Gear Review: Chariot CX1 Review

    Disclosure: For our “Stroll On: Get Out on Wheels” project this summer, we approached a variety of jogging stroller companies for reviews.  Each of these strollers were given to use for their review purposes free of charge.  However, we pride ourselves in having thorough and honest reviews – everything you see here is our honest opinions and exactly what we tell family and friends.


    The Chariot CX1 and 2 are the “elite performers” in the Thule Child Transportation Systems line-up for active families.  While the Chinook is geared towards a more urban family, the CX is for the more off-road active family with some added bells and whistles compared to the Cougar line.


    The CX 1 is actually the first Chariot we have used that is not a double.  We’ll stick by our claim that even if you have one child, the double provides a welcome addition of space.  However, with our configuration of 3 kids that sometimes ALL need to go in Chariots, this works great to have our second stroller be a single.  Plus, we can show you what the space looks like in them.


    We tested the CX 1 running, walking and biking.  We will test it skiing this winter and update this review when we do.  This review will focus mostly on the running/walking aspects, but it’s an incredible bike trailer.  We hooked it up to our 5 year olds bike just to see if he could easily pull it, and he had no problem at all (on flat terrain.)  It pulls and follows without a glitch and hooks up very easily.


    In this review we will reference the CX in comparison to the Cougar and the Chinook.  Links to both reviews on those models are included at the bottom of this review (right before “Bottom Line”) to help you understand what we mean.


    Chariot CX1 Review

    Chariot CX1 Review


    Key Features:

    – Ergonomic Handlebar which makes jogging (and holding on to your precious cargo) comfortable and eas(ier)

    – Full side window venting (the windows zip off on each side so you can open just part of it or zip it completely off)

    – Ergonomic Design

    – Tires that are lower profile and ready to be pulled or pushed

    – Handbrake with disc brakes for rough or steep terrain.  We use this way more than we thought we would.

    – Comes compatible to all the Chariot attachments so you can bike, run, stroll, hike or ski (Strolling wheels ARE included)

    – Protective “pod” keeps kids comfortable and safe in all weather conditions (even -20 degree weather, etc.)



    What we love:

    – It rides like a dream.  Really, all Chariots do, but the hand brake linked to the drum brakes on the wheel mean super incredible stopping power.  In fact, occasionally, I forget it is so great and will pull the brake and give the rider a little unintentional jolt as it stops quickly.

    Chariot CX1 Review

    CX Drum Brakes

    – Adjustable suspension that is adjusted easily means you can give the right amount of suspension for whatever your load may be.  It’s very rare that we only have a 12 pound baby in ours – usually it’s Baby/Kiddo + gear + snacks, etc.

    – Like the Cougar series, we love the included cargo space in the back.  The Chinook comes with a removable bag, but it’s not our favorite.  The “trunk” of the CX (and Cougar) holds a ton of extras (balance bikes included) and is very secure.  It also can be folded up and out of the way when not in use.

    – Both side windows can be removed completely to expose mesh.  The Cougar does not have this option and it is great for when the weather gets hotter.

    – Easily changes between bike, stroll, run and ski mode (attachments sold separately except for the included strolling wheels).  Additionally, when not in use the bike “arm” and strolling wheels can be stored on the Chariot so you have them ready to go.

    – I love the handle bar on the CX.  There are lots of options for holding places on it which is great as you adjust during a run yourself or between pushers.

    – The Console (sold separately for $39.95) makes stowing an easy-access water bottle and my cell phone and keys in a secure zippered pocket where I can easily reach for them.  Also available to add to the handlebar is the Thule Cargo Rack ($79.95) to just hold more gear.

    Chariot CX1 Review

    Loaded with even extra cargo in the diaper bag. It continues to handle excellently.

    – There are different levels of shade you can adjust as needed depending on how big your rider is.

    – You can use the infant-sling ($89.95) in this model, which is our very favorite for taking out teeny tiny (and for us up to 1 year old) babies.

    Chariot CX1 Review

    Baby L (~3 months) in the Infant Sling in the CX1


    What we aren’t so crazy about:

    – Having the option of the swivel wheel on the front with the jogger would be nice (opposed to switching over to strolling wheels.)  However, that is also what makes the Chinook a bit more bulky.  Guess it’s a trade-off?

