100+ Fun Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

Does it happen to you as well? You spend so much time with your young kids and sometimes you just don’t have the energy or head space to come up with fun play ideas to get everyone outside? Your kids will have great ideas as well, but there are days when everyone just needs a little inspiration.

I like to have a list on the side with a few ideas for fun outdoor activities for preschoolers for when we need some new inspiration. Sometimes I just put 5-10 ideas on a note on my phone to have on hand at any time.

Here’s a list with more than 100 fun ideas to keep you and your preschool aged children happy and busy outdoors. But also their younger and older siblings will enjoy many of these activities!

We’ll offer you some activities to do at home, close to home and some ideas for outings. Most activities require little or no materials or preparation. Amelia wrote a post with even more ideas for outdoor family fun in all seasons close to home.

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Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers At Home


Bike obstacle course on our driveway
Bike obstacle course for our four year old on our driveway
  1. Obstacle Course – Build your own obstacle course for balance and/or pedal biking, using whatever you can find around the house. It’s easy to adjust the course to your child’s abilities as they grow and learn.
  2. Go Slow – Mark a distance your child should cover by bike. The goal is to reach the end going as slow as possible, without stopping and without putting your feet on the ground. Obviously this is for pedal biking.
  3. Race Track – Draw a race track with chalk on your driveway or put some plastic cones and bean bags out on the lawn. Let multiple kids race against each other or record times for racing against your own record.
  4. Red Light, Green Light – Fun with one or more children! One person, this can be the parent or another child, is the leader and holds up a green or red object to signal GO or STOP.
  5. Soap Bubble Catching – One blows bubbles, which the children try to catch while riding their bike. Make sure the kids watch out not to bump in to one another.
  6. Circus Horses – One person is the director of the circus and the child(ren) are the circus horses. With hand signals and verbally the director instructs the horses which tricks to perform on their bike. Going fast, slow, slalom, lift up the front wheel, …
  7. Follow the Leader – One child (or and adult) is the leader and the others try to copy him exactly. Make sure to change the leader regularly.
  8. Jump – Build a DIY jump on your driveway or in the backyard. As pictured above, this can be as simple and quick as grabbing a few pieces of wood and putting them on top of each other.
  9. Bike Painting – Only if you don’t mind your bike getting full of paint or playing bike wash right after. Roll out a craft paper roll on the driveway or lawn and put some blobs of tempura paint on it. Let the kids paint by driving through the paint on the paper.

Nature Experiments And Crafts for Preschoolers

Critter count and hunt in the dunes
Critter count and hunt in the dunes
  1. Digging for worms – This is most fun after a rainfall, but it’s pretty much always possible. Go out and dig in the dirt looking for worms. Being mindful not to hurt them and leave them where they are or put them back. Use your hands for the most fun!
  2. Peanut Butter Bird Feeder – Encourage observation and appreciation of our feathered friends. The easiest way is to use a clean toilet roll, peanut butter and bird seeds. You can find instructions on how to make simple bird feeders here.
  3. Pizza Garden – Plant ingredients for pizza in a big flower pot on your balcony or in the garden. Divide the dirt in 4 ‘pizza slices’ and plant one ingredient in each slice. Think of basil, oregano, Bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions or any other plantable ingredient you like to eat on pizza.
  4. Critter Hunt and Count – Grab a notebook and pencil and get out the door. Draw every insect you find and make tally marks to see how many you find. Go down on your knees or belly to find even the tiniest of critters, you’ll be surprised at what you see from so close by!
  5. Painted-Ice Printmaking – Perfect for hot days. Pour a few inches of water into a baking pan and freeze until fully frozen. Pop the ice block out of the pan and invite your kid to paint on it (with washable paint). Let them press a piece of paper onto it and rub all over it with their hands. Lift the paper to reveal the ice paint print. Rinse the paint of the ice block with water to repeat.
  6. Sidewalk Shadows – Get your little one exploring the basic science of light and shadows. Let one kid stand like a statue and another one traces his shadow on the sidewalk using chalk. Or take out some animal toys and trace their shadows. Doing it at different spots or different times of day, teaches about how the sun moves.
  7. Leaf Ornaments – This messy clay craft gets your preschooler exploring leaves and results in pretty keepsake ornaments. Use store bought or home made play dough to squish leaves onto it and peel them off again to see the detailed impression it left in the dough. You can make a little hole in them and after drying tie a loop of string onto each ornament for hanging.
  8. Observe Small Animals – Kids do this all the time when they get the chance, observing little critters. As an adult, take time to look for and observe small animals together with your preschooler. Go down on your knees. Look at all the details, where do you find them, what are they doing, how do they look? Maybe you want to let them crawl over your hand? Always treat them gently and put them back where you found them. A bug magnifier is fun too.
  9. Star Gazing – Get out the door after dark and look up at the sky, what do you see? Depending on where you live you might see more or less stars. Even light pollution can be what you see, then talk about that.
  10. How many can you hear? – Go outside and make yourselves comfortable. Count how many bird songs you hear. Maybe try to guess which birdsong belongs to which bird.
  11. Funny Nature Faces – Go out to collect natural objects and then arrange them into silly faces. Think of sticks, leaves, pebbles, flowers, moss, acorns or bark.

