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Family Sleeping Bag: Kelty TruComfort Doublewide Review

A good night’s sleep is so vitally important, it should be one of your top priorities, especially when camping (and yes, you CAN do it!) You don’t want to wake with cold feet in the middle of the night, or be so uncomfortable that sleep is elusive, and this is doubly important when camping with kids. Note: the links in this post are affiliates. Thanks so much for supporting us by clicking through them if you choose to purchase!

Over the past two months I’ve had the chance to test the Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide 20 sleeping bag (also available on Amazon), or rather, my kids have! Originally intended to be mine, when my two tent mates saw how fluffy and cozy the Tru Comfort looked, they begged to have it for their own. As a family, we spend around 90 nights a year camping. And over the years, after trying many different sleeping arrangements, I’ve found that my kids sleep much better in a bag built for two. 

Our longtime favorite double sleeping bag was a 15 year old Kelty, but sadly, it needed to be replaced after being misplaced.   The new bag (the Kelty Tru Comfort) proved to be rated accurately.  It was designed for temps as low as 20 degrees, and during our springtime camping trip to Moab Utah, we had a few nights in the low 20s and the kids were toasty warm in the tent inside the Tru Comfort Doublewide.

A unique feature of the bag that really appealed to the kids…each side of the bag has an additional snuggle blanket! This snuggle blanket is attached at the side, and completely separate down the middle, so each person can choose to snuggle their blanket  for extra warmth, or push it to the side. Additionally, the bag has a foot vent on both sides if you happen to be camping in warmer temps. An innovative customizable sleep experience. 

The rounded hood area keeps the pillows from running off in the night, which is a huge plus. However, you cannot unzip the hood feature, so be sure to use a pillow and sleep on top of the hood if you get claustrophobic!

My personal tip:  Buy a long rectangular body pillow to use for camping. This takes the place of two pillows, and fits perfectly across the top of the doublewide sleeping bag! Depending on the density, you should be able to squish it into a stuffsack for traveling to and from your campsite if space is an issue.

– Valerie White


  • Temp Rating 20 degrees
  • Insulation: cloudloft synthetic
  • Stuffed size: 15” x 23”
  • Fits humans up to 6 ft 6 in!

What we LOVE about the Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide 20:

  • So fluffy and cozy you’ll want to camp every night! This bag is not minimalist, but you’re car camping – so get comfy! (( it does pack down quite nicely…the stuff sack is surprisingly small, but the bag fits just fine, and you won’t have to struggle to get it packed up either!))
  • Whisper quiet. Some sleeping bags are SO LOUD! Not this one. Kelty nailed it. The taffeta material is amazingly soft and quiet.
  • Accurate temperature rating. This bag is as warm as it claims to be.
  • Wider than most double bags on the market which gives plenty of room for tossing and turning
  • Kelty offers a product lifetime warranty on their sleeping bags, and have great customer service if you run into an issue.

What we didn’t love about the Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide 20:

  • The foot vent zipper was frustratingly sticky, right out of the bag. A quick call to customer service helped me identify & rectify the problem. They have seriously great customer care. The side zippers were perfect, no issues whatsoever.
  • According to customer service, machine washing this bag (even in a commercial machine) is not recommended! Not ideal for an item that may get pretty funky with years of regular use. I’m not super concerned personally, as we regularly forgo bathing for weeks at a time. However, to put this bag to the test,  i’m waiting for a warm day to try out their recommendation of spot cleaning & spraying it down with a hose and air drying in the sun. I will absolutely update this review when i’ve had the chance to try this out. After our 40 night test, the bag had quite the collection of desert sand, so it was pretty easy to shake it out, but had there been a bigger issue, we would have been taking it to the car wash!

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, if you are looking for a warm and cozy rest-nest for your kids, or for you and your partner, the Kelty TruComfort Doublewide bag is it. Coupled with a double pad & a few pillows (or the long single pillow)  you’ll be well rested and ready for whatever adventure awaits!

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