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What the TMM Team is Giving This Holiday Season

What the TMM Team is Giving This Holiday Season

We have been working hard to put out all of our gift guides to help make your holiday shopping easier. So make sure that you check them out! We have gift guides for outdoorsy kids, stocking stuffers, outdoorsy women and guys too. 

But…have you ever wondered what the gear loving TMM team members give their families for gifts around the holiday? We took a little poll to see what were some of the outdoorsy gifts on our lists and the results are below.

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Outdoor Gifts for 2-4 year olds:

Kid in green helmet with goggles in a snow tube and kid in blue helmet and teal jacket in a snow tube.

Outdoor Gifts for 5-8 year olds:

Little kid on skis in the snow.

Outdoor Gifts for 9-12 year olds:

Girls on woom bikes ready for school

Some of our team members also had some fun outdoorsy gifts for the whole family…

Season passes to the local ski hill! We also always get a new board game, but I haven’t selected one for this year yet.

– Becky

Zoo trip for Christmas lights.

– Anna

Thule bike rack and a Solo Stove.

– Cait

Hopefully building an ice rink in the yard.

– Jami
Kid on ice skates on an outdoor rink

New ski rack.

– Jen

Trip to see family in Colorado.

– Calisa

Solar powered string lights for camping, Rocky Talkies, and a dutch oven for our camp kitchen kit.

– Jessica

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Gift Guides

You can find all our gift guides on this page or click on some of the links below!

Gifts for kids:

Gifts for the whole family:

Gifts for outdoorsy women:

Gifts for outdoorsy guys:

Two kids in a snow sled.

What the TMM Team is Giving This Holiday Season

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