Preschooler Water And Mud Play

Water play after a heavy rainfall
Playing in puddles after a heavy rainfall
  1. Mud Footprints – Embrace the mud! Have your preschooler find a large patch of squishy mud. Invite him to squish hand- and footprints into the mud. You can try to make some patterns or figures.
  2. Toy Truck Tracks – Get out the toy trucks and go make tracks in the mud. Which shapes can you make? Or just let your kids play freely with them.
  3. Sing, Stomp and Splash – Get on your rain gear on a rainy day and sing a rainy-day version of the classic song “If you’re happy and you know it (stomp and splash)”. Go all have fun stomping and splashing in puddles.
  4. Build Sand Or Mud Castles – Wether it’s in your backyard, by the creek or at the beach, you just need water and sand or dirt and the fun can start! Build houses, castles or whole imaginary villages out of mud.
  5. Dancing In the Rain – Celebrate the rain! Get on your rain gear and take out a colourful umbrella if you like. Or go in your swimming suit if it’s warm enough. Put on some music or sing your favourite songs and enjoy dancing in the rain. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the importance of weather and rain in life as well.
  6. Witch’s Soup – Bring out a bucket or cooking pot filled with water. Let the kids collect all kinds of natural ingredients for their soup and provide some kitchen tools like wooden spoons. Let your preschooler get creative to cook his own witch’s soup.

More Fun Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Backyard picnic with two young kids eating pasta on a picnic blanket
Backyard picnic
  1. Backyard Obstacle Course – Build your own obstacle course by using everyday backyard items. Some ideas are stepping logs, stepping over or in between the rungs of a ladder, creating a spiderweb with string on your swing set, crawling over and under a table, stepping along a rope on the ground, jumping over sticks, building a balance beam from a board and blocks, running around and in between upside down buckets.
  2. Windy Day Play – Some lightweight scarves and a hula hoop make for endless open-ended play on a windy day. Let a scarf blow with the wind and try to catch it with the hula hoop.
  3. Backyard Triathlon – Organize your own backyard triathlon, including snacks, drinks and self made medals and numbers. Decide on events and distances. Include activities like biking, running, ‘swimming’ in the splashing pool. Or any activity you all like.
  4. Backyard Picnic – Super easy and always fun. Grab a picnic blanket and take your lunch, dinner or snacks outside!
  5. Sleeping Under The Stars – Start easy and sleep outside at home. Take out sleeping mats and sleeping bags and build a cosy camp for the night under the stars. This can be in your backyard or on your balcony.
  6. Backyard Campfire – If you have the possibility to make a campfire at home, do it as often as you can! It’s so much fun for preschoolers who are fascinated by fire. Teach them how to behave around a fire and have campfire snacks ready.