    – As mentioned above, the single Chariots (in all models) are tight.  They are just big enough for a kid and a few small items.  I’d go with the double every time.  That said, it sure is nice being able to fit it in smaller spots in the garage.

    – A thousand dollars is a lot (a LOT) to spend on a stroller. If you don’t plan to use this with all the attachments, it’s not worth it to spend that kind of money.  HOWEVER, if you are like us and would use this every single day in some capacity or another this is your stroller (AKA CTS – Child Transportation System).  You really can’t beat the quality (and will find these used for years and years in excellent condition because they just hold up to a great amount of use and abuse.)

    – The removable side windows could be easily lost (in the shuffle of life with little kids, of course.)  I wish you could mostly unzip them, but roll them either up or down and secure them for safe keeping and easy accessibility when you needed them

    – Because of the hand brake, the handlebar is not easy to remove for storage.  You can, but you do need tools (opposed to the Cougar which comes off easily) and have to disconnect the brake.


    Previous Thule Chariot Reviews and what they are best for in a nutshell:

    – Chariot Cougar – Best all-around Chariot (and Thule’s best seller)
    – Chariot Chinook – Best for urban environments, though still works great out on the trails too (more bulky for in and out transfer between cars, etc.)
    – CX models – Best for running, especially long distances and more rigorous terrain (thanks to hand brakes and disc brakes)

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    The Bottom Line

    Thule makes incredible Child Transportation Systems - it is what we have depended on to get out as a family since our first child was born 5 years ago. While the cost for the CX is high for just a jogging stroller, it's well-worth it (in our opinion) for people who intend to use them for their full purpose (run, stroll, hike, ski and bike).

    If you have questions about the CX series, please feel free to leave them in the comments in this post. We will definitely be happy to answer them!

    Chariot CTS/Thule generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review. However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own. Additionally, a few of these links are affiliates. Thank you so much for clicking through them to make your purchases – it helps offset the cost of this blog in a (VERY VERY) small way!

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      1. We have both a Cougar single and CX double and are now looking to replace the single with the CX model because of those zip off windows. They make an incredible difference in theHeight of the Denver summers. You’re absolutely right about the versatile positions of that handle bar for jogging- spots for uphill and down!

      2. We have had our cx1 since our little one was born. Before Thule it was just chariot carriers. Used with the infant sling for strolls at 3 months. Jogging with the attachment for a small baby at 6 months old. It allows us to be outside! Jogging, biking/cycling, XC skiing 🙂 she’s now starting to ski, downhill and XC ski…, she’s 3.5 now. She is really good on her balance bike but we bike long distances to different parks n use the balance bike once we are at the park… We have strolling wheels but only found it useful the first year. We don’t use it for strolling now that she walks. If we are out all day we opt for the umbrella stroller as it’s a little easier to manage. We tried hiking with it when she was 8 months old in the Adirondacks. But we found it cumbersome on the trail just used the deuterpack iii from then on. Which was amazing. we used that too. But while we’ve outgrown the deuterpack (she hikes with us now, so I use a woven for short ups) we continue to use the chariot carrier cx1. I imagine we will use this til she’s 6 years old.

      3. Alexandra says:

        Hi Amelia,

        Many thanks for you reviews! They are just what I have been looking for. I think I know the answer – but what would you recommend for us? We are looking mainly for a bike trailer to take the boys (1 & 3) to and from Kindergarten and on small tours to the beach. No skiing (unless our winters get more snow here in Northern Germany), no jogging – but potentially some long walks on country roads. For the city we have a seperate pram, so I don’t think that we would move it in and out of the car a lot.
        Our key focus is also the comfort of the kids – especially when they fall asleep. We tested a different trailer and noticed that the kids heads ended up bopping around once they had fallen asleep – it did not look comfy at all (even though they did not seem to mind).

        • Alexandra – so sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier. I was waiting to hear back from Thule about what their new bike trailers are like as far as the seating. I haven’t seen them quite yet, so didn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. Per your other comment/question – I think the Chinook is what you want!

