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Beyond Old Faithful: Tips to Seeing Yellowstone

This post was written for the Sierra Trading Post HUB as my part of the #teamSierra group.

Beyond Old Faithful: Tips to Seeing Yellowstone

When people start planning a trip to Yellowstone, they’re often focused on the big attractions that get the most publicity and attention. However, there’s so much more to the Park than Old Faithful. As we head into spring break, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite places that are particularly in the Mammoth Hot Springs area or within reasonable driving distance.

I also feel strongly that way too many people only see Yellowstone from the window of their car or through the lens of their camera. It’s worth it to step out and hike or bike or just walk and enjoy Yellowstone away from the road and bear jams.

Finally – just because the kids came along too doesn’t mean you have to limit your adventures. I’ve compiled our list of activities that are kid-friendly too.


1. Beaver Ponds Trail – This 5 mile trail that starts and ends right in Mammoth Hot Springs is frequented by both trail runners and hikers. For locals, it’s a quick and easy way to get out on the trail and has some spectacular views of the valley. For visitors, it’s a great hike to get you away from the crowds. I prefer doing the trail counter-clockwise to get a good climb at the beginning and then a long gradual downhill. If you are walking quick, this one can be done in under 2 hours. Plan for much longer with kids. It’s also an easy one to go out and then turn back around when you need to.


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