7 Best Balance Bikes

Best Balance Bikes for Kids

Getting young kids out on two wheels (with, ahem, no training wheels) is maybe the best gift you can give your toddler. However, there are a zillion balance bikes out on the market and it can be tough to navigate through which one the mini light-of-your-life really needs.

Here are our favorites. You’ll also notice we link up to some great reviews from our friends so we can showcase for you the best of the best!

Best Balance Bike #1: Woom 1

WOOM 1 Balance Bike Review

2. Woom 1 Plus

3. Little Big Bike

4. Yedoo Too Too Balance Bike

5. Saracen Freewheel

6. Strider Sport

7. Prevelo Alpha Zero

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7 Best Balance Bikes

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