Cold Winter Fun with Preschoolers

Backyard snowboarding fun
Backyard snowboarding fun
  1. Build An Igloo – If you’re up for a slightly bigger adventure, try to build your own igloo with your kids. You can build it out of snow if there’s a lot of that, or make your own ice block igloo.
  2. Snow Pictionary – Just like on paper or in the sand. One kid draws something onto the snow and the others guess what it is!
  3. Together We Are Strong – Make it yourself as a parent easy and let your kids work together. You sit down on a sledge and together multiple kids try to pull the adult around.
  4. Snowball Target Shooting – Throw snowballs at a target. This could be a tree, or circles drawn on a wall or shed. Practice first and then make a little competition out of it if you like.
  5. Shovelling – Little ones love to shovel! Let them help shovel around the house or the neighbours driveway. Shovel a big pile for sledding or building a fort or snowman.
  6. Snow Obstacle Course – Take the backyard obstacle course to the next level. Build a snowy obstacle course with things you find around the house. Think sleds, hula hoops, boards, plastic cones, pool noodles etc.
  7. Build An Imaginary Snow World – Build a castle for the fairies, a whole city to play with cars, or a zoo for the animal toys. Let your inspiration flow!
  8. Take Out The Sandbox Toys – Sandbox Toys are just as much fun in the snow as in the sand!
  9. Snowboard Fun – Put on a snowboard and let the kids have fun. Let them try things out. Our daughter likes to swing with her snowboard on:). Or you can pull them up a little hill so they can practice sliding down.

Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers Close To Home


Fun fall bike ride around the neighbourhood
Fun fall bike ride around the neighbourhood
  1. Pump Track – Always a hit! Kids can have fun with rollers, balance bikes, pedal bikes or skateboards. It’s booming, and you’ll probably find one not too far away from you wherever you live. You can use a pump track finder like this one, to locate pump tracks suitable for kids near you.
  2. Bike Tours Around The Neighbourhood – Visit friends by bike or just go for a little tour around the neighbourhood. Go to the corner shop by bike. Any reason is good to get on your (balance) bike.
  3. Bike Seat Tours – Sometimes you as a parent don’t have the patience to go slowly or the kids just love to ride along. Then let your preschooler take place on a bike seat (or this one) and explore together around your home.
  4. Bike Scavenger Hunt – Just like the usual scavenger hunt, you could do a bike scavenger hunt. It’s so much fun, Amelia even organizes them for birthday parties.
  5. Rainy Day Puddle Biking – Having a few rainy days? Go out dressed for the rain and look for the biggest puddles to bike trough. Here are our recommendations for the best rain gear for kids.


