Helping You Choose a Framed Kid Carrier

Investing in a framed carrier is a really hard decision. To hopefully help out with the basic questions for each of the carriers, I put together a chart (see below) AND an extensive video highlighting the pros and cons of carriers from Deuter, Osprey, Thule and Kelty. Be sure you listen all the way at the end for some important final notes.

Thanks so  much for clicking through these affiliate links via REI and Amazon if you decide to purchase!

As always, feel free to comment with questions and I’ll do my best to answer them as quick as I can!

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4 thoughts on “Helping You Choose a Framed Kid Carrier”

  1. Hey, Amelia, your post is amazing! Recently I have been looking for a carrier for my baby. Your video helped me to learn a lot! I liked Deuter kid 3. I am gonna try this!

  2. At Outdoor Retailer Kelty introduced a new Pathfinder pack (I think that’s what they called it). It seems like a great upgrade to their previous models with a roll cage kinda system. Just so you know.

    Also, I was thinking of doing a post like this but I’m so glad you did it instead since you did it better than I could’ve even tried. Good luck with your baby!

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