        • Alexandra did you find out about the heax bobbing when sleeping? Does this happen with this trailer?

      4. Alexandra says:

        We are trying to decide if we should buy the CX2 or the Chinook 2.

        In one of your replies you mention that you find that the kids sit better in the CX as compared to the Cougar. What is your feel with regards to the CX vs the Chinook? Our main focus is on the comfort of the kids. Our older one has low muscle tone and tends to slump quiet easily. So we are looking for a seat that gives him good support – especially when he falls asleep. We figure that the Chinook’s reclinable back would come in very handy.

        What do you think?

        • Hi Alexandra – I think if you are looking for child support in the seat for bigger kids, you would want to go with the Chinook. That reclinable back will be huge for you guys. Let me know if you have other questions! 🙂

      5. Hi Amelia,

        I read you also have the BOB Sport Utility, is that right? How does it compare to the CX1 and Cougar for running on road and off road?

        We have a four month old, and would like to run on road and off road, which is why the BOB appealed. But we also want to cycle, so that is why I started looking at the Thule options, as that would cover both activities. Also how good is the suspension on the CX and Cougar for cycling off road?

        And how useful do you think the handbrake of the CX and BOB is? We do have some hills around here.

        Cheers, Menno

        • Hi Menno,

          Ok, so I have a BOB SUV that is 5 years old and a BOB Revolution we are testing out currently. Both have excellent suspension.

          We routinely walk/run/bike with our kids in the Cougar, CX and Chinook off-road (meaning dirt, non-paved surfaces.) Of the three of them, I think the CX handles the best for running in general (suspension included.) While the Cougar is no failure and shouldn’t be discounted, it is probably the least off-road friendly in that line-up. The Chinook does fine, but is a bit more bulky/heavy.

          If you want to be able to run and bike, I would personally go with the Chariot CX. If you decided you were JUST going to run, a BOB is a great bet. Also, watch the blog in the coming weeks – working on a couple more reviews of joggers that may appeal to you. 🙂

          =) Amelia

          • Thanks for answering!

            Good to hear to Thule’s are good for off-road. What makes the Cougar less off-road friendly compared to the CX? The CX sounds good but it’s quite a bit pricier, hence my question.

            Which other joggers will you be reviewing?


            • Menno – I need to look at them again closer, but the disc brakes, better handlebar and I *think* better suspension (have to check on that though!) That said, we did a lot of off-road things with our cougar for years before we had any of the other options 🙂

              You can see the full line-up of our stroller reviews here:


      6. Tierra-Belle says:

        Hello Amelia,
        I have just spent some serious time reading your reviews and all of the comments…whew! So I live on a farm in a rural area (some paved roads, lots of dirt roads, no sidewalks) I am a runner (walking when pregnant and after) with two little kiddos & hoping for more. Leaning towards the CX2 for all of the options (bike, hike, etc.) I am 4’11” my kids 2 1/2 and 8mo. Does that sound like the best CTS for us?
        Thanks, you do amazing work!

        • Hi! Yes, I think you would
          Love the cx2. The only hesitation I would have would be the fact that the handlebar isn’t adjustable. I am 5’2″ and it’s totally ok for me, but something to consider. The Chinook is adjustable. Does that help?

      7. Hi Amelia,
        Love the website!! My daughter has the sa,e name as you!!
        We are looking into getting a new vehicle for her, Biking and Jogging.
        Regular , paved streets, the everyday stuff here and there.
        I am having a hard time justifying the 500$ difference between the CX model and the Cougar.
        We would like to have our kids at a close age gap (only 1 now, she’s 8 months) so we would get the double.
        I would like your input for our selection please!

        Thank you!


        • Hi James,
          Well you must have good taste in names! The Cougar is great – unless you are running tons you don’t need anything more than the Cougar! Does that help??
          =) Amelia

          • Hi Amelia,
            Thank you for the swift response! I will ask my question differently: if you had 1000$ to spend, would you get a CX model or a cougar with accessories??

            Thank you!


            • James,
              Well, in that case, I would get the CX model 🙂 It’s just a bit smoother and has some nice extras (like that hand brake).

