Happy Kids Get Muddy!

Happy Kids Get Muddy!

Our country is overrun by the quest to cut out all germs and bacteria and become as “clean” as possible.  We have entire grocery aisles dedicated to cleaning supplies and constant marketing schemes to get cleaner (but what I see, personally, as only adding more harmful chemicals to our home.) But, in my experience the … Read more

Hike on, Mama! It’s Good for the Baby on Board

Hike On, Mama!

Please feel free to join in the discussion below as you hike during pregnancy – we want to hear your unique story!   “Guess you won’t be hiking as much anymore now that you’re pregnant…” How many times did I hear that when we first told people that our first child was on the way? … Read more

Best Tips to Get Kids to Wear Life Jackets

get kids to wear life jackets

All too often I notice kids not wearing life jackets (also known as “PFDs” = Personal Flotation Devices) in potentially dangerous situations.  In an effort to help get kids to wear life jackets, we’ve outlined our best tips below. PFDs should be worn for any play near or on the water and it’s important kids … Read more

Instilling Leadership in Kids With Help From Mother Nature

Today we welcome Jennifer of Mommy Hiker to the blog.  I absolutely love her photography and words – and she has some great thoughts about how our children learn so much from nature!   Placing a focus on instilling in our kids the positive pillars that mark a great leader, is a just and noble … Read more

Camping As a Single Parent

What strategies can you use as a single parent to make your camping trip fun for everyone? Camp with friends. This is one of my favorite ways to camp, because if the kids have friends to play with, they have a lot more fun, which means I have a lot more fun! I also love … Read more

How Can you Carry Your Kids? Let me count the ways! + Deuter Giveaway

More than anything else, people find this blog when they are searching for ways to carry their kids and get outside.  It’s the biggest dilemma parents face, especially when children are young. The only way you can really continue getting outside and moving after kids is with the right gear.  Note: I didn’t say it … Read more