Camping Cots for Kids

Camping Cots for Kids: Disc-O-Bed Cots Review

Disc-O-Bed cots are an easy camping cot set up for kids (or adults) that helps save space in the tent, trailer, or even at home!

We have been using the Disc-O-Bed XL cots for about 3 years now…we got them right about the time we added a second kid to our tent and space got a little tighter. We were fitting two Outfitter XXL cots, a kid cot, and pack-n-play all in our REI Kingdom 6 tent (which is now the Wonderland 6 tent).

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The bunking feature of the Disc-O-Bed cots was a major selling point for us as we were trying to free up some floor space in our tent. We were a bit skeptical at first since we weren’t sure how sturdy bunking cots could be. But, we have never had any issues in our 3+ years of use and they are pretty sturdy.

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Disc-O-Bed Cots in a tent and a pack-n-play on the right. Camping cots for kids.

We were using the Outfitter XXL Cots, and I would still also recommend this cot if you are looking for a more “bed height” cot. The main reason we decided to switch is the Disc-O-Bed Cots have a smaller footprint, becasue of the bunking, but the sleeping area is about the same. Advantage to the Outfitter Cots is they are higher off the ground, but they can’t be bunked and the cross arms stick out wider than the cot and constantly catch you… and things.

Recently we decided it was time to make some more floor space in our cargo trailer conversion camper and get rid of the kid cot and pack-n-play in exchange for the Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk cots.

The girls haven’t had too many sleeps on the cots yet, but the first few trips were a success and we love the freed up floor space! The girls think they are pretty cool too and love their bunk beds. Our biggest issue was getting my youngest to actually sleep… since she is still in her crib at home she didn’t know how to handle the new found freedom.

Disc-O-Bed Cots and Kid-o-bunk cots in a cargo trailer with blankets and clothing around. Girl and dog on right.
The cargo trailer conversion is still a work in progress, sorry about the mess!

All About the Disc-O-Bed Cots

The Disc-O-Beds cots are a 3 in 1 system. You can set them up as bunk beds, use as 1 or 2 single cots, or transform to a bench/couch. Simply release one side of the top bunk and that the becomes the back rest while you sit on the bottom bunk.

Disc-o-bed cot comparison chart

Disc-O-Bed XL Cot Bunk Beds

My husband and I currently sleep on the XL version in our trailer. We have plenty of room on the bed and chose the XL over the L due to the wider sleeping area, definitely a plus for my larger husband. The adult sizes are great for anyone just pick the size that best fits your sleeping needs.

I wouldn’t recommend the adult version for younger kids (or at least the top bunk) as the top bunk can be a little high off the ground, but older kids will do fine and have plenty of room to grow.

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunks

The Kid-O-Bunks are great for younger kids. My youngest at age 2 did fine on the bottom bunk. I was concerned about rolling off, but the bed “scoops” down enough the the side poles should prevent most roll-offs. Even with that, I still won’t be putting my 2yo on the top bunk, just to be safe. My 5yo had no issues climbing up to the top bunk. Even my 2yo climbed her way up there without too much trouble.

We chose the Kid-O-Bunk instead of an Disc-O-Bed Large because we wanted an overall smaller footprint in the trailer. They wont work forever and they will probably outgrow faster than I would like, but for now they are doing their job!

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk set up in living room with young girls on top and bottom.

The manufacturer recommended age is 7-12, but they are useable well before that. The bottom bunk at 9.5″ is about the height of a toddler bed, so if your little is good in a toddler bed (or even if they aren’t in our case), they should be good on the cot.

If you have a taller kid, you also might not make it to age 12 as the cot only has a 62″ long sleeping area and you may want to consider getting the Disc-O-Bed Large for an 82″ long sleeping area. A quick google search let me know the average height of a 12 year old is 55 to 64 inches tall.

I think the biggest struggle (with most kids sleeping) is keeping their bedding in place. My kids roll around in their sheets and sleeping bags and we were constantly adjusting their bedding. We just got the Duvalay covers at Christmas and are looking forward to testing them out!

The Kid-O-Bunk also comes with the accessory pocket included (and removeable). They both love having their own storage pockets for their water bottles, books and treasures from the day.

Another feature on the Kid-O-Bunk we love is the “headboard” and “footboard”, pieces of the bed material that velcro around the bars to keep pillows and loveys from falling off.


Disc-O-Bed also makes a variety of accessories. A few I would recommend and some are totally optional!

Disc-O-Bed Cots accessories


Rubber Foot Pads: Help protect the floor of your tent, avoid sinking into the ground or keep the cots from moving if on a slippery surface. The rubber foot pads also help disperse the weight and provide stability.

Leg Extension Kit: Save your self a headache from hitting your head and get the leg extensions if your bunk didn’t come with it. They will add 7” of height between the cots. It doesn’t make the top too high, but adds some more room on the bottom. If using in a tent, make sure you have enough head room, but we had plenty in our REI Kingdom 6. These are not compatible with the Kid-O-Bunk.


Side Organizer: Like a nightstand hanging from your bunk. Room for phones, books, water bottles, chapstick, etc. I store all sorts of things in ours. Definitely more handy for the top bunk than the bottom since that person could use the floor.

Foot Lockers: These perfectly sized bags slide right under the cot. Depending on your space and needs, these could be a great addition to keeping your space organized. Grab two… one for each person on the bunk. We don’t have these yet, but we are going to see how packing goes this coming summer, and if they will be beneficial, we might order some to help keep the girls clothing organized and utilize the space under the cot that mat otherwise be wasted.

