Boba 4G Review

Reviewed by: Amelia

Price (MSRP): $150

Best Use: Day Hiking

Where to Buy: Boba Website 

Testing Location: Boulder CO and surrounding areas

Testing Environment: All conditions


**This Boba review has been updated in 2016….because we still wear it ALL the time**

Boba 4G Review

Boba recently released their fourth version of their carrier and I dare say it is the best yet (see my review of the 3G here).  Improved to allow for an easier carry of a newborn (7-45 pounds), it is our current go-to carrier.  Boba is based out of Boulder, Colorado and has incredible customer service (one of their great strengths, in my opinion).  There are numerous videos on their site to help understand how to wear it properly. Note: some of these links are affiliates. If you purchase through our link, we get a tiny bit of kickback. Thanks so much!

The 4G comes in the same colors/patterns as the 3G (no longer available on the Boba site) and joins a lineup of wraps, baby wearing clothing and accessories. *Updated Note: You’ll now notice a variety of limited edition prints for the 4G on the Boba site and in various retailers. I still may love this “Peak” one best….especially for dads.

Boba 4G



2016 update: Recently Mtn Papa was putting one of the kids on his back and fumbling and mentioned, “I just need a Boba!” And he’s right – the Boba is our trusty friend and consistently used carrier.

The only really issue I have with the Boba is during the “gap months” when my kids aren’t quite big enough to have their legs out…..but NOT happy to have them frogged inside the carrier any longer. This usually happens from like 3-5 months for us (though my kids tend to be on the short and small side). That said, I think the Boba has found the “sweet spot” for width of the seat – wide enough to be comfortable for even 3 year olds….but not so wide that the don’t fit into it until after their one.


Boba 4G Review


What I love:

– Streamlined and not bulky

– Easy to adjust between wearers or children.  The dual adjusting straps mean easy to adjust in front AND back carries.

– Fits comfortably for wearers 5′ – 6’3″ (though Grandma, who is just under 5′, can wear it on its smallest setting)Boba 4G Review

– No need for waistband extenders – fits from 25″ – 58″

– Easy to nurse in (just lengthen straps to drop baby to the correct height)

– The removable Infant “pillow” insert is small, doesn’t take up much room, and doesn’t envelop Baby resulting in a better carrier in warmer temperatures.Boba 4G Review

– The sliders that move the chest (or back when Baby is in front) strap up and down.  Super easy to do on my own and they remain in place.

– A purse holder on either strap that keeps your purse (or bag) from falling off your shoulder (which is SUPER annoying for me!)

– Detachable hood (that covers Baby’s whole head!)  I usually keep it with me, but it just snaps on and off.  It also can be used as a head support for Baby if you snap it on the opposite shoulder strap (much like a wrap).

– Removable foot stirrups (GREAT for bigger kiddos)

–  I can wear it around my waist all day.  When L isn’t in it, I simply clip the chest strap around my waist also and it is out of my way.  This is how I often do errands to make it easy to pop her in and out.

– Small pockets on the waistband and where the hood attaches.  I find the waistband one is just big enough for my iPhone in a Lifeproof case.  Other smart phones will NOT fit, but mine does and it works for me.

– Higher back (2-3″ higher than most other popular carriers on the market) which means your child is better protected and prevents them from leaning out


Would I would love to see changed:

– Straps that can cross behind your back for front carries for heavier kids

– An option and removable larger pocket for quick baby necessities (phone, diaper, wipes, etc.)  I don’t like pockets that are on Baby’s back, so would love to see one that attached to the waistband (but was also removable).


The Specs:

-Weight Range: 7-45 lbs.

-Waist belt 25-58″

-Fits adults 5’0″ – 6’3″

-Height of carrier: 15.7″ (much higher than an Ergo, for example)

-Width of the seat: 13.5″


The Bottom Line:

A GREAT carrier that works with (almost) every body.  I always recommend trying carriers on if you can just because some fit your body better than others, but this one is for the most part very versatile.  Their infant option is THE best compared to other similar carriers.  It’s low profile, keeps baby snug and happy and detaches easily so the carrier can be used for months (and years!) afterwards.


Boba generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  I am proudly an Ambassador for their company.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.  You can find my full disclosure here.


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Boba 4G Review


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