We hiked up one of the rocks we could see from this village in Greece
We hiked up one of the rocks we could see from this village in Greece
  1. Forest Scavenger Hunt – Kids love collecting things, take advantage of this and go on a forest scavenger hunt. There are free printables like that one or you can make your own.
  2. Magical Nature Wand – Apply double-sided tape to a stick, leaving a handle free at one end. Go on your hike and decorate your wand along the way, with natural objects you find. Then see if you can perform some magic with it!
  3. Crayon Nature Color Hunt – Help your kid see all of the beautiful colours in the natural world around her. Grab a box of crayons and head outside for a colour hunt hike. You could take a picture of the crayon near its matching colour in nature and print a mini photo album.
  4. Flower Petal Suncatcher – First go on a hike to collect the most colourful flower petals. Once home again, you make a sun catcher by cutting a big circle out of a cardboard plate and stick contact paper onto it. Now decorate with your flower petals! Here are good instructions on how to make a flower petal sun catcher. It’s super easy!
  5. Summit Something – This can be anything, the highest hill near your house or just the top of your street. Celebrate with a snack and drink, when you reach the summit! Don’t forget to take a summit picture.
  6. Picnic Hike – Pack a simple but delicious picnic with your kids’ favourites and pick out a nice picnic spot a short hike away. Decide all together where you want to spread out your picnic blanket. Plan enough time to enjoy your picnic, explore and play, before heading back.
  7. Hiking Barefoot – Look for a barefoot friendly hiking path if you’re not used to walking barefoot. Walk a part or the whole hike barefoot and talk about your experience and sensations.
  8. Sunrise Hike – Check the weather forecast and plan this hike on a clear day. Look for a hike to a viewpoint with a view of the sunset. On the day, get up early, bring hot chocolate and a breakfast snack and hike to enjoy this special moment of the day.
  9. Sunset Hike – If you’re not such early birds, do the same for a sunset hike! Don’t forget a special snack or drink and enjoy this peaceful time of day. If the kids aren’t too tired yet, stay a bit longer and watch how, slowly, more and more stars appear in the sky.
  10. Flashlight Hike – Perfect for the darker seasons. Make sure everyone has a flashlight or headlamp and go explore a local trail or just the park around the corner if it’s dark there. The kids will be so excited, they will forget about the walking itself.
  11. Mud Hike – In the rainy season, embrace the mud. Get on your rain gear (or go in swimming suits if it’s warm) and look for a fun muddy trail near your home. Let the kids go wild and see what happens. Have you ever walked barefoot in mud? Remember, it only needs a bath and a load of laundry afterwards:). Bring a plastic back for muddy gear if you’re going home by car or public transport.

Water Play

  1. Naked Wild Swimming – Swimming without clothes might not be for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a try. It’s a completely different experience, being all natural in nature and feeling the element water all over your body. It feels kind of brave as well. Look for a spot where you won’t meet others so easily. Bring warm towels and snacks and drinks for afterwards.
  2. Build Little Rafts – Collect natural objects and maybe use some string to build your own little rafts. You could make the classical raft or simply put a twig or leaf in a piece of bark. Watch them float away or tie a string onto them, to pull them around.

Forest Play

Two kids looking for toys in a pile of autumn leaves
Looking for toys in a pile of autumn leaves
  1. Leaf Fight – Everyone against the others or fight in teams. Let it rain leaves, cover one volunteer with leaves, or throw leaves at each other with consent. Let the kids get creative with the leaves.
  2. Walking Stick – Find a good walking stick and decorate it. Older preschoolers could learn how to carve. Younger ones could decorate it with leaves, pieces of string or even paint it.
  3. Find A Climbing Tree – Climbing trees is such a great activity for little kids. It needs an eye for finding a safe and climbable tree and builds strength, courage, and flexibility. Plus, it’s so much fun, even for older kids. Start small and build your way up. Always supervise your preschooler!
  4. Enjoy A Fragrance Cocktail – Each one collects natural objects and lets another person, with eyes closed, smell them. You can just enjoy the different fragrances or try guessing what you’re smelling.
  5. Build A Leaf Pile – Build big piles of leaves and hide toys into them. Now another kid looks for the toys. Or make it into a competition if you’re up for it. Who is the quickest at finding the most toys? You could make the pile into a bed for nap time:).
  6. Make Tree Faces – Crafting in nature! Mix one cup of flour with one cup of water for natural glue. Collect all kinds of natural objects (not too heavy) and make funny faces, by putting some ‘glue’ on the tree and sticking the natural objects onto it. Tip: this mixtures sticks not only to trees, bring enough water to wash of sticky little hands afterwards.
  7. Be Guided Blindly Through The Forest – Blindfold the child and guide him, or let another child guide him through the forest. Let the child guide you as well. You could talk about what you hear, smell or feel under your feet.
  8. Find The Tree – Great for connecting with nature and using all your senses. Go out into the forest or park. One by one the children are blindfolded and another child or adult guides the blindfolded child to a tree. When you found a tree, touch it, smell it, hug it. Now guide the child away from the tree and walk a few meters, spin around a few times and take off the blindfold. Now try to find ‘your tree’!

