The Best Dog Camping Gear

The Best Dog Camping Gear We don’t always bring our dog camping, but when we do, there is some basic dog camping gear that we bring to keep them safe and comfortable. There may be different reasons why you bring your dog camping. Many of us consider our dogs part of the family, so of … Read more

Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

best tents camping with dogs

Best Tents for Camping with Dogs Our Dogs, or “fur-kids,” are important members of the family, so we wouldn’t dream of leaving them behind when we go camping.  But… dogs are not exactly “easy” on outdoor gear. It’s important to use a tent that will both hold up to the unique challenges of camping with … Read more

How to Keep Dogs Safe While Camping

Family Camping with Dogs A dog can add an extra element of fun to your camping trip! Their simple joy and goofy behavior can bring humor to any trip. When our elderly dog arrives at the campsite, she is transformed. Our ordinarily sleepy dog becomes curious and excited – sniffing every bush deeply and eager … Read more

Paddle Board with Your Dog

Paddleboarding with Family Dog

Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUPing, has become an incredibly popular sport the last few years.  High-quality inflatable boards have made it easier to store and transport paddle boards, and the many rental shops have made it easy to try paddleboarding with your dog. Our dog is an important member of our family, so when we first … Read more

Burley Tail Wagon Review

Burley Tail wagon

Burley Tail Wagon Review To be perfectly honest, I was certain that this review was going to be one that we were simply not going to be able to complete. Our “covid dog”, rescued last spring in April, flat out refused my every attempt to keep her in anything moving, including the Burley Tail Wagon … Read more

Backpacking with Dogs for Families

backpacking with dogs

A loyal trail dog can be a huge part of any family.  They provide companionship, protect us (sometimes against major life-threats like the mailman, garbage truck, or those villainous squirrels), provide free snuggles, and add a little chaos and excitement into our lives with their mischievous antics.  I don’t want to say it’s like having … Read more