      8. Hi there, thank you for your review. Were you able to test CX while skiing? Also, can you use the hiking/ski setup to run while pulling vs. pushing?

        Kind regards,

        • Hi Misko – CX pulls great while skiing. And I wouldn’t recommend running while pulling it – there’s too much resistance and I think it would get annoying more than anything…..

      9. Hi Amelia,

        I am having a hard time choosing between trailers for my 6 month old baby. I am a triathlete and would like to be able to do some of my long and short rides outside (both on paved and dirt roads) with the baby in tow in stead of inside on a trainer. I would also use the trailer for occasional commuting and picknicks (on the bike). I have a jogging stroller I really like so I would not use it for running. I was set on buying the CX1 but am hesitant because the seat does not recline and it does not seem comfortable to sleep with your head hanging. Which trailer would you think would be the best option for me out of the ones you have tested?

        • Hi Olive – truthfully most of the Chariot trailers pull about the same when biking. We haven’t really noticed much of a difference with any of them. My kids were/are on the small size so we put them in an infant sling until almost age 1 and they were just fine after that (there is a slight reliance in the seats). SO, if you prefer having the reclining seat (which I totally understand), I would go with the Chinook. It has the swivel wheel too, which is really nice for navigating small spaces. They’re available at REI (affiliate link).
          Does that help?
          =) Amelia

          • Thank you Amelia, you answer helps a lot. I am going to try out the CX1 for my kid to see how he fits in it. If he does not look comfortable I will go with the Chinook (unfortunately I can’t try that one).


      10. Hi Amelia!

        I understand that the CX does not have an infant car seat adapter. Is this correct? Any comments here would be helpful as I am trying to decide between Chinook 2 and CX 2.



        • Kim,

          That is correct. But you can buy the infant sling for the CX, which we highly recommend – I prefer it to a kid sitting in a car seat anyway! Does that help?


      11. Hi Amelia, Thanks for taking time to write such a thorough review and reply to all the comments. We were unable to find a store to view / test out any of the different trailers so this site was very useful. We ended up buying a CX1 with jogger and bike kits as 1) We are quite active and liked the idea of a hand brake and removable side panels vs. the Cougar and 2) We live in an apartment so need to fold away the trailer when not in use. The CX1 is smaller than the CX2 (I know you prefer the double trailers but they look to hold value well on eBay incase we need to upgrade) and vs. the Chinoock the CX1 is a lot lighter and looks easier to fold (swivel wheel seems a bit odd in the Thule videos on YouTube). Appreciate we haven’t tested the other products but we thought we’d share our thought process incase anyone found it useful. We’ve had the CX1 for a couple of months now and and are really pleased with it (+ it fits in the closet). John

      12. Hi Amelia,

        Thanks for your great review! I think we’re leaning towards the CX2 but I was wondering how well it handles as a stroller in its 4 wheel configuration in snow (either packed or a few inches of new)? We get a lot of snow at our house and want to be able to use it for walks on trails nearby. Our main uses will be skiing, biking and using it as a stroller in potentially snowy conditions and we’re sort of on the fence between the CX2 and the Burley D’lite…do you have a recommendation?

        Thanks so much!

        • Hi Jesse,

          On snow, I think you’re better off with the jogging attachment because the tires are just bigger. It does ok in stroller mode, but honestly not great. Both are great strollers – CX is a better runner if you plan on running. Also the CX has the option of the infant sling being used – the Burley D’Lite can’t really be used until kids are sitting up mostly on their own. Does that help??

          =) Amelia

          • Hi Amelia,

            Thanks for the quick reply! That does help…I don’t think the Burley is quite right for us. So if the CX strolling wheels aren’t great in the snow, would the Chinook possibly make more sense for us with the larger single wheel that can turn or be locked in place? It seems like the downside would be the additional weight, but for walking, biking and running we would be going straight from our house (so no need to be loaded into the car)…the only time we would be loading it in the car would be for XC skiing. I was turned off a bit from the Chinook by the description of it being more useful for urban users which definitely doesn’t describe us but the turning front wheel seems like an attractive feature! Do you have an opinion of which you think might be better for us?

            Again, thanks so much!

