Stonz Gear Review

Stonz Gear Review

My family has lots of little ones.  Four kiddos five and under and we live in a very small house.  That means two things: We all share rooms and we get outside whenever we can.

Making sure we can stay outside as long as possible starts with good gear. Warm, dry kids are going to have more fun and last longer outside. That’s why I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to try out some Stonz gear for my littles.  

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Stonz gear Review: little boy in Stonz rain suit jumping in a puddle
Puddle jumping is so much more fun when your pants and toes stay dry

Stonz Gear for Kids

Stonz is a company that is focused on getting your kiddos outside.  They want to make it as easy as possible to get all kids outdoors in any weather because nothing is more frustrating than wrestling kids into gear.  Creating easier gear for moms and creating kids who love the outdoors is their mission.

What is Stonz Known For? 

Stonz is known for its footwear, its stewardship, and its killer warranty.  From shoes to boots they focus first on the needs of tiny developing feet.  In fact, they are “proud to be the only children’s footwear company to be USA Podiatric Seal Certified and Canadian Podiatric Seal Certified”.  

In all their gear they pride themselves on only using vegan and nontoxic materials, protecting people and the outdoors.  They want to make gear that can be handed down and reused many times and to prove it they have a generous 365-day warranty.

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Stonz Gear Review: Rain Gear

Living in wet Washington state means we need foolproof rain gear to help us get outside during the wet season.  Soggy socks are not an option for opinionated toddlers.

Rain Suits

We had previously used the Muddy Buddy rain suits and thought they worked fine, but as soon as we opened the package and saw the Stonz rain suit we realized how much better they could be. These Stonz suits have it all.

Thumb holes

These bad boys have thumb holes.  Who needs thumb holes in a rain suit?  Your kid does! If you have ever tried to put gloves or mittens on only for your child to freak out because their sleeve isn’t tucked in just right, thumbholes are the answer.  That sleeve stays put and therefore all underclothes stay dry.


Stirrups on snow pants came into our lives last year and we have since upgraded all of our kids.  I didn’t know I could find a rain suit with the same feature, but Stonz thought of it all.  Stirrups keep the pants down and the water out.  Pro tip: the stirrup goes over the boot not the socks for the perfect waterproof seal.

Billed Hood

No one likes rain coming into their eyes; enter the billed hood.  The hood gives just a little extra coverage to protect the face from the rain.  The bill is made out of the perfect material to stay still and point out even when heavy with water.

Reinforced Knees and Butt

My kids love to climb over prickly tree trunks, scooch, and slide their way through the outdoors.  I don’t love having to constantly patch gear.  My older son can really wear down clothing quickly. 

Our old rain suit was holey on the first day and was patched so many times we finally resorted to fully duct-taping his butt and knees.  The Stonz rain suit was built for play and already has those two key areas reinforced and ready for fun.  My boys have yet to put a hole in this suit and not for lack of trying.

Thin but waterproof material

Some rain suits can feel like you’re wearing a trash bag.  They are super noisy and get sweaty fast.  My kiddo with sensory processing disorder really appreciates the thin, breathable material of the Stonz suit.  It has the feel of an expensive raincoat.  Breathable and quiet, while still remaining waterproof.

Rain Boots

We have had lots of rain boots and our kiddos know exactly what they like at this point. They want boots that stay on their feet and are easy to run, climb, and jump in. These Stonz boots check all those kid boxes and all my mom boxes too.

Easy on and Off

My daughter was over the moon excited to get her sparkly black rain boots.  Now that she is 5 we felt she was ready for a heavier-duty rain boot.  Our adventurous girl is easily able to slip her foot in and out of the rainboot by herself without any frustration.


These boots have grippy rubber soles to give kids traction in even the slipperiest conditions (looking at you smooth tile flooring).  My boys see a physical therapist who has been teaching me the importance of shoe build in supporting proper muscle growth.  I was very happy to see this boot has no heel, a wide toe box, and is certified by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association to help strengthen your kid’s feet.

Soft inside waterproof outside

This boot has a soft cotton liner and feels smooth on the ankles and legs.  The liner also adds a little extra warmth for the shoulder seasons.  While soft on the inside the outside is made of natural rubber for a watertight seal that keeps toes dry.  As always with Stonz gear, this rubber contains no dangerous chemicals for your kid.

Stonz Gear Review: Snow Gear

Snow season is coming quickly and with a new baby this year we wanted to make sure we had the gear we needed to keep our outdoor adventures going with four littles in tow.  We took all our gear out and made sure everyone tried things on and that the things we had planned to hand down to the next kid were in good condition. 

After three crawling snow babies, our baby snowsuit was shot and we needed to replace some old gloves.  Make sure you take time to inventory your gear before the season starts and things sell out.

Baby Snowsuit

We took our baby for our first backpacking adventure as a family and searched high and low for a baby snowsuit that could double as a sleeping bag. Our team here had wonderful suggestions but they were all older models that companies weren’t making anymore. Luckily we found Stonz. The Stonz baby snowsuit (use code MTNMAMA for 15% off) had all the features we were looking for to make it the perfect multi-use item.