Nature Activities

Four year old standing at one of her favourite spots near our house
One of our four year old’s favourite spots near our house
  1. Picking Edible Wild Plants – Which kid doesn’t like snacking? Get out in nature to forage your free and fresh snack-to-go. Depending on the season, you might find edible flowers, berries, mushrooms or fruits. Make sure you educate yourself before eating anything, but there are many easy to find and recognize, wild edibles. This book is a great start for anyone wanting to go foraging with kids.
  2. Cooking In Nature – It’s fun to prepare a meal outdoors and you can stay out longer if you eat well. Any meal can be eaten outdoors, why not getting up early and having breakfast in nature? You’ll need a cooker and one basic utensils Lots of ideas for outdoors cooking here.
  3. Safari – Go on a safari in your own area. Just find a quiet natural area and get started. Bring lots of patience and maybe binoculars. Stay quiet in a natural spot and wait. It won’t be long before you’ll sight the first birds. Maybe a squirrel passes by, or if you’re lucky a deer, snake or any other animals common in your area. Beetles and ants are to be found anywhere, in case your luck or patience isn’t so great today. You can use an app like iNaturalist to identify any animals you see.
  4. Collect Rubbish – Choose a popular place in nature or a hiking trail in your area and make a game out of cleaning it up. Bring a plastic bag for each person and pick up any rubbish you find. Gloves or a litter grabber help to keep your hands clean.
  5. Change of Perspective – Just walking in nature is often boring for kids. Make it fun by changing perspectives. Look upside down through legs, lie down on your back or belly and see what you see. Pack a little mirror and look up at the sky through it while walking. I’m sure your preschooler can come up with even more fun ideas.
  6. Nature Mandalas /Art – Be creative outdoors. Start by collecting natural objects and arrange them into beautiful patterns and figures. Try to make a mandala if you’re up for it. Remember to put all objects back where you found them when you’re finished. You can make pictures for keepsakes.
  7. Find A Favourite Spot – Go on a walk close to home, find a favourite spot and give it a name to make it your own. Return to this spot as often as possible. Talk about the changes your child sees every time you visit. You could make pictures every season to compare and see the changes.
  8. Animal Track Hunt – Kids are little detectives. In the forest, field or even in the local park you’ll find all kinds of animal tracks. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for this, as the soil is wetter or is even covered in snow. Make it into a mission, look for animal tracks, try to identify them and maybe even follow them. Imagine what the animal did there or where it went. Be aware to leave the animals in peace, don’t go too close, if you would find them after following their tracks.

Cold Winter Fun

Snowshoe hiking with our four year old around our house
Snowshoe hiking with our four year old around our house
  1. Sledding – A big classic as soon as the first snow falls, sledding! Pull younger preschoolers around. Or wear your kids out by letting them run up and slide down a hill as many times as they like.
  2. Snowshoe Hike Around The Neighbourhood – Put on your snowshoes and go out exploring around your house or neighbourhood. Start small and in a flat area and build your way up. Snowshoeing is a great low barrier family winter activity.
  3. Lantern Hike – Make your own lanterns or just grab a head torch and go for a walk around the neighborhood or wherever you feel like. Find more ideas for family winter fun after dark in this post.
  4. Build A Fort or Maze – If you have enough time or if you team up, building a snow fort or maze is great fun! For a maze, put on your snowshoes and stamp the paths of the maze. There are many ways to build smaller or bigger forts.
  5. Mindfulness Snow Spiral – This one takes a bit of preparation work. Shovel (or walk with snowshoes) a mindfulness spiral and take advantage of the serene winter snow to teach your kid the calming benefits of moving and mindfulness. Walk it slowly, aware of all your senses.
  6. Play At A Snowy Playground – Snow gives a whole new dimension to the local playground. Go find out how it is to slide down a snowy slide or jump of a swing into the fresh powder.