            • We actually love the Chinook – it really rolls well (and skis well and bikes well) despite the extra weight. How old are your kids?? And do you think you could possibly have more (hence having an infant in there later)?

              • We have one kid who is now 5 months old but we’re planning on having another at some point down the road. I keep going back and forth about which would be better…it’s hard for me to not obsess over this decision considering how much money it is!

      13. Hello again Amelia,

        I actually bought the chinook 2 and commented on the other page! I ended up returning it because I was usually it to run primarily and didn’t like no hand brake factor. And I couldn’t fit it into my oddysey without taking off the wheels so it was a pain!

        So now here I am again wondering if I might spend my Christmas $ on the cx-2? I have three kids- 5, 3, and 16 months.

        My questions:

        I really want to bike with them! So, In regards to biking, how do your smaller kids do sleeping in the trailer? I know the chinook reclines but it wasn’t a lot so I didn’t think it was a big deal. I’m hoping the two toddlers can sleep in the trailer but will they be uncomfortable in helmets? I’ve noticed in other trailer when they were helmets their heads are pushed forward.

        Have you any comments or suggestions on the nap comfort level?

        The chinook comes with all those cushions for smaller kids but once they’re over a year they don’t need anything more do they in the cx2?

        Do you have any idea if the cx2 will fit in a Honda oddysey without taking off the rear wheels?

        is it a big deal to throw the extra wheel for running after biking? I did like the chinook front wheel conversion (but could not figure out how to take it off for tire fixing anyway!) I like the looks of the storage on the cx2 more.

        In short I think I will use it primarily for biking since I ended up getting a bob revolution pro (handbrake, goes in the car easily)

        Your thoughts? I live in a more urban area but I can get to bike paths with out cars; they will probably be in helmets for safety, and my 5 year old sitting on a bike seat with me. Not sure I can even do that much weight!

        Thank you!

        • HI Laura – bummed it didn’t work for you, but glad you could return!

          – Yes, we bike with our kids in there all the time. Quite honestly, the helmets do get in the way in pretty much all bike trailers for sleeping. We try to make them wear them, but often they end up coming off so they will sleep and we stay off busy streets and consider the trailer a bit of a roll cage. Not totally wonderful, I know, but just being honest.

          – So the CX is more similar to the Cougar….and in our Cougar (and CX-1) we used the infant sling and then went straight into the seat. We never used any of those other kid supports. And our kids did just fine. If you need a little something, a rolled up piece of clothing works too 🙂

          – I don’t know for sure if it will fit in without taking wheels off. They do fold down slimmer than the Chinook, but I think we always end up taking our wheels off (though it takes like 10 seconds, I do understand the pain if you are putting it in the car a lot).

          – Not a big deal to throw on the front wheel…even less of a big deal to throw on the stroller wheels if you go that route. But they aren’t as great for running, of course. You just have to throw the “arms” for the wheel in too..we usually just put it all in the trunk

          – You’d be surprised how much you can pull if you’re on flatter ground especially – the trailers pull really well. And the CX is a great runner.

          Does that help at all?? Don’t you wish you could rent one to try first?!? That would be so much easier sometimes!
          Let me know if you have more questions!

          =) Amelia

          • Thanks for the thoughts. I’m just not sure it will be what I want only because I’m nervous about biking with them on the busy streets near my house. Ideally I’d like to just take off from the house.

            I wanted to mention that I did buy my chinook 2 from rei and even though I used it for a couple of months I just took it straight back with no questions. I felt that was the easiest was to try/rent. Thanks for your efforts to educate and inspire 🙂

      14. Hi Amelia,

        Thanks for this great review, really helpful indeed.
        My question is, I’m ready to buy a CX1 for bringing my 3 months-old little girl with me on my daily training. I mostly do long runs on gravel/dirt bumpy roads, so I was a little bit concerned about how safe and comfortable the baby will be on the infant sling with all the ups & downs. Do you think the suspension of the CX will deal well in these kind of roads? Would I have any better option (bob, etc)? Or I would rather need to look for paved and smoother roads!
        Thanks a bunch!

