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Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids

The Yuba Flip Flop cargo balance bike stands out and has been called the “coolest bike ever!” by not only our kids, but any kid (and adult) that happens to see us riding it. We keep saying it would be even more cool to ride alongside an adult Yuba Cargo bike, but we haven’t gotten that far yet….

Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids

The Flip Flop has a frame that you literally can “flip over” and then “flop out” the position of the bars, rack, seat and front wheel to lengthen the Flip Flop. This adds up to a year of additional use, which is huge for parents who are trying to save some money.

The photos below show (1) the frame in the lower setting and (2) the frame in the higher setting:

Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids


The Flip Flop stands out for a couple reasons:

  1. First and foremost, the cargo rack and the saddle bags/basket are unique and really fun for kids to use. Ours are usually filled with snacks, sticks, rocks, dolls and stickers (not necessarily in that order).
  2. Secondly, the flippable frame adds up to another year of growing room compared to a normal balance bike


We found that the Flip Flop does indeed have a very low stand over height – even our 18 month old is able to stand over it easily. We also noticed that when the frame is low on it’s highest setting and high on it’s lowest setting, they are about the same. Our (tiny) 3 year old can ride both ways comfortably. We do tend to leave it on the high frame setting because the 6 year old loves to jump on it also.

The Flip Flop tends to focus more on novelty details (the cargo rack, optional add-on accessories, and flippable frame) and less on high quality components like a curved handlebar, quick release seat and pneumatic tires. That said, those “novelty items” are sometimes what really gets a kid on a bike and shouldn’t be overlooked in the least!

Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids

What we love:

  • Because of the ability to “flip flop” (AKA turn the frame completely over), it fits a really wide range of kid sizes. They recommend ages 1.5-6 and we agree that is about right, depending on the child, of course.
  • The cargo frame is pretty fun on it’s own to attach things to, but it is even more fun with the Saddle Bag ($39) and Basket ($29) accessories.
  • The bike has a long wheel base, which helps with balance.
  • Fun designs
  • Foam-filled tires never need air

Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids


What we aren’t as crazy about:

  • No hand brake (which is fairly common on balance bikes, but we love having it for practice and as kids pick up speed and need more of a brake than their feet)
  • No quick release on the seat
  • The process of flipping the frame is meant to happen just as the kid outgrows the bike, not as you flip between kids/riders. It’s not a horrible process, but does take a bit of time


Bottom Line:

At $120, the Flip Flop (available at REI) is pretty average as far as price range and functionality for a balance bike. It comes in two animal designs (giraffe and cow) and a lime green color. The short stand over height and the ability to add some years with the flippable frame plus the very cool cargo features make it a great option for most families!


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Yuba flip flop cargo bike

Yuba Flip Flop Cargo Bike for Kids

Yuba generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

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