10 Reasons We LOVE Family Biking

I always fall in love with biking all over again during this part of the year.  We are getting little glimpses of spring (or at least some semblance of it) and I yearn to spend as many hours outside as possible.  Plus, all that outdoor time cuts down the toddler meltdowns at our house considerably.

Summer Weehoo Rides
Summer Weehoo Rides

We’ve explored quite a few options for biking on the blog in the past, at least as far as gear is concerned.  Right now, the Weehoo is being put to use as Mtn Papa trains for the Pole, Pedal, Paddle race in Jackson this weekend.  The extra weight plus constant chatter from the rear wheels during training will make the real race feel easy peasy!

We are huge, huge advocates for balance bikes (and have a special fondness for Strider Bikes) and think that as soon as a kid can straddle it, they can be riding.  Because of the skills learned on those bikes, J is riding a “pedal bike” now with little assistance before he’s 4 (though still loves to zip around on his balance bike.)  And he is joined by countless other pedaling toddlers.  However, balance bikes can be really slow at the beginning, so sometimes a little extra help is greatly appreciated to keep the whole production moving along.  We’ve been super impressed with the Tricycoo by Joovy (new review in the gear review section of the blog) and P thinks it is the best thing in the world.

P on the Tricycoo
P on the Tricycoo

This week as I biked with the boys, I kept thinking about all the reasons I love to bike.  The lessons I am thrilled to see my kids learning came up again and again in my mind.  Here are my “ten” – feel free to add your own in the comments!

Two happy boys on their bikes
Two happy boys on their bikes

1.  The whole family is outside, together.  Biking as a family can mean kids in a trailer, kids on their own bikes or no kids at all 🙂

2.  We think it is building a life-long skill of the importance of exercise, respecting nature and having fun.

3. It empowers children to gain an independence on their wheels (and in life.)

4. Crashes happen, you get back up and you keep on moving (another great life lesson on perseverence)

5. We’re doing something great for the environment by not using cars

6.  We’re teaching our children that they can get most places (depending on where you are, of course) by using their own muscles.

6.  We can travel much faster than just walking (in theory)

7. We see long, epic, family bike tours in our future (however far out that may be)

8. It’s a great opportunity to teach safety (helmets; watching for cars, pedestrians, and bison; bike maintenance.)

9.  It helps teach kids some rules of the road before they are driving a big car.

10.  It’s fun!  And we watch our kids find great joy in riding.

Mama stays happy when she gets her "peaceful" time riding with kids in tow!
Mama stays happy when she gets her “peaceful” time riding with kids in tow!

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Have a post on your own blog that tells the tales of a love for family biking?  Feel free to link up in the comments – we’d love to see them!

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