Outdoor Outings Ideas for Preschoolers


Five year old having fun on her bike
Everyone should have as much fun riding their bike as Nora
  1. Bike Around A Lake – Many lakes have circular cycling and hiking paths around them. Look together at a map of your area and find a smaller or not so small lake to cycle around. Very small lakes can even be done on a balance bike. Maybe you encounter some obstacles like tree roots or fallen trees, go on an adventure!
  2. Ice Cream Bike Tour – What better way to motivate your preschooler, than by biking to get an ice cream! You can adjust the distance by making a little detour if you like.
  3. Geocaching By Bike – Treasure hunts are an all time favorite for kids. Geocaching is one way to make a hike or bike tour into a fantastic treasure hunt. Jackie wrote a whole post about how to start geocaching with kids.
  4. Bike To Dinner – After a day of school and/or work, biking to dinner is a wonderful way to end the day with some exercise and a delicious dinner at the same time. Let your kids pick out their favourite dining place if possible.
  5. Bike To A Cool Playground – Maybe you have this super cool playground a bit further away from you. It’s too far to walk, but can be reached safely by bike. Your kids will be so motivated to bike there. Remember to bring snacks and drinks, so you make it home again as well.
  6. Bike To Swim – If your little one loves swimming, combine that with a bike ride to double up the fun. Maybe there is lake near you, a cool swimming pool or a wonderful waterfall with a natural pool. Choose your swimming spot and plan a bike ride.
  7. Rainy Day Biking To A Hot Drink – Getting outside on rainy days can be so hard, for everyone! But the idea of hot chocolate with a special topping can be enough to get everyone into rain gear and onto their bikes. Venture out to your favourite coffee shop and enjoy riding through puddles on the way.


We followed this stream in Greece for a refreshing hike with our four year old and her friend
We followed this stream in Greece for a refreshing hike with our four year old and her friend
  1. Climb A Mountain – Even young kids can climb mountains. They will feel so proud reaching the summit! Chose one that’s not too high or hard for starters. These hiking games for kids keep it fun and exciting for everyone. Then when you reach the summit, celebrate with your kids’ favourite snacks, special treats and drinks. Make a group picture and be proud of yourselves.
  2. Hike To A Waterfall – This is great for hot summer days. Look up waterfalls near you, and pick one with a reasonable hiking distance (for preschoolers). Adventurous but not too difficult trails also motivate little ones. A waterfall is always a bit magical, for kids and adults alike.
  3. Hike To Hot Springs – On cooler days in spring and autumn, or even in winter, it’s wonderful to hike to a hot spring. Sarah wrote a super interesting post about natural hot springs with kids. She gives lots of info and also lists her top picks.
  4. Geocaching Hike – Kids love to find treasures. You can use Geocaching to plan hikes to a hidden treasure (cach). It will make you explore new places and is an exciting outdoor activity for preschoolers and older kids alike.
  5. Walk Home – Did you ever hike home? You can take a map and draw circles of about 1, 3, 7 or 10 miles around your home. Depending on your mood, motivation and hiking fitness of all hikers in the group, you look for the closest bus stop or train station on one of the circles. Then go there and walk home!
  6. Follow A Stream – Water is relaxing and most of us are fascinated by it. Go on a mini-canyoning trip, by following a creek or stream. Look for a safe and clean stream, get into the water and start walking upstream. Depending on the water temperature, this might be a rather short adventure. Try to hike barefoot, but bring some water shoes with you, for rocky parts.
  7. Hike To Swim – If your little one loves swimming, double up the fun by hiking to a great swimming spot. This could be a lake, river, the sea or a public swimming pool. Cait wrote this post with hike to swim adventure tips.