Protective snap-off hood

This is not a feature that is advertised on their website but it should be. We have some very rough older siblings who like to drag baby sis with them on their adventures. A snap-off hood makes sure that baby sis is always safe and never at risk of choking.

Double zipper for easy diaper changes

Diaper changes with a rolly polly baby are always a challenge. Having to take off a snowsuit too? Forget about it! This suit has two wide zippers that let you keep the baby’s arms in the top while slipping out the legs for quick diaper changes on the go.

Elastic stirrups and button closure at feet

Want baby to wear cute little boots? Awesome! throw those stirrups around to keep the legs down and the boots on. What to not have to worry about bringing along tiny boots? Awesome! Use the handy snaps to snap the legs closed to keep little toes warm.

Legs zips for wear as bunting or snowsuit

Our favorite feature! We use our snowsuit as a baby sleeping bag while camping by zipping the legs together and creating a cozy bunting for baby to sleep in.

Reflective strips for night safety

During the winter our days are much shorter. By the time I do the daycare and school pick-up and get home it is already dark, but we still want to get outside. To make sure everyone is exploring in the dark safely we wear headlamps and wear reflective gear. That includes baby too.

Kids Snow mittens

I have been singing praises for Stonz mittens for a couple of years now. We are BIG fans of their thumbless toddler mittens. My older kiddo was always jealous and the easy-on and super warm mitts so we thought it was time to try the big kid’s version.

Toddler boy in snow gear loving his "big kid" Stonz mittens
Trying on snow gear before the first snowfall and one of them is excited for new “big kid” mittens

Easy tighten toggles

Just like the toddler mitts, the older kid (thumb included) mitts are very easy to get on. Thanks to their easy tighten toggles they stay on too.


These mitts are extremely waterproof. We use it not only for playing in the snow but for playing in puddles too. At the end of each season, we make sure to wash our mitts and use Nikwax to treat them and keep them waterproof longer. (read more about using Nikwax here)


With 3M™ Thinsulate™ technology, fleece lining, and extra wide over-arm coverage, my little ones stay cozy even when temps dip up into the single digits! They stay warm wash after wash thanks to their washable mom-friendly design.

pink Stonz mittens holding snow
Toasty warm fingers playing in pink Stonz mittens

Stonz Gear Review: Shoes


Finding shoes for your littlest family member can be difficult. Trying to find shoes that protect their feet but don’t feel so unflexible that your baby walks like Frankenstein. These Stonz cruisers are a perfect mix of both flexibility and protection.

Wide toe box

Again trying our best to allow our kiddos’ feet to develop properly we actively try to make sure all our kiddos’ shoes have a wide-toe box. These have a great natural foot shape which allows new wobbly walkers to feel more stable.

Flexible sole with ⅓ bend technology

Trying to map the natural form and function of the children, Stonz wanted to make a super flexible footbed. They came up with the 1/3 bend technology. These are little grooves in the sole where the toes meet the sole of the foot to provide even more flexibility while walking.

Super flexible Stonz cruiser shoe shown bent in half
Little miss can crawl around while pushing off her toes with these super flexible soles

Soft cushioned heel support

My little ones are required to wear “hard-soled” shoes at daycare, even if they are not walking. Usually, my crawler’s shoes get in the way during the day and fall off or are tugged on by my little one. These shoes actually stay on and seem comfortable enough that she doesn’t attempt to tug them off. Our daycare team was so impressed they have been spreading the news and our toddler room is now filled with them.

Wide opening for easy on and off

When your kiddo is ready to do things “all by myself” like my two-year-old the extra wide opening on these shoes is a must. These are the only shoes he can take off thanks to the single velcro strap and flexible upper.

Anti Skid soles

Wobbly walkers need secure shoes. My 8-month-old appreciates the grip to power through her crawl and my two-year-old calls them his “zoomies” because they help him run fast in the gym.

What we loved

The attention to detail that Stonz kids’ gear has is amazing. They think of all the little things. With super durable gear like Stonz you can easily pass the same gear down through all your children or between friends.

What we didn’t love or would change

Here at Tales of a Mountain Mama we are always honest. It is one of the reasons I am so proud to be working with this amazing group of ladies. No gear is perfect in every way, although Stonz comes close.

When testing this gear we really wished the baby snowsuit had an option for fold-over mitts so we didn’t always have to bring separate mittens along. On one of my son’s rain suits when the hood was up the head opening felt small, but this is also my kid with a 98% head circumference.

Stonz Gear Review Bottom Line

Why you should spend money on good kids’ gear? So that getting outside is easier and more comfortable for everyone. Plus you can buy one quality piece now or purchase a cheaper one only to then have to replace it later when it deteriorates.

Don’t forget use code MTNMAMA15 to save 15% on all your Stonz Gear!

Brother and sister in Stonz rain gear playing in puddles
Big sister and little brother enjoying puddle stomping.

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Stonz Gear Review

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