        • Hi Victor,

          By 3 months they have at least a bit more strength and I honestly think the infant sling is THE best way to keep them supported and comfortable. Better than a BOB or any other stroller. And I guess it depends on how bumpy it is….you’ll want to exercise caution, of course and may be better off on smoother roads, but I don’t think twice about walking a baby on bumpy roads with them in the Infant sling. Baby is like in a little “hammock” and we have literally accidentally flipped our Chariot with a baby in there and they just kept on sleeping 🙂 Not that you WANT to do that, but shows how comfortable they are 🙂

          Hope that helps!
          =) Amelia

      15. Hello Amelia
        Thank you for your great posts. This is really helping us. I have a question. We are unsure between the CX1 and CX2. If we get the CX1 plus all the extras, will most the additional fittings also fit the CX2? Logically we are thinking the ski, hiking and strolling attachments must transfer? If we knew that the extras would just transfer if a second little fella comes along then that would help our decision. We could sell the CX1 and replace the main carrier with the CX2.

        Many thanks for your thoughts.

        • Hi Lisa,

          Yes, they transfer…most of them anyway! And even if you just have one, I highly recommend going with the 2 even just to start. It just leaves more room for gear, a friend, and some additional room as they grow too!
          Does that help??

          🙂 Amelia

      16. Hi!
        I can’t decide between the CX 2 and the Chinook 2. I have a 3 year old and a 13 month old. We will be biking, skiing hiking and jogging with the both of them. Does one have more room then the other? Do the recline factor actually make much of a difference as far as comfort while napping? is the seats in the chinook removable for washing? Does the head rests in the chinook remove if need be (helmets)? Do you in the pivoting from wheel of the chinook functional with jogging and strolling? does the difference in weight become noticeable while jogging? Over all which would you recommend for an active but not hardcore family? Thank you so much for you time and reviews!! i really appreciate any help in the decision making process:)

        • Hi Katie – oh the $1000 question 🙂
          Ok, so the CX has more headroom and the Chinook has more foot room…but both are minimal differences.
          The recline factor is nice, but you totally don’t NEED it, especially with relatively older kids (like yours).
          I have to double check about the washing of the seats, but the head rests are attached via velcro so totally removable.
          I do like the pivot wheel especially for walking more. And I tend to jog with a pivoting wheel, so appreciate that. It’s also easier to move around in a crowd, etc.
          The Chinook really rolls well, so we don’t notice the extra weight. however the CX folds down flatter for storage and do DO notice that, especially in the car or throwing in the cargo box on the top of the car.
          You really can’t go wrong with either – sort of depends how important a swivel wheel is to you and if you want a larger cargo area in the back (the CX is better for that).
          Does that help at all???
          Let me know what you choose!
          =) Amelia

          • Hi!! Thank you so much for the information. I’m still going back and forth and back and forth between the two…I think the decision will come down to wether or not we can remove the seat lining from the cx or not. My messy eater of a three year old will have those seats dirty in an hour lol Ahhhh I can’t decided. Still stumped. Thanks for the help!!

      17. Hi! And thanks for amazing reviews! I love them! 🙂

        We are a family of three, mum, dad and a baby boy 9 months. We live in Finland and love doing all kind of outdoor sports like mtb, jogging, skiing, hiking etc.

        Now we are about to buy a Chariot trailer for our little one. We just can’t decide between Cougar2 and CX2. Which one would you recommend? We would use the trailer only for outdoor activities, not for replacing car etc. We live in countryside, have a lot of unpaved roads and love biking on trails in the forest.

        Thanks for your opinion! 🙂

        • Hi Lisa,
          Both are great. Advantages to the CX are removable side windows (so more ventilation) and a handbrake for running. If you could afford either, I would probably go with the CX because it’s just a bit smoother…but you can’t go wrong with either one! Let me know what you decide!
          =) Amelia

      18. Hi Amelia,
        We currently have the Chinook 2 and upon our first outing I was so disappointed how tight the seats with padding are (we have a 4 month old and dress in a snow suit or jacket as we live in Canada) as well as the lack of a hand break and how enormous and heavy it is folded up (we move it around a fair bit)
        I immediately regretted not getting the CX2
        But upon reading your review on the Chinook (other link) and how much you liked, I’m wondering if we should keep it for the benefit of adding a bike to the top, recline and swivel/locking wheel ease.

