Pello Revo 16" Bike Review

Pello Revo 16″ Bike Review

The Pello Revo is an excellent US-built 16″ bike boasting kid-specific geometry, a lightweight frame and the most aggressive tires we’ve seen on a kid bike. Because of the fact that it comes with coaster brakes AND a rear wheel hand-brake, it’s a great bike for new riders coming right off a balance bike or kids transition from a coaster bike to hand brakes.

Pello Revo 16" Bike Review

Newly released in the summer of 2016, Pello bikes was born from the desire of bike-loving dad, Shane Cusick, to have his kids on a bike they could actually be successful on! The US market is still catching up to European models as far as great bikes for kids and Pello is leading the way.


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