Quick Breakdown of our Favorite Nursing Sports Bras

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Best Nursing Adventuring Bras for Small Cup Sizes

Best Nursing Adventuring Bras Large Cup Sizes

Mom breastfeeding a toddler
Taking a load off for a quick snack

What to Look for When Buying a Breastfeeding Bra for Adventuring

As moms, we tend to make sure our kids have all the right gear when out adventuring, yet, we outfit ourselves with old worn-out gear. Now is the time to find something for yourself that will make adventuring with your little ones more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

What Material to Look for?

Tightly woven, stretchy material is most comfortable and will keep breasts in place. Try and stay away from cotton and stick instead to synthetic material or wool. Check that the bra has good adjustability to fit breasts through all stages of postpartum.

“Support is SO important since your boobs will likely be a size (or several) bigger than normal. Most of the support in a bra comes from a solid band and then from stiff materials.  By having more support, you’re more likely to put less stress on your ligaments and prevent some boob sag in the future. ”

– Team Member Ginny (7 years as a bra fitter) 

What Type of Breast Access Does it Have?

Some bras zip down the middle, some pull down for access, while others have a velcro or clip system. I find that the zip bras are easier to get on initially but become cumbersome when repeatedly zipping open and closed. Pull-down bras are great for easy access but tend to have less support so are better for smaller chested women. For most adventures, I stick to a velcro or clip system.

How Much Breast Compression do I Need?

The amount of breast compression needed depends on breast size and type of activity. Smaller chested moms may prefer bras with less compression while larger chested moms may prefer more compression to stay comfortable during activities. More compression is better for higher impact activities such as trail running while slow and steady hiking may be more comfortable with less compression.

While support feels good, wearing sports bra level compression all day every day can clog your milk ducts and potentially lead to infection. Make sure to wear lighter and less compressive bras on days when you are lounging around the house and if needed while sleeping.

Best Bras for Low Impact Activity

Cake Cotton Cake Seamless Nursing Bra

Best for cup sizes A-C if adventuring and C-F for lounging or sleeping only

Soft and stretchy bra great for ever-changing breast size, especially in the first few weeks of regulating milk supply. Comfortable enough to sleep in, this bra is great for hiking and backpacking when you need a bra that can be worn 24/7. However, there is no option for band size separate from cup sizes so it can be hard to find a good fit if you have a narrow rib cage but large breasts.

Motherhood Seamless Nursing Bra

Best for cup sizes A-D

“This was my favorite one. Definitely not your typical outdoorsy brand but… It offered enough support for hiking, biking & snowboarding and the nylon/spandex material wicked sweat and kept me feeling dry. I can speak to their durability, too, I got several of these hand-me-down and then I used them for 2 babies.”

-Team Member Sarah

Hotmilk Vitality Nursing Bra

Best for cup sizes A-DD

This bra comes in a fun color mix and has a razer back to provide additional support. This is also the only low-impact nursing bra on our favorites list that has a variety of band sizes to choose from to help you find the perfect fit. This bra is nonpadded and stretchy enough to sleep in.

Boob Design Wool Nursing Bra

Best for cup sizes A-D

The only merino wool nursing bra we could find currently on the market. This bra is a splurge and is the most expensive on the list. The merino wool fabric wicks postpartum sweat off and stays stink-free longer. Great for multiday trips and hot sleepers, merino wool can be worth the price, especially for hardcore adventurers or hot sweaty summers of nursing new babies.

Mom sitting on a coat against a tree to breastfeed a baby
Hiking pitstop against a tree to breastfeed baby

Best Bras for High Impact Activity

Big V Racer Back Bra

Best for cup sizes A-B

For my smaller A-B cup mamas, the Big V Racerback is a fantastic option.  The deep V front goes low enough that if you have to breastfeed you can just whip a boob out as needed. It has a thicker band to help hold the bra in place and provide solid support.

Fiona Sports Bra

Best for cup sizes C-D

Ginny’s Favorite Bra – “hands-down the best for medium-high impact support when nursing.  It wicks well, has a cup that will really adjust easily to the size changes, and has a softer, but supportive band that will hold the girls up.  It’s not 100% the easiest to get the strap reattached subtly under a shirt, as it requires 2 hands usually instead of one.  But it’s an awesome bra.”

The Last Resort

Best for cup sizes DD+

For moms with bigger busts, this is by far the best for high-impact activity.  It doesn’t look super sexy – it’s like a little vest that buttons up the front.  But if your girls are an F or G cup while you are nursing, it’s the BEST support you can get. The high back provides great upper back support as well. However, the button-up front does make breastfeeding access more difficult. Best to be used for short workout periods.

Run-it-All Front Close Sports Bra

Best for cup sizes C-D

“The Run it All is a med-high impact, zipper front.  The zipper is a locking zipper, so as long as the pull tab is down, it won’t accidentally pop open.  This one is a really stiff material, so loads of support, but only great for gals with firmer breast tissue (if you have mushy boobs, you’ll just spill out the sides).  BUT – if you have firmer boobs, it’s great to support, flat, welded seams for less chafe, and it’s super easy off/on.” – Ginny

Breastfeeding and staying cozy out on the trail

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