        We will use the chariot for city and mountain as well as running and x country skiing and some biking (maybe more than we think)
        We are also storing it in our basement so constant folding up as it won’t fit through our basement door:(

        Do you think the handle bar system and having the hand break of the CX is better than the Chinook?

        Does the reclining feature outweigh its huge folded up footprint?

        Any way to attach Toddler bikes to the CX that you’ve found?

        At what age/weight do you use the infant sling to and would you suggest the Thule baby supporter?

        By the time we have a second baby and they’re in the trailer it will probably be the ages of 2.5 and 6 month. Makes me feel all the padding in the chinook is wasted as we can only use for such a short time.


        • Hi Vanessa – oh bummer you aren’t happy with it! Let’s see if I can help….

          – Yes, the handlebar plus the brake is better on the CX…BUT the Chinook is more adjustable (via height), which I really love.
          – The reclining feature is best for kiddos up until about a year. I really like it…but I understand the dilemma. Honestly, the CX is longer though flatter and the Chinook is shorter and “fatter” when folded up. So trade-off there too.
          – We throw balance bikes in the “trunk” of the CX and Cougar. Works fairly well…
          – Our kids are on the smaller side, so we use the infant sling up until almost a year. It is a HUGE advantage of the CX/Cougar and disadvantage of the Chinook. I don’t like the blocks either and prefer to just prop with blankets or extra jackets, etc. in the CX. We have never used the baby supporter because the sling works great for us.
          – And yes…agreed the padding on the Chinook is a downfall. By the time you have two, you won’t need it.
          Does that help at all?? Trade-offs for both of them!
          Let me know if you have other questions!
          =) Amelia

      19. Hi there
        Question about the wheels. Can they handle a trail one that is in paved and has rocks and bumps? Do the tires flatten easily? Do we need a pump or things to patch if they do? Thanks!

        • I meant to say unpaved kind of trail

        • H Calley – which wheels do you mean? The back ones and the jogging wheel or the strolling wheels? The strolling wheels don’t need air. The rest of them do and you could always get a flat – no guarantee on that! But, we seldom do. And yes, they hand unpaved trails just fine. The strolling wheels not as much…

          Does that help?
          =) Amelia

      20. We are considering both the Chinook 2 and cx2. We have infant twins and would be using the chariot mostly in the city for runs and a few walks. What is the best support for infants? The Chinook with the reclining seats or the infant sling in the cx2? Overall, which would you recommend for us?

        • Megan – the CX with the infant slings. It’s SOOO amazing as far as supporting infants. Yea for getting out (twins makes it so much more work – you’re awesome!)

      21. Hi Amelia,

        Thanks so much for your detailed review. My wife and I are ultrarunners. We just had our first son who’s now 4 months, and hoping to have another child in a couple of years. We would like to find a way to continue training together, this time with our son in tow.

        We’re thinking of getting a Thule chariot to take our son out on long days out on the trails. I have a few questions that I’m hoping you could help with.

        1) Do you find that the double Thule Chariots are OK in single track trails? I think they’re 32″ which is a bit wide, but should probably work except on the most narrow trails?
        2) Have you tried the hiking attachment? I’m really interested in trying that out for trail running – i.e. attaching the chariot to my waste and pulling it behind me, rather than pushing it as a jogging stroller. Any thought on that? Perhaps we’d bring both the jogging & hiking kits with us, so we have the option of using either.
        3) Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you would recommend the CX for our use case?

        Thanks so much!

        • Hi Dmitriy,

          You guys are awesome!
          1. They work ok….I think your assumption is pretty right on. Not on the most narrow, but most will be ok.
          2. I haven’t….I would think that it would be cumbersome and I have never seen one of them used….sorry I can’t be more help!
          3. And yes, definitely the CX is the best runner from Thule!