Bunk lockers: These are bags that hang off the end of the cots for extra storage. Use for clothes or gear, whatever needs organizing. Depending on your space, these could be a great addition to help keep your gear off the floor and organized.

Roller Bag: A simple rolling duffle to help you haul your cots. Great if you always have to move them a distance. Open up the 169-liter bag to a roomy compartment. All systems can fit in this bag. The bunks stay in their regular storage bag and those bags go into this big one for easy transport.

Spare Parts: Another great feature of Disc-O-Bed is that you can purchase parts separately! If you happen to misplace or break a piece, you can easily get a replacement part without having to replace the entire unit.

Duvalay Sleeping Pad

If you kids are like little tornados when they sleep, consider getting some of the Duvalay sleeping pads. They are made for both the adult and kids cots. Mattress and sheet all in one that fits perfectly on the cot.

1″ of memory foam with a water resistant mattress cover covered with an attached sheet and blanket. The bottom sheet and top blanket are all connected and removeable from the memory foam mattress for easy washing. It would also be easy to add a waterproof mattress protector pad between the sheet and mattress as well if extra protection is needed.

Disc-o-bed kid-o-bunk assembled with duvalays

These can also double as floor sleeping pads when traveling when you don’t need to take the bunks. Great for a kids sleep over or even a little campout in the back yard.

I feel they are a little pricey, but love that they fit the bunks perfectly and hopefully will stay put while my kids sleep.

Tips for Using the Cots

  • Use sleeping pads on the cots so you don’t get chilled at night from no insulation underneath. Pair the cot with a thick sleeping pad and you’ve got a pretty good nights sleep.
  • Remove the storage pockets if camping when cooler as they can trap cold air underneath the cot. If you notice being more cold than normal, try removing the pockets for better airflow or add “insulation” under your cot like duffels full of clothes, etc.
  • For maximum space savings, only get the biggest cot you need. We went with the XL since my husband is 6’2” but if you are a smaller family, get the regular size cots and save a few inches of floor space.
  • Put the taller person on top. Since there isn’t a lot of room between the two bunks, the taller person will have an easier time getting off the top bunk than having to roll out of the bottom bunk sicne they might not be able to sit-up to get out.

Disc-o-Beds are a great way to easily expand the capacity of your family tent for car camping or to bring for yurt or cabin trips. My kids also just like setting them up and sleeping on them in their rooms or when we are visiting friends and family. Getting them set up takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it!

TMM Founder Amelia

Features We Love About the Disc-O-Bed Bunks

Compact Storage and Transport

We love that these cots break down pretty small and store nicely in their own FLAT tote bags. They are heavy, but each cot has its own bag so they are manageable one at a time. All the pieces fit in their own area in the bags and there is extra room for the accessories like leg extensions and rubber feet.

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk storage bags and duvalay covers leaning against a rock wall.

We love that the bags lay nice and flat to pack or store. That was a big downside to our Outfitter Cots, the bags were big and bulky and difficult to pack and tote around. These are easy to pack in the bed of the truck or trailer.

Heads-up, unless you have older kids, don’t plan on your kids carrying around their own cot bag, they are a little heavy depending on the size (see chart above).

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk broken down in its included storage bag
Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk broken down in its included storage bag

Strong and Sturdy

We love that these are nice and study, although they sway a little (lengthwise) when someone is moving around, I have never felt like they were going to collapse or tip over when getting on or off. With a 500lb weight limit on the adult cots, you shouldn’t have any worries about strength of these beds.

Easy Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy, even the first time. Take down is just as simple. The whole bunk bed can be assembled in about 10 minutes solo, maybe 15 minutes on your first try. Both the Kid-O-Bunk and the Disc-O-Beds take about the same amount of time. I might be able to do the Kid-O-Bunk a little faster since it is smaller, but not by much time.

They can be set up by one person easily as well. I have done ours many times solo. But it is a little faster if there are two of you. They are also easy to get tight beds due to the discs, just firmly push the discs down and they slide into place smoothly.

A Few Things We Don’t Love

I don’t really have a lot of complaints about these bunks, but here are a few downsides.

Can rock a little

I think it is to be expected, but they do sway a little when bunked and people are moving around. I have never felt unsafe, but I hate disturbing my bunk partner if I have to get out for any reason.

Hard to use sheets

I prefer to use sheets and blankets vs. sleeping bags in the summer when camping, but its hard to get sheets to stay put. What I have started to do is use sheets over the sleeping pad. And then use a spring clamp at the end to hold the sheet and blanket to the cot material. Easy fix!

The “couch” isn’t that great

Although its great to have another spot to sit, the couch isn’t that great. The side rail of the top bunk becomes the back rest and its not very comfortable. You could re-purpose some pillows or the Duvalay for backrests and that would probably make it a bit more comfortable. You also have to clear everything off the top bunk to convert to a couch which for us is more of a pain.

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk set up in couch mode with two young girls sitting on it.

Where to Buy…

Head on over to Disc-O-Bed and use code “mtnmama” for 20% off!

We actually got our Disc-O-Bed XL cots from Costco in the summer. Costco has a good price on a bundle that includes the floor saver feet, bunk organizer, and bunk extensions. Bonus, they were on sale when we purchased as well for even more savings. So, if you are a Costco member, make sure to keep an eye out for these on sale in the summer months and score a great package deal.

Save Space and Bunk Up

Overall, we love the cots and the extra space they provideby bunking. We have been happy with our decision to sell our Outfitter cots and move to the Disc-O-Bed Cots and have been enjoying the Kid-O-Bunks for the girls too.

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