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    If you haven’t heard of WOOM Bikes, check out our initial post and why we love and believe in them so much. Note: Many of the links in this post are affiliate links. Please know that EVERY review we do is 100% our personal opinion, but we do appreciate you clicking through those links to purchase if you decide this is the bike for your kiddo! It helps us out just a tiny bit. Thank you!


    One of the trickiest things about having smaller, active kids is finding bikes that actually fit them. I have had 3 kids now who are ready to actually be on a balance bike before they fit on one very well. We’ve had many balance bikes pass through our home, and have narrowed down our favorites. This one is right up there and is the first one I recommend to family and friends.


    WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review



    The WOOM 1 stands out for the following reasons:

    -pneumatic tires

    -low standover height

    -hand brake to start practicing

    -limiter to prevent front wheel from over turning

    -very light

    -geometry keeps kids more upright, which is ideal for those just learning to ride


    While the WOOM 1 has a longer wheel-base than other balance bikes we have used, the standover height and overall weight (only 7.9 lbs) makes it easy for small kids to ride. And the quick-release adjustable seat means they keep on riding until they are truly ready for pedals (and the WOOM 2).


    For reference, L was on and riding the WOOM1 before she was 2….and well before she reached 20 pounds (she’s a peanut!) Of the 6+ balance bikes we put her on, she excelled by far on the WOOM1. It’s truly a bike MADE for kids to start on….and then ride for a few years.


    WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review


    When we first got it, the weather was pretty wintry, so we kept it available in the house (since it’s small and was nice and clean) and let her ride (helmet required every single time) anytime she wanted. The goal was even like 3 minutes a day. In these photos below, L is 18 months (and like in the 1 percentile) and totally able to stand over it.


    WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review


    Here’s a couple videos to show the progression in just a few weeks.

    I think I need to also address the cost of the WOOM1, because, as parents we are hesitant to spend money on gear that we know our kids are going to outgrow (believe me, I’m right along there with you!) Yes, it’s just about $200. Yes, it’s worth every penny, honest. Here’s why:

    – You get what you’re paying for. In this case, you’re setting your child up for success with a bike that is lightweight….but also very stable. For a child on wheels for the first time and trying to get used to that feeling of moving…fast, this goes a long way.

    – The components are top notch which means a smooth ride…and again no child fighting their bike

    – It’s super durable. After 18 months of (hard) use, our WOOM1 looks just about new. This also means it holds its value, can easily be passed down to other siblings or can be sold.


    WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review

    WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review


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    WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review

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    The Bottom Line

    The WOOM1 is an excellent balance bike. It's built to get kids on wheels from a very early age and is our number one recommendation for balance bikes!

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      1. Annie Meier says:

        These look fantastic! I want one for my kids!

      2. Jessica Rhyner says:

        This bike looks great. I wish I had read about it before purchasing a different brand (which is just too big) for my little guy.

      3. Stephanie L says:

        This looks like a great choice for my almost 2 year old!

      4. It’s going to fit perfectly with our live style. We love outdoors & I can’t wait to see my kids raiding this bike!

      5. Jean Sun says:

        I am so interested in the Woom1. I just hope my 14 month can start walking more steadily soon.

      6. Audrey Slats says:

        My son needs this bike in Alaska!!

      7. nicole deardorf says:

        My little guy wants a bike so bad but has some serious balance issues, so this looks like it would be a huge help to him. I love all the pictures, it really helps to see a product being reviewed actually used. Thank you. 🙂

      8. Patty bl says:

        I’ve been wanting to try one of these bikes for my kids for awhile. We have several cheaper brands but they don’t hold up too well.

      9. Wow! Looks awesome! I like the small frame and stability!!

      10. I learned about these through Hike it Baby. My little guy NEEDS one!

      11. Elizabeth J says:

        We have a First Bike, which we have loved! But to do it again I think I would lean toward this one!

      12. Tracy Porter says:

        Both of them on their wooms…adorable.

      13. I wish I knew about balance bikes when my kids were young. But fortunately I might get another chance to do it right….. I’m so glad I have found out about balance bikes and the Woom company

      14. Rebecca Townsend says:

        Great value when you consider that your child can use it for 2 years and pass it down to brother/sister for 2 years. That’s only $50 per year. And with more siblings, the investment gets even better!

      15. Michael W says:

        I learned that this bike has a limiter to prevent the front wheel from overturning.., great feature!

      16. Sarah C says:

        These look so fun! I’ve learned this will be a perfect fit for my kiddo.

      17. Jessica Anderson says:

        My 2 year old daughter would LOVE one of these! She was honestly ready to try a balance bike last summer, but she’s tiny and the hand-me-downs from her big brothers were (and still are) way too big and heavy for her. Looks like a WOOM1 would be perfect- and her little brother could grow into it too!

      18. Thank you for this review, we are looking for info on balance bikes and your review is very helpful. We also absolutely love the creative helmets!

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