          Does that help at all??
          =) Amelia

      22. first, amazing reviews, thank you very much. me and my wife are expecting (or, more to say “not knowing what to expect” 😉 our first baby. i am debating between the Chinook and the CX and even though i read your reviews and the comments, still not sure. we are on the more active side of things (and i hope we will be in 5 months too…) : traveling, hiking, climbing and MTBing (but not running nor skiing).
        ill share my thoughts:

        we will be living in the next few years both in the city and in the countryside, so actually the one wheel of the Chinook seems more “maneuverable” in tight spaces and i guess i like the car seat option on the Chinook.

        it seems that the CX is about 6 KGs lighter, which can be allot when bike-packing with the child.

        are both ok for a small child? if i understood correctly, the Chinook has a reclining seat and the CX has a sling for the youngest ones, that will not fit the Chinook?

        do you think that with one of those we could do without a standard stroller? i am very tempted to not getting one. what do you think?

        it also seems that the Chinook was discontinued, but still available.

        thanks again,

        • HI Dor – so here’s a secret – Thule is coming out with a new line-up in January. And yes, the Chinook will not be in it. So hang tight!
          And I really love the sling for the CX model – as of right now I would steer you towards that. You can alwasy use the strolling wheels on it!
          And yes, you don’t need a standard stroller too 🙂

      23. Coral franklin says:

        I wanted to love the cross, but I think we will get the cx2, because it gets so hot hear! How is the cx2 on dirt trails, grassy bumpy fields, trails with occasional roots… Will we want the jogging kit for “off roads”?

      24. Hi Amelia,
        Great reviews and very detailed Thule info, thanks so much! I’m tossing up between the CX1 and the CX2. My previous Chariot was the (now defunct?) Corsaire 2 – with my twins I rode, walked and jogged that thing to death, in all weather conditions, every day for 7 years, ripper piece of machinery. My only gripe was its size, I’d have to yell out a warning to anyone on the foot/bike path ahead, that a massive bike trailer was bearing down. And I often couldn’t get in the door of shops or cafes. What’s the storage like on the CX1? Thanks!

        • Amelia says:

          Hi Holly – It’s tight for the kiddo and then the storage in the back is the same as the Cougar. I personally like the 2 better because I always end up putting a lot of gear in it or an extra kid, etc. but that’s personal preference! I did notice that it got REALLY tight as the kids got bigger, though….

      25. Vladimir Rudyak says:

        Tell please what makes more sense, based on your experience:
        – older CX2 model with center seat option for one child, but drum brakes
        – or newer CX2 model with disk brakes, but side placing for one child only?
        NB We have one child, second is a future possibility etc 🙂

        • Amelia says:

          You know – we have never had an issue having the baby/kid sitting on one side. I think in 8 years of using Chariots, we have only placed them in the middle once. It pulls the same either way! So….I would go with the newer model myself.

          • Vladimir Rudyak says:

            Thank you a lot, Amelia!
            Two more questions (a bit rhetorical, but still…).
            (1) Does the new Burley dlite feels much lighter when bicycling? (It’s 3 kg difference up to my knowledge)
            (2) Do you find it possible to go to long bicycle trips with CX, despite its small storage room? I mean multiple days with tents, sleeping bags, weatherproof wear and repair sets on bikes, but not food (not truly autonomous trips).
            Thank you in advance! Your detailed descriptions and comments really shape the view, not like the official websites and youtube reviews!

      26. Michelle says:

        I am just wondering how soon you can run (or even just walk) wittg a newborn in a CX? Thank you!

        • If they’re in the infant sling, just days old is totally fine on smooth roads. Running is a bit bumpier, so I usually wait a few months.

      27. Hi

        I know you have touched on this subject above but I would appreciate a little more detailed answer 🙂

        I’m a father of one. Not sure if we are considering a second child. I prefer running to biking.

        I can get a second hand CX2 for R11 000 ( South Africa). I cant find a second hand CX1 so a new one will cost me R23 000.

        Which one would you recommend I buy? I’m concerned that the CX2 may be too bulky to run with?

        Thank you very much. Looking forward to your response. 🙂


        • Hi Mark,
          I don’t think the CX2 will be too bulky to run with….we do all the time. However, I think you would probably benefit from buying the single and updating to the double if you find you need it down the road (they tend to hold their value well!)
          Good luck!


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