5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite

While truly any campsite usually has enough rocks and sticks to keep kids busy, sometimes we like to mix things up a little while we are out. And any of these solutions work great for just an afternoon outside too!

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    1. Ninjaline: So I can’t wait until my kids are just a bit older and stronger to really be able to use this to its full capacity. But, already J (age 8) has a list of the different attachments he wants to get for it to make it even cooler. It’s perfect for forested areas and kids to test their body’s potential. Plus, it’s really not JUST for kids. Mtn Papa had a great time on it too (the pregnant mama restrained herself).5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite 5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite 5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite 5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite
    2. Slack Line: When you don’t want to deal with all those different attachments of the Ninja Warrior line, even just a simple slackline is super fun for everyone. I love that it’s adjustable for different heights (depending on how high you hang it) and abilities. Plus it takes up minimal room for storage and is something we can easily throw in the car or camper.
    3. Hammocks: We always love the double ones because more room for family snuggles, and they’re super easy to hang between trees, plus pack down small. They also are perfect for Idea #5 (see below!) 5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite
    4. Small travel games: I LOVE the ones from Outside Inside Gifts. They are truly made for both indoors AND outdoors and are perfect for a quick trip to the creek or the campsite. We recommend the following:
      1. Backpack Chinese Checkers5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite
      2. Backpack Kendama5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite
      3. Freestyle Lawn Darts5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite
    5. Books: Personally I sometimes struggle a bit with taking books outside because I worry about them getting ruined, but books are meant to be read and loved. We spend more energy on teaching the kids to respect them too. Some of our favorite outdoorsy titles are in the widget below! Note: Picture books are NOT just for small kids!

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5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite


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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Add Fun at the Campsite”

  1. The Ninja Line is new to me. It looks like something my kids would love. We have yet to master our Slackline. It’s a lot harder than it looks! Totally mastered hammocks though. 🙂 We also enjoy playing games – Bananagrams, Spot It!, and Uno are our favorites. Also, a few bean bags for tossing or hitting targets. My teenage daughter always packs a small watercolor kit too. She is more happy painting than playing in the river…whatever makes her appreciate the outdoors is fine by me. Thanks for the fun ideas!


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