Pello Revo Bike Review

The Pello Revo is an excellent US-built 16″ bike boasting kid-specific geometry, a lightweight frame and the most aggressive tires we’ve seen on a kid bike.

Because of the fact that it comes with coaster brakes AND a rear wheel hand-brake, it’s a great bike for new riders coming right off a balance bike or kids transition from a coaster bike to hand brakes.

Newly released in the summer of 2016, Pello bikes was born from the desire of bike-loving dad, Shane Cusick, to have his kids on a bike they could actually be successful on!

The US market is still catching up to European models as far as great bikes for kids and Pello is leading the way.

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Pello Revo 16" Bike

Our initial thoughts on the Pello Revo

We put our own child on the Revo for testing and then handed it off to a couple families who are looking to make the transition to a better pedal bike for their kids for further test rides.

Truthfully, because P (aged 5 and the perfect size for this 16″ bike) has been riding with front and rear pedal brakes for the past 2 years, we were concerned the pedal bikes would actually be a hinderance and possibly a safety hazard for him.

However, he LOVES to ride the Revo because of the wide and aggressive tires (great for trail riding) and the geometry that allows him to get great power behind his pedals and have him sitting in a more upright position.

**Note, the Revo has pedal brakes simply because it’s the law in US-produced bikes. Because of its size, it is considered a “sidewalk bike” and must have those pedal brakes. Pello just added the hand brake because they think it’s a great idea (and so do we!)**

Pello Revo 16" Bike

And Pello really believes in their bikes! They come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and 2 year warranty on the parts. They are certainly something that can easily be passed on (or get a great return on your investment too).

What we love:

– Weighing in at 16.2 pounds, it’s super lightweight and easily manageable by all riders

– Wide and aggressive tires allow kids to be successful on any surface

– Rear hand brake to allow kids to learn to use it…without the risk of crashes over the handlebars that only having a front brake would cause.

– Very good geometry, upright positioning and narrow q-factor (width between pedals) mean that every kid feels comfortable and stable on this bike.

– It may seem trivial, but the bikes come with a bell….which is ALWAYS the first things kids notice! Bells are a great way to make riding fun (and safe for passing too!)

Pello Revo 16" Bike
Pello Revo 16" Bike

What we aren’t so crazy about:

– I’m personally not a fan of coaster brakes, but right now it’s the law in the U.S. …and IS great to have for kids that are new riders or don’t have the hand strength to safely use the hand brakes

-No quick-release seat

The Bottom Line:

While at $299, the Pello Revo is still an investment for sure, it is a bit more affordable than other lightweight models and love around here.

And the components are substantially highly quality than any bike you can find in a box store at this time.

A quality-built bike really DOES make a difference for kids riding, especially up hills and on dirt. We think the Revo is a great choice and one of our top picks!

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pello revo 16 bike review

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