Stampede Bikes Sprinter 16″ Bike Review

Reviewed by: Amelia

Price (MSRP): $229

Best Use: Day Hiking

Where to Buy: Amazon

Testing Location: Montana and Wyoming

Testing Environment: All conditions


Having a really great kids bike is pivotal to successful riding for many kids….but sometimes the price tag is really hard to swallow. We were thrilled to discover the Sprinter 16″ bike from Stampede Bikes (formally TykesBykes).


The Sprinter is lightweight, has dual hand brakes (so no coaster!) and a great geometry for riding. P (age 5, but in a 4T pant), had no trouble riding the bike or taking it on various trails.


Stampede Bikes Sprinter 16" Bike Review


In fact, that only time he ever complained riding it was going down a 5 mile very steep dirt road (which is tough for ANY young rider). He complained of his hands hurting from using the brakes so much (again, very valid as I honestly deal with the same struggle on that trail). Upon measuring the distance from where the hand rests to the pull on the hand brake, we did notice that it was a little bit of a longer reach that some of the other 16″ bikes he has been riding. It’s still significantly better than most bikes out there, but is about 3/4″ longer of a reach than the WOOM3, for example. That said, he has petite hands and ONLY noticed it after such a long ride. You’ll notice in the photo below that he does easily reach them.


Stampede Bikes Sprinter 16" Bike Review


The handlebars of the Sprinter are wide and give kids a really good base as they ride. I was curious if P would notice (and not like) the wider width, but instead he easily rode the bike aggressively. That said, just like adult riders, little riders have preferences too. P had no issues with them at all, but other kids may feel like they are a little wide.


Stampede Bikes Sprinter 16" Bike Review


We have noticed that the wider base coupled with a long wheel base really is helpful especially when the bike’s geometry puts the rider in a more leaned-over aggressive stance (like the Sprinter).


Quick Stats:

-16″ bike (for kids aged 4+)

-17.5″ stand over

-Hand brakes

-Adjustable handle bars

-Quick release seat

-Weighing in at sub 18 pounds

-Available in yellow or blue


What we love:

-Very lightweight, especially for this price range (just under 18 pounds)

-No coaster brake and dual hand brakes

-Quick release seat mechanism for easy adjustments

-Quality components and build

-Very affordable price point for the quality of bike

-2 year warranty

-Trail-friendly wide tires that are also great on the pavement

-Wide, adjustable handle bars give riders a great base and allow for aggressive riding


What we aren’t so crazy about:

-Wish the hand brakes were slightly easier to reach for small hands (though they are MUCH better than any other bike in this price range you could buy)

-The wide grip is great for most kids….but something to consider before purchasing.


Stampede Bikes Sprinter 16" Bike Review

Note: Some assembly required. Stampede does recommend having a local and professional bike shop assemble and tune the bike for you.


The Bottom Line:

The Sprinter 16 is an excellent bike for the price point. With quality components, no coaster brakes to get in the way while riding trails and a sturdy base, it’s well worth the $239 (and leagues ahead of any box store bike). We also love the 2 year warranty and the fact that Stampede Bikes stands behind ALL their bikes. We highly recommend this bike (and the company!)


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stampede sprinter 16 bike review


Stampede Bikes generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

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