LittleBig Bike Review

LittleBig Bike is a 3-in-1 bike that can take you from a small balance bike to a big balance bike and then to a pedal bike in a manner of minutes. LittleBig is designed and made in Ireland and ships to countries all over the world. We tested this bike on sidewalks, asphalt and relatively flat gravel trails and found it to be durable, fun, and built to last.

In our family this bike was best suited for our 4.5-year-old. The balance bike was too big for our 16-month-old to ride and the pedal bike was small for our 6.5-year-old.

The Specs:

  • 3 bikes in 1: a little balance bike, a big balance bike, and a big pedal bike
  • Price: $187 (Bike Alone); $240 (Bike & Pedal Bundle) *(shipping not included)
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs (Balance Bike); 14.6 lbs (Pedal Bike)
  • Wheel Size: 14 Inches
  • Saddle Height: Little Balance Bike (14”-18”); Big Balance Bike (18”-22”); Big Pedal Bike (19.5”-22”)
  • Age Range: The website says this bike is for ages 2-7. I think this bike is most appropriate for ages 2-5 or children wearing size 2T-5T pants. (*See below a pic of my 6.5-year-old riding it)

What I Love:

  • The concept of this bike is awesome! The same bike that your child grows up riding and loving as their balance bike can turn into a bigger balance bike in under 5 minutes and a pedal bike in under 15 minutes. This takes the guess work out of wondering if/when your child is ready to go from balance to pedal bike. You can quickly convert it to a pedal bike at any time. If your child is not ready for pedals, then you can easily convert it back to a balance bike.
  • The price! Instead of paying a lot of money for a quality balance bike and then spending even more money for a quality pedal bike you can buy one bike that is high quality as both a balance and pedal bike (a minimalist’s dream)
  • Built with durable, quality materials (Aluminum frame, steel fork, cushioned seat, enclosed tubing, air-filled tires)
  • Able to withstand lots of wear and tear and will last through multiple children (Unlike many balance bikes the LittleBig Bike does great on muddy trails, gravel roads etc. due to its durable tires and components)
  • Front and rear hand brakes that are easy for a child to use *(This bike is made in Ireland and the brakes are set up according to EU standards which are opposite of U.S. brakes. This means your child’s right hand brakes the front wheel and your child’s left hand brakes the back wheel. I confirmed with LittleBig and they are willing to change it to the U.S. brake standard before shipping at no extra cost. To request this change be sure to put this request in your order notes at checkout)
  • When the bike converts to a pedal bike there is no rear coaster break to assemble
  • Fun colors that your kids will be excited about (Apple Green, Sparkle Pink, Flame Red, Electric Blue)
  • Great Warranty- 5 years for frame and fork & 2 years for all other parts

Things to Consider:

  • Weight: 11.2 lbs & 14.6lbs is heavier than some comparable balance and pedal bike models
  • While the all in one concept is something I love there are a few limitations. This bike may not be the best fit if your 18-month-old is ready for a balance bike or your 3-year-old is ready for a pedal bike.
    • My petite 16-month-old (wearing 15-month pants, 9.5″ inseam ) is still several months away from being able to ride this as a balance bike. The minimum seat height for the little balance bike setting is 14″.
    • My 4.5-year-old (who wears 4T pants and is petite for her age, 16” inseam) can barely reach her toes to the ground when the seat is on the lowest pedal bike setting. Being unable to have her feet flat on the ground makes this bike more challenging to start and stop on her own. The minimum seat height for the pedal bike setting is 19.5″.

Set-up Tip:

  • When assembling the bike, we had to adjust the rear wheel to engage the rear brake correctly on the rim. Below are pictures that show how to adjust this for anyone that has trouble!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this bike is a great fit for parents who want to spend money on one bike instead of two, want to store one bike instead of two, and have children ages 2-5 who are eager to ride.

*Disclaimer: I cannot speak to how easy it is to learn to ride on this bike with no previous pedal bike experience. Our daughter (4.5yo) who tested the bike was already comfortable riding a 14” pedal bike prior to this review. Once a child is tall enough and comfortable biking around on the big balance bike setting I would expect that they would be able to transition quickly from the balance to the pedal bike setting.

LittleBig generously gave us a bike to test as part of this review but all opinions about the bike and our experience riding it are my own. LittleBig was quick to respond to inquiries and shipping from Ireland was fast.

Stephanie is a South Idaho native but currently lives in Columbia, MO with her husband, Jayson, and gang of girls—Clara (6), Mckinlay (4), and Ruth (1). As a family of 5 they enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, camping, traveling, backpacking and being silly. Like many others they’re trying to balance the complexities of work and family life. They’ve found that time slows down when they’re outside adventuring together and appreciate the simplicity and beauty they find there. Find them on their brand new Instagram: @switchbacksandsingletracks

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