Obstacle course in the sand on one of our fall beach outings
Obstacle course in the sand on one of our fall beach outings
  1. Sandy Beach Obstacle Course – It can be as simple as drawing a line in the sand. Other ideas are a series of lines to jump over, a volcano to avoid stepping on, a spiral for spinning in place, circles for hopping from one to another, wavy lines for water to ‘swim’ through. Let your imagination flow or use these ideas for sidewalk chalk obstacle courses and draw in the sand! This one is fun in colder seasons as well, have a look at more tips for winter beach activities here.
  2. Beach Scavenger Hunt – Make your own or print one of these free printable beach scavenger hunts for kids of all ages. Kids just love scavenger hunts!
  3. Beach Art – Get creative at the beach. Make your own beach art by building arty structures with sand or use natural objects you find at the beach to make mandala’s or other art.
  4. Playing In And Exploring Tide Pools – We spend so much time at the beach playing in or exploring around tide pools. There is always something to do. Our little ones love swimming, snorkelling, running through them, building drip castles, catching fish or crabs with their bare hands or fishing nets.
  5. Exploration Walk – Go explore the beach. There is so much more to see than just sand and water. Are there tide pools, cool rocks to jump down from, shells to find, animals maybe?
  6. Beach Clean Up – Little ones love to collect things, even if it’s garbage, haha! We bring a plastic bag and pick up any litter we find. Unfortunately, often we don’t get very far, before our bag is full. Beach litter is usually not dirty to touch, cause it’s been washed by the ocean.
  7. Drip Castle – Go closer to the shore where the sand is pretty wet. Pick up a handful of wet sand and let it drip between your hands over and over again to build all kinds of structures. More information on building drip castles with kids here.
  8. Fly A Kite – Easy and super fun for all ages. Bring a kite and let it fly!
  9. Building For Imaginary Play – Your preschooler loves imaginary play? Take it to the beach. Build together an imaginary world for him. Let your fantasy flow freely! Maybe a city with roads and shops, a fairy castle or a construction place? Add his favourite toys for hours of fun.

Cold Winter Fun

Cross country skiing with our almost four year old on a local track
Cross country skiing with our almost four year old on a local track
  1. Cross Country Skiing – As soon as kids can walk steadily, they can ski;). Kind of, but really here is a whole post about cross country skiing with kids and how to start cross country skiing with kids. It can be a great family winter activity. Add in some ski games for more fun.
  2. Down Hill Skiing – Kids can learn down hill skiing at a very young age. Ours could ski by themselves at 2 years old, we live in the mountains though. Here is a great post on how to teach (little) kids to downhill ski. Most important, have fun together!
  3. Snowshoe Hike – There are loads of winter hiking trails you could go with your little ones. Choose a rather flat hiking trail with some fun attractions along the way. Bring lots of snacks and warm drinks.
  4. Hot Chocolate Hike – On cold days going on a hike can need a bit more motivation from everyone. What better way than to pack lots of hot chocolate and delicious snacks. Look for the perfect spot along your hike for a hot chocolate break.
  5. Go Winter Camping – Winter camping with kids, it’s not the first thing most people think of as a fun family winter activity. But it can be a fantastic adventure and experience for the whole family. If you love camping and want to keep doing it in winter, read this post to learn all about winter camping with kids.
  6. Wild Ice Play – If you live an a very cold place, wild ice play might be a new fun activity to try out. There’s always some risk involved, so make sure you know what you’re doing. Check out this post about wild ice play with kids to find out how to get started.
  7. Snowboarding – Many people believe it’s easier to learn to ski first. Team member Sarah believes it doesn’t matter, kids can learn to snowboard when they are very young. Read all about how to teach young kids to snowboard here. We put our 10 month old on a snowboard and she loved it:).

Having Fun Outdoors With Preschoolers

Preschool kids are really fun to hang out with, as they learn and want to learn so much while playing. They also have a huge fantasy and will see the big in the small things. We hope this list can help you juice up a bit your every day with your preschoolers.

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