*Guest Post* First Ski Tour With Mama

I am pleased to welcome Katie to the blog today.  After emailing me a few months back and mentioning she lives in a cabin in the mountains with her husband and young daughter, I knew she would have some good stories!  I was thrilled when she finally agreed to share one with us all.  As … Read more

Skhoop Hanna Skirt Review

I love skirts. Which is kind of funny because I tend to not worry a whole lot about what I am wearing, but I HAVE to be comfortable or I just won’t wear it.  I also tend to wear clothing all the time that I can be outside and active in.  Otherwise I am changing … Read more

*Guest Review* Strider Bike

We are a HUGE advocates of balance bikes in our family.  My own thoughts will come at the end of this post, but first I would love for you to hear from Mollie who tested out a Strider bike with her 2.5 year old son (because I think it is always beneficial to hear a … Read more

Introducing the 2012 Kelty Pathfinder 3.0

We were SUPER excited when Kelty agreed to let us be some of the very first people to try out the new Pathfinder 3.0 (just released in January 2012.)  We are going to introduce the pack here (but please excuse our (VERY) amateur video skills!) and then update this post with additional thoughts as we … Read more

Boba 3G Review

**Boba has now come out with the new 4G model.  However, the 3G is still a GREAT carrier and is no different if your baby is beyond the infant stage (15+ pounds.)** I have been waiting to do this post for months now and am so excited to finally have the chance!  I would like … Read more